Tours and Events 2018

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Also, Here's the Descriptions of Classes offered during tours!
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*Teotihuacan, MX*
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*NoCA and TX*
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Sacred Site Tours

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Teotihuacán: Pyramids of Sun, Moon; Temple of Quetzalcoatl; The Cave; Channeling; Sacred Geometry; Drumming; Crystals & Spheres; Healing; The Dreaming House.... Come Join Us!
Ready to: "Assimilate the Energy - Then, Here, and Now? YES

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Land Of the Celts... Druidic Memories
*September 2019*

Skye•Loch Lomand•Loch Ness•Callanish

Come explore Celtic Britain's henges, vortices, and the mythical, magical lore of the ancients, for 4 days in Southern England and 6 days in Northern Scotland. It's on for this mystical adventure!

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! The 2018 TOUR Thank You's !
Without your interest in the information and tools offered to assist in multi-dimensional expansion, this shared Work and Service would not be as fulfilling. Thank You to all who show up making each of these tours worthwhile and memorable; extra Thanks to those below who Host, create the space, place, and focus! Blessings Be and Peace to all on your Path...

Ah the East Coast, touring at the start of Summer… am grateful to share the work, for the support, the new faces and the returnees in Faber, Charlottesville, Richmond, Shavertown, and Honesdale. Continued Blessings and grand Thank You's to: J Robert, Cheryl, Kate, I'Maya, Paula, Red, Kay, Tracey, Christopher, Minwah & DeerHeart; ALL your hosting, venues, transportation, and hospitality made this journey so simple and intimate.

Ah Texas... Thanks to all who showed up and the new faces met! Grand Hugs to: Joshua Barber & Dr. Christina Nelson's Kerbey Lane Healing Arts in Austin; In Lewisville the staff of Miracles of Joy: Arthur, Destiny & Daria; Joy for her assistance support, and loving; and Chez Kauf & Chef Larry! I am grateful to all of you for the sharing, giving and receiving. See Y'All!

Thank you Melbourne! It couldn't have any better: Lana's channel wrangling and Hosting; Sacred Mist's Space - looking at you Leslee and Maureen; Lana, Kelly & Romi's Assitance; Hotel Amson; Lana, James, & Kelly's Taxi services; and Lana, Tony, & Romi's exquisite Dining experiences. Again, thanks to all who showed up with your support after 6 years.... Blessings Be

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WhO aM I nOW
And what is this that We call Life:
A journey, a remembrance, a culmination, a gathering?
Yes, indeed... a Gathering.
All the Pieces of me meandering through this world...
pieces, pieces, always and everywhere,
magnetized for the Awakening.
And then there is the Piece of Me that is You:
wondrous and developing - unknown!
"I Am as You Are," infinite and doubting, surreal and ectopic. Rhythms.... I love You

excerpt from "Dancing from the Heart to the Mind - Dew"