Offering trance sessions extensively since 1986, after being opened in 1983, "the channel formerly known as Seán Michael", hails from a heritage of psychics, travels through the States and Internationally offers Visionary Guidance. Affectionately called: 'the Channel's Channel,' Cé Änn inspires Loving Allowance, Self Motivation, Intuitive Growth and the awakening of unlimited human potential.

“Offering myself as the portal in the trance channeled experience, you take a journey into the clarity of self discovery. Thirty five years ago, if someone had told me this would be my path, i probably would have said: 'you need guidance!' Blessed with the expression of such a communication, my life continues to be transformed.
Appreciating such guidance more and more, i find bliss through the absurdity and the candor; the pathos and ethos; the joy and loving; the way this experience touches lives. I see that it assists people and offers me an invaluable tool for learning compassion, vulnerability and surrender. It is profoundly moving to connect to this facet of peoples’ journeys. Thank you for this opportunity.”

"Feet in Both Worlds"
Thought i'd share this article written and featured during an Expo back in 2011... fascinating how it still fits these years later! Try a 10 minute read.


Here's a clip of Cé Änn speaking at WESAK 2009
"The New Currency: Your MultiDimensional Connection"


"Truly, just 'Follow your Spirit without Hesitation', it will always guide you. Since 'there can be only one', then there is no other and Source is simply what it is: a beginning without end. All else is the Multi-Verse... consciousness expressing itself tangibly and intangibly through a dualistic manifestation looking as alpha to omega – the Human Experience. What more can be said is simply belief, for in the end (as in the beginning): I know nothing, no-thing at all."
—Ce Ann

So many Lives in this One... Incarnations


And the parting shot: Have a Good Laugh

"The believing Mind believes in itself."
—Zen Saying

...why Believe it, just Feel it...