Personal Discovery

Whether a Public Group, Semi-Private, or One to One with Multi-Dimensional Awareness, this is your opportunity for expansion. The simplest way to approach such sessions is to relax and let go of "figuring your world out" for the time you are about to share.

If you are having a Personal Consultation, it is wise to spend some quiet time prior, to collect your thoughts and prepare for the gateway you are about to enter. Some people make note of pertinent questions to have a better focus, others prefer to let the frequencies encountered reveal what needs to be addressed. An audio recording will be created for you, so, just relax and absorb what is being presented.

The "frequencies" are the channeled expressions shared through Cé Änn. (Descriptions HERE). Like speaking with a friend: Malachite, Ah•Ra•Onk, Mettatron, Hermes, GrandFather Black Elk, et. al., have personas which can be witty and direct, educative and wise, and seem other worldly.

Finally, take time out for yourself afterwards! Why rush into the busyness of your world so quickly? The healing and acknowledgement of your human experience is being awakened, so, absorb and integrate some of what has just been transmitted, allowing yourself to be.

Live Feed and Interactive Video Presentations!
- for your viewing pleasure -

Watch "Channeling in the Wild" with Malachite
ongoing spontaneous in-the-moment video explorations:

Here's: "Swinging with Malachite"

Looking for more Videos? Try our YouTube Channel:

"Ah the mysteries of understanding...
Maybe it is in misunderstanding that true comprehension of what cannot be embraced is tested; then allowance melts the residual memory of histories or probable futures and acceptance of what is happening is embraced. Any need to be understood or understand anything... Dissolves.
Remember the mantra of wisdom:
i know nothing... i know nothing at all."


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