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While Amongst the Red Rocks...
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*LEWISVILLE, TX (DFW Area) • 4/24-28*
Healing Circle; Conventional Mind’s Connection Tools; Circle of One; TranceMissions; Mini-Channeler's Symposium;
>Private Consultation & Channeling Coaching offered<
HOST: Miracles of Joy • 701 S. Old Orchard Ln., 75067 972.221.8080 •
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*VA; NYC; PA • 5/8-23*
Charlottesville, Faber, Richmond (2Venues), NYC & Honesdale
TranceMissions; Circle of One; Mini Channeler's Symposium
>Private Consultation & Channeling Coaching offered<

FABER: J Robert • 202.805.2733 •
RICHMOND*- One Wellness: Parham •
*Private Consults One Wellness: Ella Kay • 804.303.2869 • Lv Msg
RICHMOND - Stone Goddess: Red • 804.279.0780
NYC*: Irma & Judith •
*Private Consults NYC: 800.514.9234•

Minwah • 570.468.7350 •

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Sacred Site Tours


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What can i say about my back yard?
It looks like my front yard! Living here since '97 and been coming since '85, i continually am thankful for the Red Rocks, Beauty, Night Sky, Serene Simplicity, and the Authentic Energetic noticed. Mother Earth speaks here!
Share yourself with co-facilitator Joy Kauf, Myself... and Sedona.
Come feel the Multi-Dimensional Vortices for yourself!
Here's the Tour's Deposit Link, and Registration Form.
More INFO? Contact Myself or Miracles of Joy: 972.221.8080
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Land Of the Celts... Druidic Memories
*September 2020*

Skye•Loch Lomand•Loch Ness•Callanish

Come explore Celtic Britain's henges, vortices, and the mythical, magical lore of the ancients. 4 days in Southern England and 6 days in Northern Scotland; It's on for this mystical adventure!
Contact Cé Änn for Further Tour Information
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! The 2019 TOUR Thank You's !
Without your interest in the information and tools offered to assist in multi-dimensional expansion, this shared Work and Service would not be as fulfilling. Thank You to all who show up making each of these tours worthwhile and memorable; extra Thanks to those below who Host, create the space, place, and focus! Blessings Be and Peace to all on your Path..

It was an honor and pleasure to share Channeling at Miracles of Joy and to Co-Host the Galactic-At-One-Ment with Joy Kauf. Thanks to All who participated and of course to their staff: Destiny & Daria; and to Larry at Chez Kauf for all the hospitality. Joy always makes it seem so simple with the wrangling and presenting; i am so grateful! Always a delight to share the work with her and co-create an exceptional space.

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As i look in the mirror what do i see,
yet another pair of eyes looking to see, if i am real...
Whose thoughts are these, can i say they are mine?
I see a face that is willing to explore, do anything, even as an ego is being challenged; a face that will hide what could truly be said... tempted by a gregarious smile and a laugh, beyond which the ego hides.
All that it could say if it had but the courage:
Raging against that which Was,
Aging over that which is Not,
Awakening to that which Is...
One to One: to No-Other

excerpt from "Dancing from the Heart to the Mind - Destiny"