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Trance Channeled Sessions, Coaching, and Classes

Visionary Guidance Consultations
are in Person, by Phone, Skype or Viber. A digital Recording of your Session is included (MP3), and a download link is emailed or texted; a CD may be requested. Read Here for further description.
**May be delays if on Tour; check before ordering.**
VGC - $100/30min

Burning Desire
Email TWO specific questions of your choice! Malachite's audio MP3 response will be attached and emailed back, usually within 24hrs. *After purchase, navigate back to this page and click on the Email link above to send questions. If using link doesn't work: send an email from Here.*
**May be delays if on Tour; check before ordering!**
BD - $18

Channeling Coaching
An opportunity with Ce Ann for a personal One to One coaching session on connecting, allowing and experiencing Trance Channeling. In person or via live video (Skype).
Read Here for further Description.
CC - Initial Coaching - $100/60m
CC - FollowUp Coachings - $85/45m

Classes, PlayShop, and WorkShops
These are offered during Tours, Expo's, and Conferences. Some soon to be experienced via Live Feed on the internet!
Read Here for further Classes/Events Descriptions.

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“Breath of the Invisible™”
Malachite's Essential Oil Blend

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“A Fragrance to Disappear in" guided by Malachite, created by Minwah of Mayas Blends, this sacred oil has twelve essential flower and plant essences from all over the planet: Bulgaria, Canada, Egypt, Ethopia, Japan, Morocco, Philippines, USA, and Vietnam, mixed in Organic Jojoba. Earthy, green, intoxicating, vibrant; you'll find every drop in the one dram (4ml) green vile like a mystery unveiling upon your skin... The Golden pouch is pretty cool, too!
BotI - $18

“Joy of Malachite”
The Oil of Himself

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“Oily Larry" (lovingly called so by Malachite), the nose at Spiritual Creations, was guided to create a scent capturing Malachite as an olfactory experience. Blended from essential oils of Vetivert, Verbena, Lemongrass, Rose, Ylang Ylang, Vanilla, and Cypress, this oil creates a further merge: expansive, meditative and lush! A generous inhale from the amber one dram (.22oz) vile and you'll be "...Traveling on the Breath of the Wind" too; packaged in the cool Golden pouch, of course!
JoM - $18

A Fragrant Oil to Augment an Empty Mind

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Once again, "Oily Larry" of Spiritual Creations, blended these essential oils of fruit, flower, and element: Orange, Lavender, Menthol, Water, Neroli, and Rose, which offer a mesmerizing, soothing, altering assistance to Malachite's "gibberish" chant of the same name (see below.) As your mind empties, so you'll find the one dram (.22oz) cobalt blue vile emptying from the demand of your senses; packaged in the Golden pouch, too!
OmLa - $18

The “F. I. Beads”
Malachite's Favorite Saying

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Been stressed lately? Whatever the situation, wherever unfolding, “let your fingers do the walking” can be employed here as a truthful tool to demonstrate contemplative reality to your mind. From the abacus to prayer, beads have offered humanity the ability to have a better grasp of the moment as well as beautiful adornments to wear.
While using these contemporary fashioned malas made with malachite and hematite, employing Malachite's favorite spoken vernacular: ("just say fuck-it... with a smile!") OR your favorite: (fudge-it, forget-it, forgive it, etc.), and continuously handling each specific bead repeatedly, you'll be balanced in the mind, have stillness in the moment, and a pleasant shift in awareness! Lengths come in these bead counts: 11; 22; 33; & 44
FIB11 - $11; FIB22 - $22; FIB33 - $33; FIB44 - $44

Channeled Audio Selections & Meditations

— Instant MP3 Downloads
Want to Listen to an Audio Selection Now? Download
* an MP3 from our dropdown menu list below for $9. Each MP3's description is listed and is approximately 45m-1hr in length.
Further down, the Live Tour Menu describes the available audio in its own list.
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Malachite's Mozaic Series
OmLaMeWaNuRa - A Chant which 'Empties the Mind'
Malachite may call this a "gibberish chant", though after a few minutes speaking aloud, you'll find the busy mind becomes quite contemplative; after 10 minutes, you'll be in an 'alpha/theta' state of mind... He speaks of the usage and application, then conducts ten minutes of chanting.

Seven from the timeless Classic Series: "Aronk Speaks"
Atlantis Now & Then
"...There Can Be Only One" - Sit back, listen to a being who lived during "...the rise and fall of Atlantis and worked with the Crystalline Light-Force Imagery Energy" recount the experiences, lifestyles, music, culture, and mystery that has surrounded this lost continent for eons of time.

Channeling - A Multi-Dimensional Space
If you have ever wanted to hear about the channeling experience from Aronk this is the tape for you. Speaking about the multi-dimensional space, as well as, ways to find it with in yourself, this information sends home the truth of being a channel every moment.

Focus of Your Life
A recently found lost dialogue! " forth that what you want to create through, with, for, by, then, and to now.... i magnetize attention; i magnetize intention; i maginate; imagination; imagine you as life." Includes the 'Structure' visualization... consider this and more with Aronk.

GeoMatrix - Sacred Symbols & Science Of Their Uses
Again Aronk gives us another perspective. In this talk seven geometrical shapes are described and shown as tools of transformation and how they can be applied for physical integration and the further expansion of the human experience. (Includes written "how to" guide).

Harmonizing The Electro Magnetic Field
Aronk's expertise shows as he speaks on a topic which was one of his area's of work during Atlantis. As you listen you are guided through a hands-on application to assist one in the recognition, balancing, and healing of this most exciting area of study.

Prosperity - Sharing The Infinite
Are you stressed about finances, investments, your future plans, work, or looking for more opportunities? This tape has new thought applications and a guided visualization from Aronk creating tangible awareness about you and your relationship with abundance.

The Truth Is - So Be It
Are you sitting down? Strap yourself in... Are you willing to open up to some different mind sets about what the truth is/is not? Hear what Aronk says about knowing and the truth. Excuses and lies will never be the same.

Spoken & Musical Meditations
“The Clearwater Series"

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Journey to the Waterfall (track 1) is designed to guide you on a visualization-meditation through use of picture-words and soothing music. It helps unwind and diffuse everyday stress as well as expand the moment for conscious introspection.
Ascending the Amplitude (track 2) on is a musical spa of 12-string guitar and flute. A marriage of beauty, elegance and tranquility. CW

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— *Live Tour Audio Selections from 2019*
Missed a TranceMissions (Group Channeled Event) and want a copy? Choose from the Dropdown Menu below for an Instant Download
; also listed are the Frequencies which shared through, Date/City, and General Themes. Events are approximately 2hrs in length. LTAS19 - $5
Download Link(s) shown on 'Thank You' page from Final Sale in Shopping Cart. REMEMBER: Save your File!
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Channeled Frequencies name abbreviations- Ah•Ra•Onk: A; Akhenaten: AN; Altair: AL; AsOne: AO; Arcturus: AS; Grandfather BlackElk: GBE; Hermes: H; Joy: J; Lord of the Rays (Blue, Gold, Red, Violet, Yellow): LR; Malachite: M; Master Yee: MY; Merlin: ME; Middle Earth: MH; Non-Terrestrial: NT; Quasar: Q; Thoth: T; Traveler: TR; Theta: TH; Unified Self: US; Winds of the Universe: WU; Xenon: X; Yogi Ghi: Y.
(Frequencies descriptions HERE).

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— On DVD
More LIVE TOUR Audio
Want to have a Live Tour 'TranceMissions' Session Collection from multiple cities? Packed with uncut digital audio and loaded with information, toning, exercises, and humor from frequencies like: AsOne, Ah•Ra•Onk, Akhenaten, GrandFather, Hermes, Malachite, Master Yee, Sirius, YogiGhi, and many more... Read On!

- 2018 All Tours (11Event/8City/22Hours/1.3GB)
Some Themes Addressed: Integration, Infinity exercise, Chakra tuning, Balance, Paradygm shift, Release Belief, Animal totems, Future self, Transformation, Demagnitization & Teotihuacan...

AT18T - $15
- 2017 All Tours (10Event/8City/20Hours/1.3GB)
Some Themes Addressed: Ascension, De-program, Preparation Process, Fractals, Belief Release, Wholeness Exercise, Energy Clearing, Involve/Evolve, plus Egypt & Teotihuacan...

AT17T - $10

- 2016 All Tours (4Event/4City/8Hours/.5GB)
Some Themes Addressed: Control, Crossroads, Coping; Bosnian Tunnels, Pyramids, Ships, Disease; Here Process, Catalysts, Primal; Amalgam, Porosity, LightBody...
AT16T - $10

- 2015 All Tours (9Event/8City/21Hours/1.2GB)
Some Themes Addressed: Fractal Frequencies, Energetic Flux, Alchemical Evolution, Hybrid Form Changes, Dimensional Unfolding, Ability to be Physical, Mind's Weight...
AT15T - $10

- 2014 All Tours (13Event/12City/32Hours/1.6GB)
Some Themes Addressed: Alchemy, Tipping Point, Reboot, Middle Earth, Mind Link, Enslavement, Magnetics, Parallel Tools, Veils...

AT14T - $10

- 2013 All Tours (9Event/8City/20Hours/1.1GB)
Some Themes Addressed: Teleportation, Intimacy, Sunchant, Disequilibrium, NonConformity, Morphing, DeHypnotization...
AT13T - $10

- 2012 All Tours (20Event/14City/48Hours/2.8GB)
AT12T - $10

- 2011 FALL Tour (11Event/10City/26Hour/1.5GB)
FT11T - $10

- 2010 FALL Tour (10Event/10City/23Hour/1.3GB)
FT10T - $10

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— On Cassette
More of the Classic Series: "Aronk Speaks"

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Currently Available: AT2; CH; JY; TM

Atlantis Now & Then Pt.2:
"The Crystal Kingdom", another installment with in-depth discussions about Atlantis and a crystalline grid meditation. "...we were a consciousness that worked with logarithmic formulas that related mind-set to the physical world... the greatest crystal upon your planet is you..."

Change And You - Being Conscious In The Moment
Listen to a tape that acknowledges how change exists in life and includes a thorough visualization which creates spontaneous-ness and the momentum for that which is always changing in your world - you; ...and, isn't that the magic of being human?

Various Live Channeled Collections
Joy - The Art Of Passing Wind
This tape is an irreverent passage on how one suppresses themselves from experiencing the simplest of joys in life by being too tight. Laugh until you pass wind with Cosmo! The Fart has never before been so revered. JY

Tantric Moments With Veronica
Presented with great celebration from the Lady of the Evening herself, Veronica takes us through the joys of sexual intimacy beyond the mind.

Written Word

“Dancing from the Heart to the Mind”

(click for pop-up image)
A collection of meditative, inspirational poems and pros in three movements: Destiny; Dew; and Deliverance. Offered first, “Destiny” represents the awakening of the Multi-Dimensional Experience in life. Each piece is a link toward the greater collective and communion with such.
DHM (Destiny) - $16