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Also, Here's the Descriptions of Classes offered during tours!
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MELBOURNE • 2/19 - 3/5
TranceMissions; Circle of One & Orion; Mini-MDA; Ch.Sym
HOST: Lana 0411421108 •
Class Flyers: Channelers Sym & Mini MDA
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APRIL 2018
AUSTIN • 3/29 - 3/31
TranceMissions and Circle of One
HOSTS: Joshua Barber and Joy Kauf
CONTACT: Joy Kauf - 214.718.9941 -
Joshua Barber -

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LEWISVILLE • 4/4 - 4/8
Healing Circle; Meditation PlayShop; Circle of One; TranceMissions; Channeler's Symposium
HOST: Miracles of Joy • 701 S. Old Orchard Ln., 75067 • 972.221.8080 •
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Sacred Site Tours

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Teotihuacán: Pyramids of Sun, Moon; Temple of Quetzalcoatl; The Cave; Channeling; Sacred Geometry; Drumming; Crystals & Sheres; Healing; The Dreaming House.... Come Join Us!
Ready to: "Assimilate the Energy - Then, Here, and Now? YES

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Land Of the Celts... Druidic Memories
*September 2019*

Skye•Loch Lomand•Loch Ness•Callanish

Come explore Celtic Britain's henges, vortices, and the mythical, magical lore of the ancients, for 4 days in Southern England and 6 days in Northern Scotland. It's on for this mystical adventure!

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! The 2017 TOUR Thank You's !
Without your interest in the information and tools offered to assist in multi-dimensional expansion, this shared Work and Service would not be as fulfilling. Thank you to all who show up and make each of these tours worthwhile and memorable; extra Thanks to those below who Host, create the space, place, and focus! Blessings Be and Peace to all of you on your Path...

Oh Egypt, where does one begin thanking for such a trip like this? My co-facilitators Paul Hubbert, Joy Kauf and of course all the Participants as well as Sameh our amazing tour guide and Mohammed of Quest Travel for starters. The areas and sites themelves speak reams let alone the people and their history... This was a tour beyond lifetimes.

Ah Texas... been striding through since 1987 and am most grateful! Once again more new faces and great experiences shared and had. Thanks to all who showed up for your support and ongoing commitment. Continued grande Thanks to the Staff at Miracles of Joy, Joy, and Larry. Especially sweet to share the B'Day out there with Y'All.... Blessings Be!

Such the colors in Virginia this tour, the tones and feelings as well. Thanks to all who showed up and shared in the magic and farewell to my dear Host Serena. It was a different Tour for sure... a most amazing one! Thanks to Vicky, Robert Cheryl, Kate, I'Maya, Paula and Red (and her "staff" at the Stone Goddess) - you all made it so easy; your generosity and kindness' still steeps within me. Thank You!

Teotihaucan! Wow... still steppin' and spreading the energy! What a great tour all said. Grande thanks to the participants, (you know who you are-Grounded yet? LoL); Alberto, Veronica, and Victor of the Dreaming House and their staff; Miracles of Joy Staff; and of course Paul and Joy, my co-facilitators! It would have been a different journey without ALL of YOU. Thank you for the enlightening experiences.

A big thank you to all who tuned into the Channeled Video Event August 31st! So grateful to be able to share the work and appreciative to MoJ Webinars, Joy Kauf, Gaer Ferrinson, and the staff at Miracles of Joy Metaphysical Store. (Looking forward to participating and sharing more with them in the future)! BTW, if you missed it, you can purchase the live event in all it's recorded glory here:

A quick weekend stop at Miracles of Joy to share VG and the Galactic At-On-Ment cofacilitated with owner Joy Kauf is always an honor and pleasure, especially when those so willing to reveal and acknowledge their healing, connections, and surrender show up... Far out! Thanks to Arthur and Destiny, staff at MoJ, and Chef Larry for his graciousness.

It was a blessing and an honor to share after another hiatus in VA and PA again: in Nellysford with Serena at the Treehouse; in Richmond with Red at the Stone Goddess and Paula for her respite; in Charlottesville with Kate at her sanctuary. Serena's VA tour co-ordination made it seem all so easy! In Honesdale, PA: Minwah at the Sanctuary of Oils, and DeerHeart's & Minwah's retreat. Honor and continued Gratitude to each and everyone of you!

The Elements may have been wet, windy, and intense though the Tour must go on... and it did in Texas at Miracles of Joy in Lewisville and Spirit Quest in Spring, as well as in Louisiana at the Metaphysical Resource Center in Metairie. Many thanks to all who showed up and shared in the expansiveness! Continued blessings and inspirations to the Hosts: Joy and her staff of MoJ: Arthur & Destiny; Sid, Magne, & Denise of MRC; and Chris & Ginger of SQ. Thank you all for your venues and support. Special thanks to Joy Kauf for co-ordinating the tour and Larry, Jerry, and Jenny & Tim for the hospitalites. Bless Y'All!

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In This Moment

Moonlit sky on a wanderless walk unto the night:
i have a lover indeed.
She wants no-thing, she requests never, she doesn’t speak with words. She alone is silence i have said, or is it that i am insecure with-in mine

Hail hail the wind stirs the moment so as to catch the mind meandering; and here i am courageously loving that which cannot be... a mind

Ah, freedom: to let that which is, to be, as it is.
Tonight, the tree told me a story:
lean on me and feel the self leaning,
gaze above to the roving clouds and watch all that is gazing,
listen to all thoughts thinking of the thoughts,
speak the words without speaking words,
and you will experience her... during a moonlit sky with wanderless walking as the night continues

Hail hail the wind stirs the moment so as to catch the mind meandering; and here i am courageously loving that which cannot be... a mind
excerpt from "Dancing from the Heart to the Mind - Dew"