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Amongst the Red Rocks this Autumn

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Sacred Site Tours

MARCH 2020
"The Sun, Moon, & Dragon • Our Future is Now"
MAR 1 - 7, $1599 • Early Bird $1349 by DEC 1stClick the Banner above to Print/Download your Flyer
This will be my 6th journey and with every visit something else is revealed. Come share yourself with co-facilitator Joy Kauf & Myself and the Pyramids of Sun, Moon, Temple of Quetzalcoatl, the Cave, Channeling, Drumming, Crystals & Spheres, Healing and The Dreaming House!
Deposit Link holds your seat! Here's the Registration Form.
More INFO? Contact Myself or Joy: 888.826.8721

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Land Of the Celts... Druidic Memories
*September 2021*

Skye•Loch Lomand•Loch Ness•Callanish

Come explore Celtic Britain's henges, vortices, and the mythical, magical lore of the ancients. 4 days in Southern England and 6 days in Northern Scotland; It's on for this mystical adventure!
Contact Cé Änn for Further Tour Information
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! The 2019 TOUR Thank You's !
Without your interest in the information and tools offered to assist in multi-dimensional expansion, this shared Work and Service would not be as fulfilling. Thank You to all who show up making each of these tours worthwhile and memorable; extra Thanks to those below who Host, create the space, place, and focus! Blessings Be and Peace to all on your Path..

Ah Sedona... last time i brought a tour here was '91. Such a pleasure to bring people once again to explore, hike the Red Rocks, merge, meditate and bathe in the vortices. The weather, energy, and attendees were amazing! Am honored to have shared this space, ceremonies, and the work with my co-facilitator Joy Kauf as well; big Thanks to the MoJ staff in TX! Keep rockin' and let the energy FILL you all wherever you go!

So grateful for all those who showed up and participated in the multi-citied Louisiana & Texas Tour last month! Grateful for the new venues and the the support received by all the Hosts. Continued Blessings to: Michelle & Joey of Mystic Bayou Holistic and Alternative Health in Slidell; to Dana of Bayou Bliss in Houston; Chris, Ginger, & their staff of Spirit Quest in Spring. And in Austin: Ben of Soma Vida Wellness Center; Michael & Laura of Nature's Treasures; and Cherryll, Christy & Colin of Guinn Partners! Then of course there's the generosity and hospitality of Jim & Stephen; Jenny & Tim; and Christy & Colin! Of course I am honored to have had the journey with Joy Kauf who facilitated and assisted me during and shared her work as well. Heart-felt thanks to All!

To put into words the immensity of the East Coast Tour, the magnitude of the connections met at all the venues, and the focus & strategies of said Hosts... well, Can you say WowZa? I am so grateful and immersed by the consciousness merged, those who showed up, the embraced moments and the lingering energy. Many thanks and beyond words to: Kate & Linus, the Owners of Aqua Float, Cheryl & JRobert, Bevan & Dorsey, I'Maya, Ella Kay & Parham, Red & Athena, Sean & Brian, Irma & Judith, Melinda & Sam, Dan & JoAnne, Thomas & Justin and Maya & DeerHeart... I am Thanks-Filled for each and every One of you and honored for your Presences!

As the Lewisville, TX Tour closes, am always inspired by those who show up, the frequencies that merge and of course the staff at Miracles of Joy: Destiny, Daria, & Brit; of course Joy for all her hosting, assisting, and creativity; Larry at Chez Kauf for the relaxed atmosphere and the great times. Thank You!

It was an honor and pleasure to share Channeling at Miracles of Joy and to Co-Host the Galactic-At-One-Ment with Joy Kauf. Thanks to All who participated and of course to their staff: Destiny & Daria; and to Larry at Chez Kauf for all the hospitality. Joy always makes it seem so simple with the wrangling and presenting; i am so grateful! Always a delight to share the work with her and co-create an exceptional space.

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As i look in the mirror what do i see,
yet another pair of eyes looking to see, if i am real...
Whose thoughts are these, can i say they are mine?
I see a face that is willing to explore, do anything, even as an ego is being challenged; a face that will hide what could truly be said... tempted by a gregarious smile and a laugh, beyond which the ego hides.
All that it could say if it had but the courage:
Raging against that which Was,
Aging over that which is Not,
Awakening to that which Is...
One to One: to No-Other

excerpt from "Dancing from the Heart to the Mind - Destiny"