What People are saying About VISIONARY GUIDANCE

"I was thinking how grateful I am for the words of wisdom you shared with me last week and wanted to tell you. My friend passed away on Monday and the conversation helped me with getting to a more peaceful place about the transition. I have already listened to it again and found it very helpful. Now I just need to practice the good advice received… What a great service you are! Thank you for sending this so quickly.”
— D.B., human resources (sca) - TX

“I want you to know how much I appreciate you, the light that you are, and the work you & your “entourage” are doing to bring consciousness to the planet. I truly honor you & your journey....”
— L.M., ordained minister, counselor, M.Ed - VA

“I always love to hear from you and your 'tribe'. Strange times indeed. It is really happening, the crumbling of the old beliefs and dogmas..... I want to thank you for all the perspectives and support you and Malachite have given me all these years. I am happy to know you. Much love and blessings.”
— S.C., artist - NY

As usual, the Visionary Guidance event was packed full of fun, amazing information and transformational visits with Malachite and other energetics. Many lives were touched and ultimately changed. I know mine was! It's always wonderful to see Cé Änn and i want to personally thank him for what he does, the information that flows through him and for giving of himself to be a vessel of guidance and transformation.
— M.P., channel/ui specialist & graphic designer - TX

It was such an incredible pleasure and uplifting experience to interact with you and Master Malachite, I am still buzzing and in an evolving mode from the push I have been given :-)). Thank you; you are a blessing to me. I see the light in you and am so glad I met you.
— A.H., doctor - VA

The oil is fabulous. I can see lots of people wanting it. My dreams are surfacing intense feelings or unresolved issues/relationships which I was either unaware of or could not clear before; it's physically removing and journeying them from cellular memory - huge awakenings. It's helping me with strength and "being" much better too, Great stuff. Powerful... I'm using it daily to remind me that Malachite is with me all the time. So far, everyone loves the fragrance.
— B.H., entrepreneur/musician/healer - NH

....Then I heard this sound of Wind starting to build up; it was just too long and sustained to be breathing. I took a deep breath myself and it felt as if suddenly the wind was flowing into me and swirling all around me. I still can't get over the physical difference in Malachite from Cé Änn; that may sound strange but I swear it's true. Malachite is much older and so filled with happiness that it seems he glows. He's loud, but it's a rich, fuller deep voice, I heard when he started to talk. ...That's when I got this feeling of warmth and well being. It just seemed to flow through me like the wind did earlier and i knew everything would be alright.
— J.B., designer- MD

Thank you so much for sharing (Malachite)... it was a miraculous thing today; I'm sure you felt some of the dialogue and love. I felt 20 lbs lighter after it and knew I was going to be all right. It is a blessing with how you help the world - one by one.
And, your sacred poetry is beautiful; filled with passion and soul.  It is all that you are.  It takes my breath away and puts me in that state of bliss - of pure consciousness as I read it, as if I had been meditating for hours. Thank you for sharing!
— G.M., author - CA

....I know how difficult it is to limit our concerns when we have such clear insight available.  We are all so blessed to be able to have time with you and Malachite.  Thank you so much for doing this valuable and beneficial work.  I don't have my membership in the "FI Club" yet; one baby step at a time.
— L.C., computer consultant - TN

Thank you so much for Malachite's reading and guidance. His humor and understanding into my usual emotional lifestyle is wonderful for my sanity. Regards with love....
— M.V., artist - CA

Cé Änn (Malachite), thank you again for a most heartening and enlightening session. I'm glad it was taped as I have forgotten a lot of the words that were exchanged... though I haven't forgotten the energetic sense that I experienced and the rightness of what was said. I am looking forward to doing more consulting with you.
— C.V., transformational coach - OR

I wanted to thank you for giving of your time and energy during my last channeling with Malachite. You probably don't remember much, if any, but he worked a lot with changing the landscape of my mind - and I actually think it's working! So it was very valuable and precious to me... thank you, thank you, thank you.
— J.Z., teacher & healer - CA

It was phenomenal to see you... As Malachite predicted, I am having a magical time here! Thank you, as always, for the vitally important work you are doing on our planet; it is a beautiful gift that you provide. With enormous gratitude, respect, and love.
— G.G., lighting design - NY

I could hardly make any sense of what people were saying after leaving Malachite, who was not cantankerous; he was so loving and gentle. He left me so calm and at peace, as well as, dreamy and wide eyed for my mission - not impossible!
— T.T., realtor - CA

What a difference you make in my life, Cé Änn! Thank you so much for my check-in; I was in a state of much self abuse and doubt today which Malachite helped me get beyond. I don't know how folks make it thru this life without you two! (Which is why I keep reminding them to call you). Hey Folks, if you are seeking clarity and truth in your life, sitting with Malachite is where you want to be! For me, it is like being with my closest confidant safely talking about my innermost thoughts, fears, feelings, concerns, questions, and desires AND receiving clarity and the highest truth in response.
— S.R., healer - VA

We have found a link to your website and are very glad to come across it. Now, I must say that we were truly amazed by your vision over the human spirit, and by your efforts to make a difference. You are doing a great job.
— E.D., student - Pitesti, Romania

As always I am like a child before Christmas to experience you as channel extra-ordinaire... After all these year every session is new.
— L., shaman - CA

I must begin with appreciation... My experience with Malachite, as always, acknowledges a deep embedded knowing of myself that feels so delicious to share. I continuously awaken, startled, to hear these deeper inner knowings expressed. I soar with more appreciation and bravery because these unfathomable truths have surfaced for me to hear, reconcile, accept, deny or simply feel.
— V.A., artisan - CO

Wow! I just had a session with Malachite. He really gets to the heart of the matter, and has you look at what is real, not the illusion. With his guidance I came away with new insight, direction and inspiration. My journey now brings me more peace and aliveness. Thank you, Malachite!
— E.D., motivational therapist - CA

A session with Malachite (is like a): lush, expansive, explosive, harmonious, peace-filled sundae stirred with love and topped with childlike mirth!
— K.K., lawyer - TX

In the presence of Malachite, there is an awakening of one’s whole body! Channeling sessions are subtle AND dynamic as they speak to the core of every individual’s self. There is nothing to fear, no judgment to be wary of ... only a feeling of unconditional love and a knowingness that wisdom and guidance is reaching your very heart and soul.
— E.T., school teacher - VA

A Channel's channel, Cé Änn is truly an open conduit for the voice of spirit to speak; what comes through is clean and clear. I delight in the connection he brings and the great integrity with which his gift is offered...
— A., channel - WY

Malachite does not (and does not have to) read or even know every detail of our existence in order to know who we are and what we are about and how it is working for us. What he does sense very clearly is our soul intention, our feelings, our possibilities, our road blocks. He does not dis-empower us or foster a dependency relationship. He guides us toward accepting responsibility for our choices. He helps us remember who we are. When he asks questions about ourselves, it causes us to reflect upon aspects of ourselves, and thus realize the answers are within. Being with Malachite is . . . like a taste of going Home. He is an antidote for Homesickness.
— C.L., retired nurse - VA

Sitting with a channeled entity offers the opportunity to interact directly with a master, offers deep nourishment, profound learning and is an opportunity to be cherished.
— W.S., architect - NY

“Just go into the center of the room, and put one chair in the center. Take the one seat in the center of the room, open the doors and windows, and see who comes to visit. You will witness all kinds of scenes and actors, all kinds of temptations and stories, everything imaginable. Your only job is to stay in your seat. You will see it all arise and pass, and out of this, wisdom and understanding will come.”