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Gift of Awareness
"...EveryDay is a holiday, everyday is a Holy-Day..."
Looking for something different to share with someone in your world or with yourself? Give the gift that keeps on giving! Redeemable for 30 minute VG session within 1 year. (Usual exchange is 30m/$100).
GoA - $85

One-to-One with Multi-Dimensional Awareness is an opportunity for expansion. To assist in the ongoing integration of your journey, use 3 hours on the telephone over three consecutive months, in consultation with Malachite and experience a new way to create your reality with a noticeable deepening of your sourceful connection! (Pay in Full or Installments: 1st now; 2nd at start of last 60m).
IAM Full Payment - $399
IAM Installment#1 - $199
IAM Installment#2 - $200

New Beginnings
Enjoy three 30 minute Personal Consultations within 1 year for that 'tuned in, tuned up' guidance experience!
(Usual exchange is 90m/$300).
NB $200

Spirit Replenishment
Refresh your self and bathe in the awakened waters of the 'reflective pool'. Keep your focus, look toward the horizon, meditate on your presence, and then receive 45 minutes of contemplative consultation. 'Cast, Manifest, Be'.
SRS $125

UnListed Exchange Link
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Channeled Audio Cassette 'Classic Series' Sale!
Pick from the titles still available, until the present stock has vanished. Go HERE for details.

Channeled Audio DVD Collections Sale!
Choose from the 'TranceMissions' live group sessions, during Tours organized by years. Go HERE for details.