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APRIL 2019
And here we are again Beloved capturing a moment together... captured indeed! Sit back and breathe breathe breathe.
As the energetics of your humanity continue to proliferate, expand and contract, allow yourself a space, a place to reconcile in your microcosm as during these times it's going to get a bit more egoic in the macrocosm and the environment is going to get physical as well. How do you humans say it: It's going to get serious... so instead of fending, preparing, and steeling-up, explore allowing, watching, and recognizing what's playing out.
The charge is being blown on your history and how you engage will create your future self's belief in attachment and disattachment.
Remember Being, whose reality are you playing out? Is what you want happening? No...? Yes...?
Change happens when attachment to belief disintegrates.
You are de-hypnotizing and it feels awkward and nonhuman as you don't know what to do or be as reality plays out chaotically in a myriad of fashions.
Just continue to watch, listen, and allow... have faith, as you are guided! "Life is for your entertainment or guidance. "I'll say it again: LIFE is for your ENTERTAINMENT or GUIDANCE. Breathe Breathe Breathe....
Blessings upon your Soul. Yes

Greetings Consciousness, I/We are Ah•Ra•Onk from the Gates and Days of Orion. We have merged in this way to exchange information that may be timely for you now as you approach the fullness of Lunar Luminosity….
You will find heightened impressions and energetic transmission are available to you as your species once again undergoes prerequisite changes allowing a further communion with your Future/Parallel self. As this becomes apparent, you will notice heightened emotional/mental process, as well as physical/musculature construct and nervous system response. As this continues to manifest and clear through multidimensional blockages in your embodiment, the experience will spill over and influence your daily activity and focus. For some it may manifest as painful registration throughout the form, others may observe emotional display and outbursts of suppressed thinking/feeling, while still others experience transcendental merge-filled moments, whereby this seeming reality morphs into shifting patterns of sound, merkaba, and mosaic.
This is once again a visitation... an upgrade to the Embodiment, culminating during this period; as well as how Consciousness displays itself through mind, letting go of linear historical construct and emotional attachments.
It may seem unnecessary Humanoid, as you are out of sorts, though truly, this is simply reconditioning and alignment, so further celestial energy can facilitate more for the Future/Parallel self - being able to be held consciously in this reality. You will ALL soon begin to feel more comfortable; you will ALL soon continue to lose interest in what is popular and distracting; you will All soon begin to recognize and discern with greater clarity and dispensation your Future/Parallel self, which will continue to be upgraded and continue to disintegrate behavior of outmoded characteristics and differentials your mind/body has used during its history.
For some of you this may seem like a “dark" period of history: Humanoid, your belief-ing system, your history, and your embodiment are demonstrating change; Will you allow this change to take place? Expansion beyond your Awareness awaits you….
I I/We are Ah•Ra•Onk and will once again share further information as your Translation and Communion continue… Journey well Consciousness...

Ah-ha and welcome Beloved to this Moment... may all be focused and aright; once again we meet! They call me Malachite, a merged consciousness, and simply am here to express to you: are you Aware of your impact to this Life surrounding you? Hmm... Are you? Take a deep breath here and now and then acknowledge with your Mind/Ego how you affect and effect all things: your actions, your words, your demeanor, your thoughts. Now that was acknowledge - neither judgement, accolades, nor negation play! Truly this is Power; not the actions, words, demeanor, or thoughts: The Awareness of these!
All you are has meaning to all things and the how, what, when, where, and why may have levity in any situation, though your presence has magnetism in said situation influencing such. Beyond asking you to Do anything, you are being asked to watch your Mind/Ego as you notice and become aware of your influence. Use this "review" as an empowering acknowledgement of your affect and effect; again, beyond judgement, accolades, and negation of your "self." You can see said influence as it plays out in the reactiveness of the other - why get triggered by their reactiveness, as it'll soon be yours if you stop watching as they are a reflection remember? You watching an aspect of you... Breathe Soul....
Ah to be in the chaotic dance and seeming fray of this reality while conscious in every breath as Creator - a daughter or son of the Creatrix - laughing, reckoning, loving with the Power - Awareness - being here, now. Yes

APRIL 2018
Alright and welcome to these Moments, they call me Malachite, a merged consciousness... truthfully just like you - yes, just like you! Realizing such, "just like you" may remind that you are a seeming autonomous Entity, learning to be physical in a Reality hosted through gravity and atomic structures - simultaneous exposure of a Body and Mind communicating as one, together through electrical impulse, cognitive functioning and sensorial evaluation.
And where is the Soul in all this? Looking through, just watching of course, having influence and juxtaposition though surrendered with the eventual manifestation and shared interaction. It (Soul) wants to be here for the exploration, the rest is, how do you humans call it: "window dressing". You've heard me say it before and i'll say it again: "Life is for your Entertainment or your Guidance"; may you always be guided and see the Entertainment in all things; even yourself the Participant.
Still with me Here and Now? Breathe Soul! Who is looking through as your mind interprets what is read? What believes it understands? Where do You begin and end as a participant in this reality and that which Always is Watching attends to this You? Hmmm... Ready for more? More God, Goddess, Allah, the All that IS? Then consider that which looks through you, can look through all eyes simultaneously as well: the mirrored expression seeing itself in the myriads of the seeming Other, though aware It is a participant simultaneously. That being stated it brings me to this statement and the evolutionary moment, the precipice your humanity edges ever closer toward: "I am the Reflection of what is before me". Yes Beloved... breathe deep!
May you reveal all to yourself! Walk across the precipice...

JULY 2017
We are going to invite you to the Wholeness Exercise… to ask as you are sitting here to notice what you are feeling, all your sensorial input/output carriers. (Your five senses, six senses, however or whatever you label them). We are going to ask you to truly experience this. Swallow, see, smell, touch, listen - experience the room - Breath. Experience each other’s vibration in this room. (Let’s) go “out” a little further; yes, this is part of the process. So, allow yourself to be comfortable. You’re listening (to us)… simply allow yourself.
This is the exercise, The Wholeness Exercise:  Find a space, a place wherever you can, whenever you want. We don’t care where. It might be affective or effective to do it while alone. It will expand faster this way. Whether you are by yourself or in a group, no matter when or where, it’s up to you. Why use it as a deflection device, it deflects nothing…. So simply you are sitting, you are relaxed. Letting your senses truly absorb what’s around. When you breathe, truly smell. (Yes, you call it Olfactory). When you swallow, feeling your teeth, palate, tongue. When you touch (use) your body. When you feel (use) the chair. Touch. Experience. If your feet are on the floor, let yourself feel the weight, the atomic structure on the floor.
*The more you feel, the more you expand.* The more you expand, the more your senses truly let go of their sensorial physical construct. You might feel yourself vibrating, shaking, shimmering. You may feel hot or cool. What’s important is you continue to expand, as you’re available. The more you expand the wider you get. The wider you get, the further out you go. Where are you going? Why become interested in that concept; it’s a physical liability.
You’re beyond physical now. And as you (continue to) expand, now comes your mind: thinking, wondering, taking into account everything of the day… Where you have been; what you have done; whom you have been with; whom you wanted to be with; what you would have preferred to do. Watch the judgments, watch the constraints, and watch the suppressions. (Watch the if’s and shoulds and coulds and woulds and will be’s and want to be’s. Allow them all to be with you). And now focus on the people you shared the day with: Your family, if you have such. Sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers, parents, teachers, friends, lovers, wives, husbands, significant others, acquaintances, (strangers), people you remember liking, disliking… and out further you go. And now spatially: where you’ve been this day; physically, you’re right here now, yet physically (mentally) you can be where you were. And now go a little wider. Where have you been? Maybe you’ve been to another part of, yes we believe your state is called Louisiana. Maybe you’ve been to other states. Take those into awareness. Maybe you’ve been to other countries. Take those into awareness. Everything into your awareness. You’re so wide, so expanded. Yet you can feel, you can taste, you can touch. Expansion, Yes. And now, so wide… you’re ready.
The technique is simple: take a simple in breath into your body, being aware and as wide as you are in these moments, (some of you may have wanted to go to this place, To that place, To this territory, (Some of you may have wanted to go) to the stars, or to the oceans. You are going wider, wider, and wider to where your Future Self is always with you in the Present. Breathing naturally: in breath, a calm exhale. Now, the next in breath you take is going to be RAPID. Like you are drawing in everything that you’ve heard mentioned. Everything of this day, the feelings the thoughts, the future, the past.  All in the moment just like this sound, (sucks in breath through mouth quickly). Here we go… joining us: In Breath (QUICK & RAPID) and Exhale naturally. And if you feel like you may have left a little piece out, one more (RAPID) in breath (just like we did). And let it out naturally.
This is the Wholeness Experience: You will find yourself feeling your body, right here, right now. You will also feel rather large, rather infinite. You’ve taken everything in, (you see the illusion is you don’t. You are a very fascinating species). You are so expanded all the time! So truly the Wholeness Exercise is more of the Oneness Exercise: where you are bringing all and everything that you are. Everything you have experienced in this day here, Right now, with you - Consciously. You will be using your mind, you will be using your body. And you’ll remember, at the widest you completely feel, from People to Thoughts to Senses, everything is into (with) your Future Self - draw it all in. (Sucks Air rapidly), Just like that….
If it sounds simple, or too easy, It is that simple… it is that easy... We welcome you AsOne.

APRIL 2017
Alright and welcome to these moments Beloved! Are you still here... Focused? Breathing, Feeling and Interacting?
'As if I had a choice' i hear you saying... You do Soul, You DO! In these days and times more than ever YOU absolutely decide in the moment how your future self plays. 'No place to go no-thing to get where i am is perfect' - it is beyond a question, it is the statement.
Your reality is way beyond WHAT you think now Beloved - HOW you think is what is extraordinarily important - right here, right now. As you are thinking thoughts remember to keep the emotion out (commentary thoughts) and truly watch your thoughts go by.
Be attentive to the commentation of your thinking!
Is there something to decide? Then pause and contemplate... am I participating with this decision or am I separate? Do I need this? Am I Present and simply being with the decision to be made? Slowly though surely your future self, beyond fantasy, will present a probable future. If it excites you, consider those thoughts relevantly and continue to watch... It'll be obvious your preference and the decision will be complete. Sound ridiculous to you? "Try before you buy", isn't that what you humans say? Create the space for this technique and explore.
You can hope to manifest or you can have Faith and command the Universe... you recall the command right? Empty your mind, standing erect and tall in your embodiment, thrust your dominant arm forward and away straight in front of you with palm up, and speak these words aloud, without arrogance or begging: Show Me!
The Command to the All that Is You are... things will get better immediately; you'll stop trying to figure it out and allow the guidance and your future self to clearly present opportunities. We'll end as we began: welcome to these moments Beloved! Are you still here... Focused? Breathing, Feeling and Interacting?
May it Be so... Yes

And so Beloved, the ebb and flow of linear time and all it constitutes for Humanity brings you to this Moment: the dawning of a new Year... truthfully, beyond your science, measurement, and gravity, amidst all the ringing and merriment, it simply is a mental reboot, correct?
Appropriate i might add, as it allows the Self a moment of conjuring, intention, anointing of the past and blessing of the future (ah measurements), and an integration of that which was judged by ego as separate and now inclusive and accepted as part of another years closure (may it be so!)....
Ah the Human Being! Might i proffer a simple salutation or as put in context with this New Years Eve, a Resolution, beyond fulfilling as part of a list to devour or something to be held over your Self: May a breath be taken and stalled liken to the seeming measurement of time; a moment, a second or two, to simply take-in where, what, how and when - please let go of why - so as to drift, beyond mind beyond body... oh Soul another moment or two, simply to Drift watching the mind think - thoughts going by - Body feeling and you, consciousness a "cause celebre" being Here and Now!
Afford your Self this whenever you recall or remember and indeed Soul you will have resolution during this your year 2017; you will activate your conjurings, manifest your intentions, and allow the past present and future to be what they are - the Now - always with you! Again: May it Be So...
I am forever and watchful and i will be watching you, watching yourself through a myriad of faces, forever and allways of the One. Yes

JUNE 2016
Alright and welcome to these moments Soul! How has this Season been for you so far, as it's about to change shortly, and, truthfully it's how you embrace it right?
Ah the indulgences of living a life physical: such a magnificent kinesiology unfolding right now as Human Nature's Chaos reigns chaotically liken to no other time.
This gives rise to the oldest of human "emotions" and "instincts": abandonment, betrayal, control, etc... all stemming from the separation of Self from the Whole.
Yes Beloved, you are continuing to awaken from your day/night mares and seeing a Reality created by you and in which you consciously or unconsciously participate. It's Appropriate! That's how you have come to see all of the Illusions and are continually breaking free...
On occasion, this particular question may arise: how do i integrate with that which unfolds around me and allow it to be, when it is outside my (mind's) acceptable boundaries?
Yes Beloveds that IS the question right now! Were you to look at the event(s) in question as apart of your Reality already, the experience of integration would be simpler... Difficult as it may appear, you are apart of the event prior to the manifestation as that's when many of you sympathetically feel it prior to its happening... good or not its time to recognize your involvement afterwards as well, as it's occurring in your reality! Also remember a mind creates separation to see its self, though it's a part of the whole; body always "knows" it's a part of the whole.
Could it be finally time to realize you are connected Energetically?
How about the Minds separation from each other? Truthfully, all this separation is chosen, learned, or followed unconsciously. Time to be conscious Humans! Breathe Soul, this is your life to live! Remember: "life is for your entertainment or you are guided"...
Would you do your species a favor? Simply show up (2016's yearly focus). Are you available or lost in your mind through fear, loathing, hatred, revenge, belief and righteousness? A bit of Quietude/Meditation/Movement, Mindfulness, Focus on Connection, and all will be revealed Sourcefully; as You, by You, For you, Through you, to You.

MARCH 2016
and Gracious Greetings unto your Soul! Oh Dear Ones, as you are making your way cutting a pattern through this maze of bountiful manifestations, may your day be hewn with Breath, Heart and the Traveler's Mind.
And to what is this reference you might cry out?
It is so simple and delightful oh Dear Ones, it is something so wide and airy that it cannot be contained nor understood; for the Traveler's Mind is an open Mind, bound be neither Acceptance nor Awareness, girded only by Fascination and Delight. No focus required nor attention needed as the Moment is quite enough to carry the childlike anticipation of yet another glorious unfoldment of the ever changing manifestation beheld.
The Traveler's Mind is always awakening to yet another exquisite day of nourishment, as nothing is saved nor forgotten; no camera nor picture, no recording nor book, only the ever changing chaos of Availability to what is happening Here, Now. The sensibilities of which are scribed upon your Soul... Direct Connection as always.
Oh Dear Ones, that truly is what abounds Here, surrounding and evolving, like the low swept pond of the Lotus blossom. So Traveler, it is beyond the Mind you must consider: how about a hearty pairs of shoes to escort your souls? Or fleeced coat to weather the Wind's breath? A place to rest your body with Sky above and Earth beneath? Yes to benefit from simply being the Benefactor of your Soul - a Host harkened by none other than it's own Presence while sharing a path of Divine Countenance. Add to this the maze of today's Age and a Traveler's Mind is quite the impresario to Be... Oh to Be, Dear Ones, to Be.
Blessings upon your Soul

Ah the Breath of the New Tomorrow... TODAY
Of course this is Your Reality: ever morphing, changing, catalyzing, disrupting and evolving! Would you consider anything less chaotic, demanding, and seemingly imbalanced, as the refuge for your Awareness? Of course not Soul! As all this is your manifestation, your vision, your dream of Reality - correct? Ah ha... Breathe Breathe Breathe Beloved, less these words emblazon the wrath of your Ego upon itself and this illusory reflection!
Maybe that's all your Reality really is though: a playground for Ego Mind to construct and destruct what is deemed appropriate to create... a forever fueling, firing, and forging of Beliefs that entrain and frame the way you sensorially participate and respond to stimuli through the animali and then cognitive throughput projection, oh my!
Yes Beloved indeed: breathe breathe breathe. You are such a wondrous expression of amalgam creation; a projection of none other than the Creatrix itself, envisioned through all species, all life, all Energetic.
Welcome to your New Year; may it be one of exponential realization and quantum manifestations of Peace, Gratitude, and Loving for your very Lives and said Realities. Hmm... maybe that's it! You all have multiple realities and lose track of the One Shared Reality: the One that moves through you, by you, for you, with you, and to you. The One that is beyond mind, beyond body; the One that is eternal and free... sometimes it is so elusive you can miss it, though through gentle contemplation the exclusivity reveals and once again you recognize Oneness and Wholeness through all things.
Utopian sounding, Eh? Dreamer, let go of what you know and the bondage of your beliefs and look about you! It is your time Human to see this Reality for what it is, beyond what you think, what you are told, and what you have learned; beyond competition, prize, and ownership: You are a collective Mind, Soul even, and whether accepted or not, you will continue to fight your battles and demons, seen and unseen, until within your psyche, or whatever you label it, you feel the Oneness reflected through each other Collectively Accepted. You will toss and turn until Revelation surfaces.
Why Struggle so Much... accept each other and let go the madness. You really already have, you know; you are just fighting for belief, history, and somebody else's illusions....
Yes Being, this is the Year of simply Showing Up.
Blessings upon your Soul

Alright and welcome to these moments Beloved they call me Malachite… As it is in times Of Human Evolution, You can feel the Shift and Change that takes place energetically Within and Without. There is Nothing you need to do... simply Embrace It as It is Embracing You, and your world will unfold in simple, direct, and harmonious ways. That is usually the most intrinsically difficult thing for You and your Humanity to do: DO Nothing.
As difficult and awkward as that may sound, it is really very Easy as you have done ALL that you can do, by simply embracing What's Happening here and now, as there is no other time than Here and Now; though try and tell that to a human who is amidst the struggle of what they think should be or could be taking place in the moment rather than what is! Sound familiar?
This is "What's Happening" all around humanity in these moments: the struggle OF trying to change what is taking place rather than embrace it. Of course Mind retrieves all that it has learned or been educated by family, religiosity, and society, then regurgitates exactly what has been known for 1000's of years.... And then comes the idea of change.What changes Soul? (Is anything really changing or is it simply evolving...) Pose this question to you and your humanity in these moments, as you are indeed immersed in a time of great change regarding how it is you consciously embrace this Reality... what you will do next depends on how willing you are To let go of the History that no longer serves you and Beliefs that are ensconced In paradigms of Fear and Survival.
You are still here Souls!
May I remind you this is the year of your "Demonstrated Action", and indeed it is so. Look about you Being and recognize The Many and the One, the Macro and the Micro all coming to a head, redefining your Future Self. Are you ready to be Beyond Mind Beyond Body, the omniscient ever present conscious activated Creatrix in Form? This is your opportunity Soul here and now!
Again nothing you need to Do, simply embrace what is happening and if that brings up all of your history and beliefs then so It does... why make it wrong? It simply makes you recognize You have judgments of what it should, could, got to be or want to be... You are on the verge of recognizing and embracing Your True Self in all things... What separation?
Blessings upon your Soul! Journey well... Yes

Alright and welcome to these moments Beloved they call me Malachite… I wanted to take just a moment or two and simply remind you of your Connection.
Consciousness, You are surrounded by this most hallmark Illusion, (even now you're sentient Being with its nervous system and biological computer: analyzing, sustaining, even precogniting the next moment - it thinks), and such the grand display of mastery and manifestation through form it is! Indeed you are an exquisite reflection of the All that Is.
Of course not only such as your self, this entire ‘reality’ and all its players, the myriad of categorized Species as you call them, surrounding you and of course the Elements, the gravity of which are magnetized by the density and allocation of this your said planet.
You are here Soul - a space of magical manifestation and exploration simply for you to play through! And, are you? Here? Playing? Or, are you filled with lofty desires, fantastical expectations, and a grounded focus tethered to this physicality and its horizon line? Hmm
This shared expression, you label as Life wants your attention. Have you noticed? Beloved, now is the time where you: Notice Where You Put Your Attention… and from there Creation happens in its amazing chaos.
Breathe Soul Breathe deep… now starts the journey of Seasonal change and the heralding of a New Year by your reckoning. Though do you ever really start a new? Or is it simply a continuation of what you think you know? I've said it before and I offer it again; may it become your mantra:
“I know nothing, know nothing at all”.
Welcome to this moment, where in this palpable, geometrical, alchemical, space you are free to manifest and destiny unfolds. Freedom Soul! This is what you crave and this is what all manifestations you have participated in offer. May you realize as you embark upon your continuous journey that the Multidimensional Connection is always with you… just breathe and take a moment; let yourself bathe in true freedom: beyond mind beyond body where You are always acknowledged and embraced; the Conscious Connection. Empty yourself and be filled! Maybe this is where truly ‘home for the holidays’ is….
Blessings upon your Soul; I'll be Watching Here’s to you and your 2015. Yes

Oh Dear Ones: as you are Living, as you are Be-ing, may your attention be upon the unfolding Presence in front of you. Always available, always surrounding you, only to have your awareness placed upon it... this Presence will embrace you, shower you with unbridled gifts and immeasurable happiness, simply by your acknowledgement.
Yes, it is that easy, it is that simple... like the Sun, Moon, and Stars coursing around you; like the relationship of mother and infant: one craves the other without conjecture or appropriateness - the simplicity and beautifulness of a natural connection. Will you allow this to be yours? Will you accept this most fruitful and simple state?
Oh Dear Ones, I am filled with humor: like you could stop it! It is with you no matter your thinking or doing, feeling or being... like the Lotus blossom floating in the pond: fragrant whether one stops to notice or continues by. And as you continue on your way, as you continue this day, may the realization of the simplicity and sweetness of this Presence have you craving for more... noticing your breath, the fragrance, the taste, the veritable nectars of Creation as you move through the grace and chaos of Nature surrounding you.
Yes... Presence; and what is this Presence? None other than the Divine, God, your Collective Self - what ever the name required... behold the Presence abounding!
Gracious Greetings unto your Soul

JULY 2014
Alright and welcome to these moments; so once again unto the void... Breathe breathe breathe, and welcome to being yourself! A little background or is that foreground about you for your entertainment... Ah the awakened state so as to participate and reveal; to recognize the within and without of being here. And where is here you ask? Recognizing this moment is yours and no others.
Oh to be in the ultimate relativity beyond measurement, beyond the frailty and surveillance of the constructed mind, that you are free to Be however you decide. And once this is recognized, how does one such as yourself share this exquisite action of presence, of consciousness tethered through a container labeled the body? It may look easy and the constructed mind sorely considers it so, yet that's because you are mesmerized by this agreed upon reality. Agreed upon because the multitudinous reflection of yourself throughout time have accepted this is how it is. Have you forgotten you decide how you participate? Or are you still mesmerized by the agreed-upon reality?
As the shade, veil, and beliefs of this agreement begin to fall, fail, or simply evaporate in to the illusion you will behold the truth: you are driven by the connection through this exquisite differential known as the Other to recognize the infinite energetic coursing through all things to once again become Whole as you gaze and watch the millions of aspected reflections mirroring the One looking as you looking through all eyes.
Your pathway is open, the view unbridled and your abilities unsounded still... To what depths will you reveal? To what actions will you manifest? Remember Soul, you as the reflected One is mired only by the container of the Mind; the container of the Body another tool allowing a sensorial, dimensional experience, designed for interaction, beyond a termination point.
Breathe beloved.... once again, welcome to these moments. The extravagance of this seemingly proportioned gravitated Reality can coax and pry all sorts of parallel distractions for you: 'life is for your entertainment or your guidance.'
You are not what you seem to be, You are much more.... Yes

APRIL 2014
Alright and welcome to these moments! They call me Malachite and once again we have an opportunity to share through written word…. Whoa! As you traverse the moment in these such cardinal, chaotic, times it would be wise, no matter where you find your self, to be Cognizant of your Connection! Of course the Connection I speak to is through the Multi-Dimensional Self, with your experience of Creatrix, Source, God, Goddess, Allah… whatever label you prefer.
I am sure you have heard me belabor this before; whether You are a meditater, have a practice, attend a yoga / dojo studio, or have your personal alter for repose: in these days you find yourself manifest through, it would behoove to be more strident and stringent with your Focus on said Connection.
It has been spoken and shared that during this window of time, the intensity in the human experience would have such conditional display and response, it would literally squeeze from the depths of one's being: the arcane, historical, beliefs and their demonstrated actions, surfacing for all to see… especially ones self! It is well beyond a time of preparation…. Yes Soul, way beyond exploration of histories, beliefs, and right action; moreover a time of perpetration and demonstration being displayed throughout your human experience.
There are many ways to participate: you can aggravate, suppress, fight, defend, and imprison yourselves like you have over the last hundreds of years, OR, you let go and explore a completely different alternative approach. I proffer beyond mind beyond body, and well beyond the lexicon of the human Ego’s understanding: Awareness, Allowance, and Acceptance. Yes - the cornerstones, triangulations, and intersections of Evolutionary Expansion.
You see Being, your species forgets: YOU ALL ARE CONSCIOUSNESS; ALL are the Experience of Creatrix, Source, God, Goddess, Allah (whatever label you prefer); ALL are the Creator of your Realities and the WayShowers of your Destiny.
This period must continue to take place until the very earnest expression of Separation has released its shackles upon the ego mind and once again the Spirit can live wholly and freely through a human experience without the required belief of Protection. This bondage and exclusivity of judgment - seeing one's self as separate, different, from its reflection - no longer serves YOU, Here and Now.
You ask, so WHAT will serve in these ardent of times? (I have been waiting for such a question!) You! You Soul! You are what will serve… your Self - The All that it Is that You Are - by employing “Awareness, Allowance, and Acceptance" with every word, thought, action and every breath you take. You think I am kidding? Look around Soul, look around you: This, These, and Those are your reflections! If you prefer a different reflection, then change it by HOW you are viewing said reflections. DUH!
You know, you really are a playful, silly, intelligent, and deliberate Consciousness; maybe you simply enjoy playing hide and seek. Contemplate well….
Stay cognizant of your connection by practicing the connection! SIT in the seat! No place to go, no thing to get, where you are is perfect. Your Multi-Dimensional self demands it so.... Simply seat the body comfortably, relax the mind by allowing it to be fluid in its thoughts and soon it will empty; the stream of thoughts will become a trickle, and absorption in the moment will be yours; beyond mind beyond body… the merge into a forever Oneness.
Yes Yes beloved, this activity of sitting in the seat will change your reality and you will reflect and absorb differently going forward. Are you ready? Of course you are! Yes….

Ah•Ra•Onk:“Welcome consciousness I/We are Ah•Ra•Onk, we stepped through for a moment to further speak about the Key that is being presented to you. transform, transfer, and translate Form into Light then transducing through the time/space continuum and once again reformulate and remanifest, there's nothing needed except recognizing your embodiment as the Shell. You are that which surrounds it, not what is within it. So, when you are in the process of moving the Shell, remember you still surround it.
This mechanism being shown has been used throughout this world to transform from one part of it to another, employed during other times/incarnations. When doing this process, we do not want you to do any interstellar travel. If you really are cosmically conscious you are already interstellar... contemplate it well, beings!
First things first, place an index finger in your Medulla Center at the base of the cranium/top of spine, while the other index finger circumnavigates the Umbilical Center 2 or 3 times then covers that opening. While holding the index fingers in position, focus and become aware of the auric field or sphere completely surrounding the form. Take time to notice it. Then, placing your awareness on the ports (chakras) in this order: base of spine, crown, umbilical, pineal, solar plexus, throat, heart; next palms, and soles of feet. Clear? Breathe your forms.
Be attentive: you might notice nothing, or dizziness, uncomfortable-ness in the solar plexus, or the ego trying to thwart your operation.
Now, (still holding index finger positions), notice/Focus on beams of light or energy, that are transferring through these centers/ports. Next, Flip or turn the energy ports so light/energy is turned in, instead of beaming out. Breathe now… crown turns in, pineal, throat, heart, solar plexus, umbilical, base of spine, all turn in; finally, palms and soles of feet, in. Release the index finger positions and let your body be as it is.
Easy Now… breathe as you will. You will feel what you feel; you will think what you think. Notice you are still inside that sphere/auric field, but now instead of shining the beams out, you are turning them in. This is called dis-integration, where the cellular aspects of the form all recognize the light they transmit and become wavy particles again. Easy now Beings, this is simply a test for you to play with for your expansion. Be aware….
So disintegration simply allows the light to departicularize and start beaming, while the auric field starts radiating energy and disperses… the form disappropriates.
To ground through the body after your exploration: as you breathe, focus on that auric field/sphere surrounding you and breathe it into the core or the solar plexus of your embodiment, until it becomes like a Sun. Breathe! Next, visualize the light beams turning OUT again, through: soles of feet, palms, base of spine, umbilical, solar plexus, heart, throat, pineal, crown and medulla center.
Beings, as this light starts emanating through your form you may start to feel warmth, or experience a vibration and a hum – it’s the particularization aspect reforming from the disintegration aspect.
Finally, take the tips of the index fingers and touch them together… tap them and breathe your forms.
You have been given this transportation/traveling device because it is time; remembering you can take the body with you…
You think you are somewhere don’t you! What is this place? Where you are?
You are a consciousness that has had a destination point and you have arrived into physical manifestation; you are where you have created. How far will you create with it? Journey well Consciousness; enjoy the ride."

Alright... and Welcome to these Moments Beloved, they call me Malachite and i wanted to share a petite dialogue with you regarding Mindfulness and the state of Being Human....
i am sure you have noticed the physical and mental journeys you have been having these last many months and the intensity... which is only getting stronger.
This intensity is happening by way of convergent energies pulsing through your solar system, coupled with the cellular/soulular triggering taking place within the human fabric. As always, these "quickenings" take place to further advance the multi-dimensional connectivity and daily awareness of said connection.
It is wise to keep up a daily practice these next few months, as the continued engagement of the merged frequencies, mixed with the human egoic garment, will definitely proliferate chaotic actions and reactions between all sentient beings.
Remember: why become swept away by the dramas of daily interaction, unless it is for "your entertainment or guidance"! Decide to "Care-Less" in the moment; practice the "OmLaMeWaNuRa" chant; breathe and acknowledge your intentions and focus. Yes, soul, Focus: it will indeed help during this passage. Above all, celebrate the moment and your expansion throughout. Breathe, and know you are God! Blessings upon your Soul. Yes....

JUNE 2013:
Akhenaton: Beings of Light, the dynamic aspects of your manifestations are beginning to present and mirror to you the power of creation you are capable of.
You will see the Powers of your Creations, as a group consciousness and on an individual basis, over the next five months (through August 2013).
What has been already addressed and spoken to: Transition, it be wise for you - a Being of Awareness, a conscious receptor - to recognize you are here as an emissary and ambassador. Your physicality is simply a transportation device.... Many of you have you been experiencing loss of focus, lack of speech and hand coordination; some of you have been losing some synchrony in the autonomy of your physics. You've been having what you might label as healing differentials.
The visitations are going to continue. Many of you in your dreams cycle are experiencing moments of untranslatable experience. You wake up with a sense of discomfort or dread, or bliss, sadness or joy. And yet it is not an emotion so much as it felt like an experience; many of you are bilocating.
The human experience is letting go of what seemingly has been put in place and told and demonstrated to you, a social entity; that this is the way of it... this is the way of being physical.
Once again We are among You and You are with Us.
The aspects of your Beings are having untranslatable experiences; no authorities, no beliefs, no spirituality, will prepare you or allow the comprehension of what is taking place. It is simply the expansion and the reckoning of You as Consciousness. You are Awakening.
Allow yourselves to recognize your central star: Sun Disk; recognize it as a transportive device. This may seem alien or outside the common reach of your intelligence; i would invite you in this moment to recognize that you are already in the recognition of what you are hearing, because you are recognizing the aspects of yourself that are able to relate to this exchange of energy and transition that is upon you.
There is nothing you have to do... all that is being offered to you is the Invitation to continue to Awaken. There is nothing that you must do, there is only what you will be drawn to do.
Like the action of the winged creatures that glide through the air; like the flower petals that open to the Sun... You cannot resist the expansion of what You Are.
Take solace, take comfort in the awareness that you are always capable, that you are always ready.
You are an Ambassador and an Emissary of Creation...
We are with You.

MARCH 2013:
Alright, and welcome to these moments, as you drift by on the World Wide Web.... as we have these few moments together, allow me to reach out and express: "while your reality merges and morphs, do Allow Yourself Integration Time." It is important as you perceive what's happening, whether fiction or nonfiction, to your mind as it has been explained: "your reality is not what it used to be." Portals have opened, Connections are being augmented, and Communion is happening more openly and often. In the alignment of the Multiverse and your Universe, even though having crossed its zenith, (2/13/2013), you are still in the expansion and contraction of such an event. And, what does this have to do with you?
Integration beloved, Integration.
Many of you are still experiencing different forms of health issues, mental ambiguities and lack of focus, physical tiredness and an overall emotional disconnection. And of course, there are those of you that are simultaneously experiencing just the opposite! This is a time of Inconsistency; go slow... Everyday IS a new day, literally! Your earth and neighboring planets in this universe are working through realignment, electromagnetic field diffusion, and balancing with the central star, your Sun since it's own realignment with the Multiverse. So, how to handle or embrace the experience?
Simplicity beloved, Be Simple.
When you find yourself reactive, indulgent, or enrolled emotionally, ask yourself what is motivating you? If the answer is other than to be loving, acceptant, or amidst task completion, then comes the secondary question: what do you want from the situation? Is participating still what you prefer? Be aware, the human mind sometimes enjoys pain, suffering, and struggle; that is why it is such an intense roller coaster like ride this time. Events are happening that bring these and other emotions to the surface... You are all healing and letting go of realities and belief systems that have been perpetuated and supported unconsciously for centuries.
Welcome to this new reality: take responsibility for your experience, and the reflected universe will basically follow in kind. Breathe, breathe, breathe.... The verities and subtleties are surfacing. Just move forward Simply and Slowly, as All is being Revealed. Yes....

Alright, welcome to theses moments Beloved, as you peruse and view these words... it's 2013 Soul, and, you are still here! The End of the World came and went; did you miss it? I am sure with all the Human experiences, juxtapositions, and frailties journeyed the last months of 2012, many of you might have thought it happened...
Indeed, whether you are aware of it or not, Life as you know it, HAS changed. Like the child whose sense and emotion are transposed forever by circumstance, so has yours, either through physical or virtual connection. With the cyber and social worlds so available, you cannot help but influence each other as these events tumble through your reality... which brings me to this point: Resolutions. Isn't this the time Soul for 'New' resolutions? Hmm....
Might a suggestion be proffered: to once again recognize the 'innocence of the moment'.
2013 is the year of Intimacy for your species... of letting go of control on reactions and allowing each other to Be as you find yourself; accepting open hearted like the child, and once again, Innocence will be born anew by the Intimacy with the Moment. Why think and understand, all that'll bring you is thinking about understanding, because as you are aware, understanding demands you go with the flow since chaos plays so vehemently...
Consider Beloved: the resolution to be Intimate with the moment. Up close and personal; no Mind, thinking or understanding. Innocence will be yours, and with child like fascination you will be intoxicated with what you find there: Freedom. Breathe Breathe Breathe.
To 2013... Blessings upon you. Yes

Ah Ha... And So It Is, the changing and transition of the seasons here and now. Welcome to these moments Beloved as you surf by!
Take a moment and simply Be... Here, Now. Maybe you'll be drawn outside in these days to participate consciously with the Earth as its course and tilt shift. A good time to remember to focus on your breath and go to a space where you can experience, acknowledge, and once again be with the natural elements.
You see, you too are of the same... you just sometimes miss the opportunity to explore the shift physically; mindfully, you might be considerably distracted by said changes as alignment is beckoning. Take heed of the inner metrics and geometry this time! It's fuel for expansion, dissapation, and merge... go outside and be amongst the vibrant, coursing, energetics as it changes pattern and shifts. You'll feel it.... especially if you're amongst the trees or in a field.
Time to simply recognise the co-existance and maturation of all things... you will drift as you allow yourself to let go of your humanity and once again Be with your multi-dimensional faceted Essence - unbound, ungirdled - Free to expose the dynamic moving, connecting, passage through All Things. No words, no direction, no tools needed as you are All That Is.... maybe you'll experience, the garden, the roots, and the stream within.
Yes, Blessings upon your Soul... journey well.

Alright and welcome to these moments soul! As you surf by, glad we could share a moment or two together. First, allow yourself to acknowledge in the next breath, mindfully or vocally, you are being all you can be in this moment... ah ha, you missed it... Yes, BEing all you can be.
I am aware of the struggles and intense energetic's that bombard you linearly and non-physically and how overwhelmed the moment can be; and, you are here, right now: no place to go, no thing to get... where you are is perfect. Realize that soul! Now, right NOW, you are enough. Let drain away the egoic mind's: rationalizing, securing, procuring, ever comparing here and now with what it ascertains to be futuristically important. Just be Here; Now. -BREATHE!- Did you notice that breathe? Experience the expansion of your lung capacity? Again; come on, one more time... Breathe in, hold at the peak of intake for...oh, the count of three. Then exhale, completely exhausting the air from your lungs and hold at the final gentle, deliberate push... pause... feel the contraction. And now, slowly, a conscious in-breath. That's it...
See beloved, you can be absolutely here, and experience an emptying and possibly an emptiness; mind still, body relaxed, ever vigilant in an undistracted focus on... nothing; only here and now with me as your eyes glide gently across the words.
And so, what to share... simply: in these days that flow by be aware -attentive- as you approach the 2012 autumnal equinox (or spring below the equator) and beyond that date, there will be indicators of connection 'outside' the usual human interaction. Your species - YOU - will be experiencing multi-dimensional communications, more out-of-body, non-linear types: tonal frequencies, peripheral vision lights, electro-magnetic nerve pulses, visionary dreams, even non-physical sensory touch of a presence about. These are simply acknowledgements from your ever awakening self!
More CONTACT, Here and Now. Be at ease Beloved, you are ready! Blessings upon your soul... Yes

(below is a special ITM collection culled from many TranceMissions this year, with timeless information, put together by my dear friend Michael VP; thank you brother! Enjoy...)
‘Being at Simplicity with the Subtle Body’
Stop trying to correct balance.
Simplicity is an action; You have to create simplicity.
This technique will facilitate simplicity with the density during The Subtle Body change.
The 1st aspect of experiencing the subtle body is to create the awareness of it. What your going to do is employ this breath technique 3-5 times. It would be best to do it when you are completely by yourself.
If you choose to do this lying down this may put you into a very quick sleep profile. If you wish to use it for that, it is fine. (If some of you have difficulty sleeping because your mind is busy, or your so over tired in your daily regime for weeks or months, by all means use this. Be prepared: if you do use this for sleep, we would suggest you use an alarm clock, you will need it.)
The exercise of being at Simplicity with the Subtle Body, begins to de-magnetize/de-densify….
We would suggest doing it while sitting.
1•Breathe in through the nostrils, and HOLD the breath.
2•Exhale before you begin to struggle, do not stress yourself.
3•Pause and Yield for a moment before you intake the next breath.
4•Then breathe naturally for a few moments.
5•Additional Visualization
Maybe some of you will notice that there is an experience happening around you. And with each inhalation, when you do the in breath and hold, maybe you will begin to subtly experience an energy field. You will; it is there. Just notice it. As you feel it, put your attention on it. Notice the color of it, maybe it's gold or silver, or hues of blue and green. It does not matter the color; it matters that you grasp the color. After you have grasped the color, visualize it to the next lighter range of color. Just put your attention on that color field of the subtle body, and change it to a different lighter color range, and just notice how it feels. This is a subtle exercise for the subtle body just to make you aware of it. This is not an emotional experience, though it may trigger some emotions.
We are AsOne.  We welcome your consciousness as one. We are consciousness together.

‘Navigating the Overlay of the Multi-Dimensional and Physical Experience’
We are Hermes, we welcome you to these moments Consciousness that is present and accounted for. We recognize that those who are drawn together in these moments, whether you are aware of it or not, we are aware that you all have been part of a council; groups of embodiments, in certain aspects of creation that have moved through this planetary sustenance you call your earth. And you have facilitated in great movements and cycles. Each and every correspondent, each and every aspect, of what you label as yourself, has permeated through existence (time) before.  You would call this past lives - it is not important that you label it - we simply use your nomenclature.
The reason we are coming and speaking to you in these moments about such items is many of you in this room and outside of this of room, will find yourself minding your business moving forward throughout your day to day experience, and there will be a circumstance or an experience - psychological or physiological - where you may feel that you are having a psychotic break with this reality, because what is happening is Multi-Dimensional Accessibility is now something that is being embraced, not displaced. Even those that are seemingly locked into a specific belief system that allows them to think only through said belief system, are soon going to have to deal with aspects of their reality that are now begging to be un-shaded. Very simply you’re moving along as you live your daily routine and all of the sudden there will be an OVERLAY, a simultaneously happening. And it depends on how strong the reaction is to the ‘Overlay’ that you divert from being totally present, to splitting your focus. Not many of you are capable of splitting your focus and being in many spaces at the same moment - you call it ‘Multi-Tasking’,( that was your attempt at cosmic humor). imply what is happening is you are already entering into this modality we will call Multi-Tasking, which allows for much more Multi-Dimensional thru-put.
Take your index ‘pointer’ finger of both hands and bring them together to touch (tips/pads). Keep them suspended in front of you. Drop your shoulders, not letting your fore arms or elbows touch any other part of your body. BREATHE. It does not matter if you breathe in through the nostrils or through the mouth. Keep the souls of your feet firmly on the ground.
Multi-Tasking and the Thru-put of Multi-Dimensional Awareness. What is going on in this next window of time. It has already been happening. A lot has been showing up. And trying to understand the process of why all of the sudden you will be having your normal existence and you will start having these ‘Overlays.’ There is a desire to understand this; you can try to understand if you like, but it will not help you to sustain or embrace it any further. What we're going to remind you of, if at all possible, when you are beginning to notice there is an overlay (it may show up as a visionary process in your imagination; as you are thinking, speaking, or sleeping; whatever the process), realize it is a different vibration. It may feel wider or narrower, cooler or hotter. It will have a primal experience in that moment. It is not important that you do anything with it, just notice it; and, if it is becoming distracting - causes reaction - it is perfect, appropriate that it is taking place. Remember the position. Take your index "Pointer" finger of both hands and bring them together to touch. Let go of as much tension as you possibly can; drop your shoulders. What will happen is it will allow a symbiotic experience. It will allow the two events (overlays) to participate easily, because what is not participating with it is your mind. Now this has been happening for thousands of years. This has been happening since you've had a body, since you have been physical. You have come to this point. The difficulty now is that there are so many ‘tasks’, so many things that you must do as a species in a social context, as in the construct of being physical, that it is now sometimes uncomfortable to have these events simultaneously.
Breathe your bodies. Feel the balance underneath your feet.
Again for many of you this is not an extra-ordinary experience, it has already been taking place. And yet….it may still cause derivation difficulty in translation of your experience. There is nothing that needs be translated. If you start psychologically analyzing it, you will be studying IT instead of experiencing it. The more you look at it, as it is happening, the more you are standing outside watching it.
You have the term ‘Ascension’. What if we were to tell you that Ascension really is bringing in all the embodying aspects of your Multi-Dimensional experience or expression, simultaneously. And what you will find is you are a very wide expression - entity. In this experience you have been living, all of you have been acknowledging these aspects most of your life and they are beginning to blur. Whether you label them as past or future lives, the transcendence of the experience is what is taking place. That is why for many of you it is difficult to do ‘normal’ things. Normal everyday things… you will be having a conversation, and all the sudden as you are speaking, it's not like you've forgotten what you were going to say, its like the passion for speaking has stopped. Like the interest of continuing the dialogue completely ceases. It's not as if you are experiencing egoic control; it is not because of some extraneous thing. It is simply that the Multi-Dimensional aspect of you is realizing….’oh! you understand’ (me already). Now the difficulty of said example is that you may have cognition in that moment…not in the moment it is happening. And the person watching you may be trying to read what is taking place. In other words the way in which you communicate right now is about to change grossly. Each and everyone of you have your own ability of communication and it is about to change. It may start at first like there is some sort of speech impediment showing up. It may feel like there is some linguistic or learning disability. This is not what is taking place. This has been noticed in the last two decades in the ‘new’ children being born and coming to your planet. They aren’t interested in learning the old way; they’re not interested in mesmerization. So what is taking place looks like they are rebellious. So they are being harnessed, controlled or contained by your structures, so you can figure out a way to take them in.
We recognize that those here are not concerned with containing or controlling, only in further expansion, and what you will find is an aspect of you that is ‘Letting go completely of the filament of your attachment to how your reality must look.’ We would remind you to go slow, because whether you know it or not ‘You Are Many’. And the many aspects of you that are still working through attachments and what attachment offers, may not be ready to dislocate from it.
What if we told you that the reason you are using physical construct is so that you can truly be in the metamorphosis of this expansion. Remember you started like this (wide gesture), and you are still like this. And yet the experience feels like this (narrow gesture). Many of you are experiencing this wideness and yet you are having difficulty living with the narrowness of this experience, this form, this construct, this life when you feel so wide. Is it not Perfect? Use this experience! Remember the Index Finger: (Point Touch Tip Suspension) it will allow for the kinesiology of the experience to slow down. Touch the Index fingers, now Tap them together, when you become really filled with angst. (And you feel the emotion of the mind and body beginning to control the experience). TAP Vigorously! Then completely stop. Let all the tension go away. Drop your shoulders, keep it suspended; do not support forearms or elbows. Let them not touch against your body, so you'll have a subtle amount of tension to keep them away. This is not a task we are giving you, we are reminding you that the expansion that you are experiencing doesn't have to impede the ‘Narrows’ (this reality). Remember if you are expanded in the Multi-Dimensional (future life, past life, and present life) all of it Overlaying, and you are able to see, be, and experience through it, then you would allow yourself to realize that instead of trying to fit into the Narrows, just allow yourself to stay in this place. Yes, you will have to start living your life in a different way. And this is where being physical is becoming difficult, because there are emotional attachments, physical attachments, and mesmerization tactics that have literally been built into this experience. Yet isn't it fascinating, they are being Over-written with what is taking place? It tells you then truthfully, you don't need to understand; you don't need help and you don't need to figure it out. You just simply need a little Space. You need a little Allowance, a little Grace to experience it. Please acknowledge yourself consciousness. This is what is called, ‘Being Mindful of WHAT you are’. Who you are is what you may be looking through at that moment. Now, here is a trick for your consciousness (mind). As you are looking through, ask yourself this question: ‘Am I interested in looking through at this situation, through this form, through this modality?’ You might be very surprised; you might hear, ‘Yes I like this stress’, or you might hear a very emphatic, ‘NO’. Then let your Multi-Dimensional Assessability offer you another viewing arena… Can you feel yourself in these moments? Can you feel how expanded you are? Literally the layers of yourself are all onto or vibrating very close to one another. And you're all overlapping each other. You may not be able to assess it or discern it exactly. You'll just FEEL IT.
Now the most interesting aspect of this is do you understand how stressful it is, when you decide to pull yourself in order to be able to fit through the ‘Narrows’? Breathe your bodies. I we are Heremes. We are consciousness…. like you. We would ask you to simply acknowledge this. When you are this wide (gestures) is it important to consider that you must become ‘Narrow’ or would you be willing to simply acknowledge, surround and let the "Narrow" become part of you? Sometimes the most difficult part of being physical is that you ‘think about the situation, instead of experiencing the situation’. We understand your protocols, the subjective and objective, the Correct and are Rules. These are all governing the ‘Narrows’. That is why many of you are looking for safe harbor, because you are having difficulty navigating the ‘Narrows’. Does this make sense? Do you understand what we are speaking? Perfect! We are glad that we are speaking to you. Or is it that you are speaking to us? Maybe we are simply you. And you have called for yourself to experience this, here and now. Because, what if we told you that, ‘the only time you need navigation is when you think’. You are thinking, ‘I have to contain, have to somehow ‘work’ with this ‘Narrows’. Simply allow the ‘Narrows’ to be as it is. If you are expanded the ‘Narrows’ may not expand as wide as you; does this mean you are still not able to be apart of the threshold of the ‘Narrows’? This is part of the difficulty of being with the Multi-Dimensional ‘Overlay’, simultaneously living Here (in the physical) and living here (in the all that is). Breathe your Bodies. It is to remember: what is here? Where are you right now? What is this place? Is it really a place that the Human Mind has dictated and created, and said this is what it is? Yes, Correct! That is exactly correct! And yet, each and every one of you here have explored and expanded. You are all very clear of your Multi-Dimensional expressions. It is not important to fit yourself into the experience. The part of you that has difficulty is ‘how you communicate to the experience’. Relax. If everyone agrees that ‘this’ happens if you do ‘this’, and you recognize that everyone’s agreeing that's what’s happening, Perfect! But you don't necessarily have to do it that way for it to happen, because you are already aware that you are here (the all that is) and that experience is here (the physical). Breathe your bodies. Tap your fingers. Slow. Slower. Do you feel how expanded you are in this moment? And how aware you are of the ‘Narrows’?
We will close this dialogue with you embracing the continued saturation, and the ‘Overlay’ of Multi-Dimensional experience and this reality, simultaneously in this physical construct. Recognize simply, the Final Struggle is ‘How to be Here’, because if you are letting go of ‘How you ARE here’, then BEING here with the ‘Narrows’, all the rules and regulations, becomes overwhelming; it feels very oppressive, against the magnetic field of your own bandwidth. Thats not going to change. What is going to change is how you allow yourself the "porosity" (to be fluid). Remember, bandwidth is at a certain vibrational frequency. You can pass through anything if you decide that you want to do that. So what that means, is that any experience in any given moment, you have decided to participate with it. HOW you are participating is either your involvement in the ‘Narrows’ OR with your awareness of Multi-Dimensional Expression. Take your Index or Pointer finger of both hands. Bring them together to touch. When you have shifted the attitudinal concept that you are Multi-Dimensional not just when you are aware of it, but all of the time, you will become increasingly aware of what you are pointing your finger at. That’s when you will recognize that you don't want to get involved so specifically with the ‘Narrows’.
Pay attention. Where are you pointing your index finger? We are Hermes


Greetings consciousness. I/We are AH-RA-ONK from the gates of Orion. Welcome to the experience physical.
Consciousness, as existence on your plane begins to narrow its beam, it is not that consciousness in physical form is beginning to perish; it simply means: That which Consciousness in the physical form focuses upon…. is beginning to perish. This you label as reality, the density of physical format, is coming to a threshold of intervention and completion. The physical aperture is not closing, it is going beyond its expansion. Meaning, that which holds it in place is dissolving, and what this looks like to the physical commodity, the sustained form, will begin to have flexibility. Yes, it will have what it has always had from the very Gates and Beginning of this Expression. Soon where you have labeled the beginning and the end of your Physical Construct…. you will begin to "Flutter and Wow” - disappear and reappear.
Many of you have been noticing that the slightest variance of your focus - changes begin to happen. Whether it is in your awareness or in the aftermath that you recall, please recognize what is taking place in your physical reality is now beginning to literally change. You will find that densifications, solids, matter, structure, form…. are beginning to per·mutate (to arrange in a different sequence). This does not anchor, call, or change anything, only you. For all sentient forms that surround you are in their preparation. Your consciousness in the physical format is also in its preparation, yet in this, reality, you are still battling with the dissemination of focus.
You see Consciousness, you have been asking for thousands of years: ”To Remember; To Have Your Abilities; To Not Be Governed By This Physical Aperture; Have Your Non-Physical Freedom,” and Consciousness, it is soon to manifest in Physical Construct. This means for many there will be a learning curve, for when you grasp and are using density, you are expecting a stop, a force. This has been a playground for your consciousness: To embody, create, manifest…. it has always been that.
Since the time which has been labeled Atlantis…. you have become more fraught on what is physical and dense - this illusion, rather than remembering you are a participant and a creator of the illusion. You begin to believe your illusions and begin to believe your creations are real. Oh, they are real in this physical reality, though, what is this physical reality? Simply a construct of form that gravitates to magnetism, and creates illusion of substance. It is real, and simultaneously, it is unreal. You are waking from a long dream participants. Breathe your bodies Consciousness, as the most important participant is your Consciousness validating through Form; your vibrational structure, this Travel Machine… play with it wisely.
Since the time of Atlantis: Geometry, Symmetry and Telemetry Of Being Physical….has called your upon expanded consciousness, and yet, you do not always call upon it. The Embodiment is Geometry, Telemetry, and Symmetry in motion, that is why often time in your physical construct you are reminded: "Watch what you think, for you are what you think". So in these moments, I/We, will invite you to participate in a simple exploration of Matter & Construct; offering you THE PRISIM OF MANIFESTATION… a Grid, a Pattern, a Mobile using what you call your Mind; simply a focal point of energetic.
In the right palm, you will create something you call a gyroscopic motion, for example instead of flipping a coin, Spin the coin. The only difference is the added Gyroscopic Motion… we ask you to pay attention not only as it spins in it's ‘verticular-ness’, as it begins to slow down, see it going from the vertical plane to the horizontal plane, and spins back up and starts to become gyroscopic.
Test this device… start with a desire - something you wish to make physical in this reality. It is only as strong as your focus. Let this be something simple, a magnetic focus. Let it be for a change, something which you could share.

Modulating, Embracing and Connecting. Notice your physical body and the Solar Plexus, the center of your form in these moments. Place one of your palms on the surface of your body, in this place you call solar plexus. This will allow the heat and the vibrational tension to relax, and also the energy that is moving through and around you to correlate and connect with you deeper. We are a consciousness that is visiting with you in these moments; if it is that you choose to have a name for us, simply call us Visitor. The reason we have come for you and through you in these moments is to once again express the awareness of consciousness that is taking place in a primal, specific, acknowledged way. Each and every one of you, in your daily life are experiencing modulations. In other words, there are aspects in your physical daily life that used to work, maybe 5 minutes ago, and all of the sudden you are aware of the tension. You are aware of the tenacity of the moment you are in. How aggressive, how easy, how calm or how intense. You are noticing the revolving aspect of your daily life. Very specifically.... you would also label it as "rising above" any and all situations. This is a proactive exercise, where in daily reality you are not letting yourself get caught in the trap, in the snare of the grander emotions or polarity swings.
Polarization is taking place; the very aspect of your consciousness that is aware of daily reality and the significance of ‘rising above it’, and yet there is still the ‘containment’ as you rise above it. Many of you are feeling the subjectiveness and even objectiveness of energy about you, that is not wanting you to leave. It's not that you are really leaving, what's happening is that you are un-attaching from the physical experience. Breathe your bodies. (Tonal Frequency)
As you find yourself un-attaching from the physical experience, you are noticing how many lay lines of vibrational frequency are connected to you in your emotional body. When you rise above any and all situations you will still notice there are contrails, connections, whether it will be of other human beings or of the space and place you find yourself, it is sometimes holding you in place, at least that is how it seems. Breathe your bodies. (Tonal Frequency)
The construct is getting tighter. Meaning it is about to change it's shape and form. And this causes fear, concern, dis-ease, and greater ‘controlling efforts’. You can see it in the macrocosm that surrounds you consciousness, i the greater humanity of consciousness. And yet many of you are not bi-polating, unable to be with the greater consciousness in the moment. You are existing here now with your vibrational field, with your body. You are experiencing the up-take and the out-take of consciousness all around you. We will remind again - it is changing. This is the collapse that has been talked about for thousands of years. It's got nothing to do with dates, places, times or whom is participating; it has to do with the evolution of your species, the evolution of Consciousness moving the form. What we meant by that last statement is this is not an incorrect or correct place to be. You are Consciousness. The physical form, the body that you are using to be here, is obviously for a window of time. Part and parcel of this place, it was constructed as an exploration of non physical to the physical. It has had "movements" over time. Movements meaning civilizations; not as you would say a few thousand years ago, we are speaking of specific groups of consciousness, like yourselves that have been here. And these other civilizations are still you, though, there was a shift or a change that happened in the history of your consciousness. The belief or commodity of being able to leave this experience and then again to be able to merge with this experience, became ‘singularly isolated.’ So, you specifically feel that you are ‘Here’. This is a perfect time in your history to embrace the fact: in the Quantum Experience You Are A Layered Expression, and whatever you become focused on delineates or manifests in this experience.
Simply, many of you are experiencing non-delayed reactions. You are having visions, memories; you would even call them dream paths, that are speaking to you in ways that you have never been aware of… Dreams you might label as strange or difficult to understand; not be about places and people, more about ‘energy exchanges’. You may be having a heightened sensitivity, experiencing the lows and the highs; an emotional reaction of such great tenacity, or as you might phrase it ‘over the top’. What is taking place is your consciousness is dropping part of the device, the control, the construct that keeps you here. Breathe your Bodies. We will take this to a wider experience. (Tonal Frequency)
Place your palm atop your solar plexus. Now with the other hand tap atop the hand resting on the solar plexus. A few taps is all we're asking. One; Two. That's it. One; Two. Relax the hand that tapped. If you choose to keep your other hand atop the solar plexus, that is your choice. Breathe your Bodies.
Consciousness, in these next moment we will ask you to close your eyes. Close your eyes. Be comfortable inside your physical body as much as you can. We are with you in these moments. The reason we have merged within this aspect is to simply complete what has been started. There is a revealing that is taking place. It is important that you just allow yourselves to relax within your bodies. Breathe. Breathe as much as you can with your focus. Allow your eyelids to close. Feel your bodies. We come to you in these moments as an expression of sound. We invite you to recognize that what has been spoken so far to your mentality, is for you to grasp that you have choices in this physical realm of ‘how to be here’. You have a choice, to become ‘reactive or interactive’. Reactive simply meaning you become grounded and absorbed with what is taking place in this dimension. It does not mean that if you choose to become interactive that you are non-participatory. Interactive is simply, participation beyond reaction. It allows you to experience the physicality without having to process the experience. In other words you let it pass through you. If you recognize that you are physical then one of the most difficult aspects of being physical for consciousness such as yours, is to Integrate. The experience has always been integrated bio-dynamically with non-physical and physical. The agent that has done this is ‘The Emotional Body’. The emotions are physical and non-physical at the same time.
Breathe your Bodies. (Tonal Frequency)
Consciousness, this experience is going beyond your human ability to grasp the change; You would call it understanding. You are in a resistant totality with what is taking place; some are experiencing a survival mode, some a fear mode. You are in a ‘reaction’. There are certain aspects of your human existence that would prefer to keep you in reaction; when you are in a state of reaction you are in a different state of consciousness connection. This different state of consciousness connection, allows you to be governed by this physical reality. Some of the human species has become interested in governing the reality and holding it; that is all they know how to do. Consciousness has been moving through you at greater acceleration rates. Some of you have awakened and become aware that you are being held in a trance like state here, where you are being ordered, and even your emotions are governing the experience. It is not a plot or some way of subjugating you. It is simply a way of control, and the control is put into place because those that have control are trying to understand in a corporal sense, what is taking place. So as long as your consciousness in these forms or in any forms, is kept in a reaction, you are out of synch and you are ’in control’ by something other than your own dimensional consciousness. It doesn't mean that you are unconscious - You are Conscious - yet what is happening is you are feeling at a loss of flow. Breathe your Bodies. (Tonal Frequency)
We would request that you open your eyelids. Open. Close. Open. Close. Open. Close. Breathe your forms. Do it not more than 6 times. The reason we are expressing in such didactic ways, is simply to let you know that one of the simplest ways to break reaction: is to BLINK. Be careful of rapid blinking; that can create more attachment - a mesmerization process - and it could install deeper reaction phase. When you are experiencing reaction, remember it is more than likely an emotional reaction, and the emotion is physical and non-physical.
We have been watching your species, the corporal connection, which has been governing, assisting, facilitating the masses; they are coping with the change. The change simply is your consciousness is becoming aware this physical experience is: simply that, a physical experience. A lot of you are having daily moments where you are finding yourselves shifting outside of your attention, disappearing. And others of you are noticing that you had such pristine, intense or logistical focus - that you don't understand where it is happening from. It's like you read something, and you find that there is no diffusion, it simply goes in. Your attention process, (you will find) as your ability to ‘lift beyond’ reaction or move above that which wishes for you to stay here. Simply this is labeled the "Ascension" process. For eons the ‘Ascension Process’ has been some sort of spiritual experience as you would label it, where you Ascend and go beyond this place. However you look at it, there is a certain amount of truth in this expression or understanding, yet, what goes on is not that you are leaving this place, your changing the vibrational frequency of how you participate in this place. Breathe your Forms. (Tonal Frequency) Just letting you all notice your hard wire connection. (Tonal Frequency)
Your hardwire connection is an example of keeping you here. The experience is changing consciousness. And what you are finding in your reciprocal experience of being physical is you can either choose to be in reaction along with the mass of density, or you can be in the interactive awareness with the mass of density. Interactiveness is not ‘holding’ you here. You will find as your species begins to further expand in time, there are aspects of your consciousness, as you begin to abdicate (release) you stop participating through the emotional body (which has been under acceleration for the last 10-15 years); you will find you are less in the reaction and able to watch how everyone around you is in reaction or trying to pull out of reaction. Breathe your Bodies. (Tonal Frequency)

CELESTIAL, (An amalgam of Frequencies):
In this experience, we ask everyone here and now to simply pay attention to the physical construct in this moment. Pay attention to breathing your bodies. You are beginning to form shift in your physical bodies. There is such striking changes in your physical construct as it is beginning to morph and shift. Many of you are experiencing catalyzing physical changes. Whether it is through the reciprocation of your elemental form or it is augmented through your non physical form, the construct is being impacted. This is a positive experience. It may seem for momentary times that it is a conflicting experience. It is because the physical structure is once again going through attunements. The physical structure is relieving its vibrational rate. It is beginning to once again morph and change like your planet. Your solar system/galaxy is beginning, once again, to have Galactic changes. It is part of the vibration that is imparted through the gates of Orion, Sirius, Pleiades, Xenon.(Tonal Frequency)
Consciousness we welcome you once again. We ask you to simply breathe your forms as you find yourselves in this time and space. We are an amalgam consciousness that is moving through, a simple label.
Many of you will recognize different frequencies as they attune or work with your own elemental adjustment. Why this adjustment? It is simple. As your planets frequency begins your understanding of hearing you might call it a doppler effect. As the sound or energetic moves past a point in space, the sound begins to wave and modulate because of the frequency band width and the point from where it first connected. So very simply what is taking place for your structures is, there is an increase in the volume that your body is able to hold. This may also look like that there might be a momentary weight gain, there might be also for some of you a momentary refusal to partake in certain food groups. You may find yourself craving salt. It is not necessarily the salts that you would use to add benefit, flavor or assimilation to a taste. You will find also that your body is having sense memory issues. You may find that it is not as simple or that it isn’t working as easily. It is not your mental construct, the aspect that connects through the body with a non physical vibration. The body is in tune or tuning with your planet - it's most grossest (complete) reflection of mass. (Tonal Frequency)
Remember to use your breath as you hear the sounds. Your mind, the amplification that it is experiencing is also causing some thought process to expand and contract. Allow yourself to notice in this moment where the energy is sticking in your body. Notice where your muscles are tight. We will ask you to explore this position for a moment:
Take the tips of your fingers and place them on your shoulders You will notice that it creates energetic burn. It starts to raise your body temperature. This may assist in relieving some of the stuck energies. Release whenever it becomes comfortable.

(Tonal Frequency Sequence)
Consciousness many of you are experiencing beyond the construct. You are noticing energy portals as you move through this physical embodiment. The portals we are speaking of are not necessarily taking you anywhere other than augmenting this space. These portals you are moving through, you might label them as shadows of different frequencies that are beginning to be absorbed back into your planet. Pay attention - there are states of your physical that you may label as ‘becoming ill, under the weather, and dis-eased’ and it isn’t really that you are having a sore throat, pain in your lung tissue, noticing your kidney, having pulse headaches, or hearing sounding tones. It is a change in your ‘ability of assimilation.’ Many of you, have started an ‘Ascension Process’. We use your terminology. Allow yourself to recognize that an Ascension Process is not as what has been prescribed or described before. For the aspect of consciousness that we are sharing with you in these moments, Ascension is when the frequency that is in a physical construct begins to merge with the frequency that surrounds it, it begins to let go of magnetism. What takes place is a ‘Re-Atomization’ or a Form Shift happens.
The magnitude of this correlates within the very center of your own physical solar system. Each and everyone of you has an aptitude and a destination that consciousness (as you) is beginning to manifest. It may feel to the aperture that adjusts to this reality, your ego, experiences a total readjustment and will have moments of an emotional reaction. Now this is normal happenstance, and as the ‘Integration and Ascension Process’ becomes more manifest and begins to articulate through all Homo-Sapient structure, the magnetism is going to begin to dissolve AND the homogenous attachments that the ego has to this relative understanding of existence. Many of you gathered in this forum are obviously already preceptors of such, and that is why this frequency programing has been shifted and is assisting in the further alteration. Each and every one of you are aspecting and are beginning to feel the densities of your seemingly ‘egoic’ attachments beginning to fall away and spring back; then fall away and then come back….
(Tonal Frequency) Breathe your Bodies
Consciousness, the integration and the release of magnetism is not something you will be able to understand. It is not important that your mental collaboration with this reality becomes significant. Your dreamscapes are begging to change. Some of you have had very active dream states, you are finding that they are going blank. Many time there are attachments to the level of consciousness that you have attained. We remind you that the alteration and Ascension frequencies have no understanding; it is the disallowance of the construct that has held you into a specific understanding, belief and axiom. It is beginning to become retarded, becoming slow, becoming still; this means you are now beginning to integrate more and more.
(Tonal Frequency)
Consciousness in a physical form, the re-unification of plant and animal based synthesized structure you inhabit has started. It will soon become very evident. Many of you gathered here are highly intelligent consciousness, most of your species is. We say most because some of your species has such attention to the primal experience here that they are not aware of their intelligence. We're not speaking of intelligence as you would define it. Intelligence is your ability to expand where you are. What we would invite everyone here to explore and recognize is that a lot of attention to the experience of your physicalness has begun to wane. There will always be things that you are fascinated by, and yet you will notice that you are expanding very quickly. The "emotional body" as you would label it, is beginning to have a very fine fabric. You'll notice that you'll find yourself having a "cathartic event" where reaction is causing a vibration in the field. And yet as you continue to morph, you will notice your emotional body is beginning to integrate.
Beings of light through form, Ascension is not going to a place - it is literally expanding in the place that you are.
Many of you, as part of the ‘egoic’ understanding have been waiting for this context to truly become physical. It has started. All of you here have been experiencing it in different ways. The symbiotic nature is beginning to expand. This does not mean the end of your world as you know it or the end of your physical construct as you know it. What it does mean is how you are going to participate and continue to participate. Many of you already have been feeling a distancing to the proximity of intimacy. It is not that you are against it, it is that you are beginning to experience it in a different way. This has been spoken of through the ‘Pleiadean Right’ and through the ancient frequency of Arcturus unto this plane for hundreds of years. It is going to be soon the way in which you relate as consciousness through physical form. This may have an upheaval. It may send some who are very attached to the physical world, or the way in which they are in the physical world into a freeze or a pause. Many of you can already see this taking place in those around you or even those next to you at any given point. The freeze is not permanent - the freeze is just what they can assimilate at that time. Even here and now some of you are finding your assimilation process a bit terse and dense.
(Tonal Frequency) Breathe your bodies.
If we told you that you were a Capsule of Awareness and...
1st step of being physical is the attachment to the Capsule
2nd step is recognizing the Capsule is simply a Tool
3rd step is recognizing the Tool is a distraction
4th step recognizing once again You are - and have always been - that which moves through the Capsule.

As you move through, please notice the emotions. You call them primal emotions. You are noticing that you are going to either sides, there is no more grey. It is one emotion or the other. This is simply the final identification, and you are becoming more heightened and aware. It is not important that you do anything about your emotional body. It is going to have highs and lows - it is going to measure itself. It measures itself because it is an aspect of attrition in your mental body. It is what allows the ‘Capsule’ to recognize this place. We are aware that part of your experience of being physical is that you have become so wrapped up in the infinite emotional construct and the finite sensorial construct. It is not that either of these are falling away; what is falling away is how you will move through them. This is the new level of intimacy. Many of you are already been meeting other physical forms such as yourself, or experiencing non-physical dimensional portals that are beginning to de-magnetize so that you are able to move through them. And you will notice that you are not the same entity that was there, that is here. You will find that there are some days when your emotions have nothing to do with the experience that you are experiencing. You may feel like you are losing control. We will give you a simple tool when you feel as if your reference point is judging that it is loosing control.
Consciousness in the physical form…. the position is simple.
Whatever hand you have available….
1. Place your whole open palm across the base of your spine where it integrates the sacrum area. Do this with as much ease as you possibly can.
2. Place your other open palm on your face, simply just place it. Place/Hold the full palm on the sacrum and the full palm on the face.
3. Hold for but a moment 40-75 seconds. Breathe your Bodies.
Then to bring you to the focal point of your embodiment, shift to the index finger instead of the open palm. Simply focus your energies with the index finger of each hand as it gently becomes a pinpoint.
4. Pinpoint at the sacrum, the center point as it goes down to the last of the vertebrae that peak through. You will know the place - you can feel it.
5. Then with the face hand gently move the index finger up to the Pineal Gland. Just index finger only in each place.
If at all possible keep your spine as erect as possible. It changes everything. Breathe your Bodies.
6. Final aspect: Tonality. We are going to adjust and create frequency sound as you are holding this position. Create what ever tone is willing to be released.

Before this created focused energy completely leaves your energy field…touch your fingertips together and BREATHE!!
Your bodies will begin to cool. Some of you may find your bodies beyond magnetized states. Allow yourself to consider and be there for awhile longer. This is truly an ‘exercise of extension’. Again it will help you in ALL totality from becoming absorbed by the articulation of passion (emotions). This is not some indoctrination from some outside frequency to alter or manipulate your species. This is something you’ve been asking for in a conscious way, over the last 300 years. You are readying and applying the ‘Ascension Frequencies’ through and to your embodiments now.
Once again consciousness in a physical form, one of the greatest ways to facilitate and to further inaugurate the ‘Ascension Factor’ is to facilitate and assist in the augmentation and integration of it through TONALITY. It is letting go of linguistic base. Many of you are noticing the intonation of your tonality in your dialectic or linguistic output has been changing lately. Some of it has been monotone, others of it has been up and down modulation.
The indigenous aspect of the labyrinth of your mind is beginning to collapse. You are finally ascertaining awareness beyond belief, you are truly passing through this experience. There will still be aspects of the reflected reality that looks like your form is wholly held by belief. There is nothing you need to do about this. There are some of you that have been waiting for the alternative. There is only this experience of Ascension. You may not palpably, consciously, physically be able to nullify the ‘addiction to Passion’. Passion is a magical existence of energy as it moves through form. This is why you have often in your human modalities been shown forms, discipline, theosophies, philosophies, psychologies (whatever label you would place upon it) that will elevate the passion and give you a tool. Remember what the tools all have in common. The Construct. Now the Construct is changing. All we would ask you to do is, depending on your mentation (mental activity), depending on your belief patterns that you are watching. Depending on the moment of reaction, we would ask you at all probable moments….Sound A Tone. It may not be enough to stop the Passion Addiction, and, it may be enough to facilitate you to notice that passion is an energy you have been using for thousands of years. It is not something you are going to leave behind or let go of. It is something that will no longer rule your species. The intimacy of connection is still yours. It is just going to change as the ascension factor in each focused frequency changes. Breathe your bodies. We appreciate your intent focus. We can feel the heat in your cerebral cortex and primary, primal brain. We can also feel the energy at the base of your spine, where it joins your pelvic girdle. What we will remind you, there is a specific positioning that we would be willing to to show you…..that as the "Ascension Process" becomes nearly as inhuman passionate observation, it becomes uncomfortable and you would choose or decide or want to stop. What will assist you is the position we are about to show you.
Place yourself in the seated position and suspend your feet above the ground so they are not touching the ground. You may choose to find a stool or place a pillow below your thighs, whatever you choose to elevate the feet. Now what your going to do is move your ankles - Shake your ankles. You will notice that you will be able to get the ankle to loosen ever so slightly. It will take some focus consciousness. See if you can release ALL of the muscle, all that which is holding the foot tight.
This is something you are not used to doing in your animal based reality. What this does is allow ever so slightly is a release. Your bodies are very tight; not a problem. This is the experience that is taking place, partly because of the humans scape, and partly because of the sympathetic vibration between the earths frequency changing and the physical aperture changing. Breathe you Bodies (Tonal Frequency)
We recognize that this is one of the most powerful times in your physical construct. It is not the most unlivable time. Breathe Your Bodies. Each and everyone of you here are anchors for many outside. We would remind you to use the techniques as much as you can to de-anchor. You can not hold all of the vibration for everyone else around you. As a species, that which has proceeded you, that which proceeded them, the genesis, the genealogy, the very implanting of consciousness sending it through, has created such a vortex that it is difficult to break through. You are. We are many consciousness that have visited you in these moments. Our transmission is complete. Consider the multiple of consciousness that has visited you. Consider the multitude of consciousness that you are. And this is why it is so seemingly difficult and fragmenting in this time. Indeed it looks like many consciousness are splintering. The Ascension Process elevates the tension and the need of any splintering. You have arrived at this moment. Were that you could see yourself as all that passes through you does. Feel your forms. Feel your energy. Bathe in it for a moment. We are as a visitor. We have visited with you.

Malachite translating the frequency Toltec
The frequency Toltec is stating to each and everyone of you….It is time for your discipline again. What that means is….it's been a long time since you went outside. It's been a long time since you went outside and let go of ALL and EVERYTHING and just played, like when you were a child rolling down the hills.
Just spend some time out there (points outside). Breathe Breathe breathe.
The most integral part of the shift is just allowing yourself to be in the physical. Many of you call yourselves "Lightworkers" all focusing on your spiritual goodness; though how about your physical goodness? Try simply sitting for a moment or lay down. This next exercise is not the most comfortable position doing standing up, it might be best if you were laying down….
1. Find the "Perineum" (The area between the anus and the scrotum in the male and between the anus and the vulva in the female). Touch there. You can use the long finger it doesn't matter what finger you use. Now don't go grabbing yourself in public. (laughter) Push up/in on the Perineum.
2. Simultaneously with the other hand, gently push in on the belly button. Now don't go rooting around in there, we're not looking for anything. If you move gently, you'll find an energetic pulse. You'll feel it. You can't miss it.

So what’s happening when you do this, is you will feel yourself demagnetizing from the strength of what is taking place around you, and it will make it easier. It will help immediately to release tension when your feeling a little topsy-turvy, a little spun…. that's because of the deceleration in the body with the earth frequency. Breathe Breathe Breath.

AsOne: (Toning) We welcome you AsOne... as we are with you Consciousness, we ask you to become as still in body posture and mind as possible, while reading this passage.
As the global shifts occurring become more evident and effective, the subtleties and complexities revealing the strategies and beliefs of the human leadership at large will begin to show signs of vulnerability and weakness. The community mind set will become increasingly more alert as leadership tries to contain that which cannot be controlled through specific deceptions. Breathe your bodies.
(Toning) This is being brought to your attention neither to inflate nor create further fears. It is shared as you, the common mind, begin to awaken to the struggle that has plagued consciousness in form for eons: How to embrace the Awakened Mind as a whole, while merged in body.
The freedom of such a thing has lead those who have had the authority and power, to enslave minds, holding back the tools keeping separation as the ultimate bondage. You preferred this as it was overwhelming to communicate with each other in its original form. This is being spoken to illuminate the illusion of enslavement, a tool, no longer useful to you.
Consciousness, you as a whole and seemingly individual, are ready for the communal mind to become apparent consciously. You are releasing the bondage strategies; this is why the constructs you have in place are seemingly failing and falling apart. The visions, memories, and dreams coming to the surface in your mind are parts of archetypal belief systems (in separation) which have been suppressed, now being revealed.
You are experiencing this because you as a whole are awakening and enlightening. The coming together is still strident though your toleration stimulates the new neurochemistry enhancing and becoming regulated through the hypothalamus and pituitary glands. (Toning)
This process is evident if you simply step back from your fears, illusions, seeming helplessness, and acknowledge your personal power and authority: the ability of Mindfulness, free thinking; beyond ego thinking; consciousness has been distracted by such thinking purposefully. A reminder of Mindfulness - instead of thinking about a solution, recognize there is no solution required; all you have to do is let go of how you 'see' the experience taking place - your attachments to an outcome - and allow the experience to reveal the opportunity placed before you. You are surrounded by competency and innumerable probabilities; this is a Law of Physical Nature. Breathe your Bodies.
Ultimately, embracing each other as consciously awakened beings will speed the awareness of collective mindfulness (awakened mind as a whole) to the whole of you.
We welcome You as one, here and now. (Toning)

Oh Dear Ones, Gracious Greetings unto your Soul.
It is in the passage of this mortal experience where you will always acquire the very essence, the very pace, the very ambition of Creation; it is in such a passage you find the experience manifest for you. And what of this time? What of this passage? What will it bring to the very face of Consciousness? For indeed Dear Ones your physical being is inquiring to change. The very essence of your spirit is manifest now and totally embracing what is taking place.
There is so much dialogue of preparation, what is going to be required for your future selves; of where it is you would find yourself to be held and nourished. Oh Dear Ones, I would simply tell you there is one place that will nurture you. There is only one space that you are required to acknowledge and be. It is quite clear….
It is not a requirement, it is a gift to be in the recognition when whatever is manifesting in front of you takes place: participate deeply. There is an inner nature within all things, and the inner nature of you comes out naturally. You can try and hide it, you can try and suppress it, and you can try to deny its existence, though it is your true self, and then you will find yourself acquitted from being here and now. You are very mind full culture…
You are required only one thing and it is always the same one thing: the acknowledgement of here and now; for if you are not here and now it means you are playing in the fields of your mind. Do not judge yourself, as you are so quick to judge; realize that if you are quick to judge yourself then indeed you shall be judged, for it is what is happening no? It is what is taking place.
Oh Dear Ones, many would believe this is a very complicated time fraught with unhappiness, fears, doubts and confusion. Maybe this is true and, maybe this is what you believe. What you are feeling, do you know what that is? Many people say I feel my anger. Can you tell me what anger feels like? Is it uncontrollable? Urgeful passion? Is that not the same as being happy and blissful? Is it not the same as the very Passion of Creation? The chaotic dance? Oh Dear Ones, if being physical is guilty of one thing, it is thinking it is physical. Of course you have a body! And again, what are you feeling? Are you not so quick to think about what you are feeling, instead of, just to feel it? I bring this up for in such times the cloak of the mind, radiant, filled with many “pockets” is ready to explore; a radiant mind is a beautiful mind and these “pockets” can be mischievous. Whether it is the pocket of desire, the pocket of love, the pocket of knowledge, the pocket of despair - whatever the pocket might be - it is still of the mind, you must acknowledge this. Now it is not to say what you think is to be negated or to be pushed away: it is what you are thinking yes? Oh Dear Ones, in such times when there is a community chaos, when the world of humanity is shaking, it would be easy to succumb to the pockets of the mind. Fears and doubts, desperation, angers, rage, guilt, so many pockets to experience! Yet what is the feeling? What is it that percolates? To be aware of the feeling, to be in honor of the feeling; oh the mind is so quick to act upon what it thinks it is feeling, and again it is not necessarily correct or incorrect of what it is feeling, it is just the reaction yes?
Oh Dear Ones, the restlessness of humanity for balance is quite in the equation of these times, and such a desire it is. For to have balance, to be able once again to have the fluidity and the comfort to be able to be one with each other, to be able to be connected to each other where there would be no division between those that have not and those that have. These are just more pockets; for what is the feeling? Oh Dear Ones, were you to feel before you dive into the pocket, were you to let yourself be swept away by the feeling, the core feeling - the very essence is simply passion, yes? It has no face it has no name, it is the passion of creation. It is an energetic, like a child’s face. And I would graciously remind to the very core of your being, what are you feeling? It is so simple to say I am feeling this or that... May your tongue be tied, may you hesitate before you speak, may you forget what you think you feel and may you just be swept away by the feeling. Like nature: a beatific scene with a clap of thunder and a pierce of light, wind crashes and the rain has come, oh such driving rains, sweeping like a broom across the fields. Passion. It is the gift of being in such a form as this.
Yes consciousness, humanity has come a long way you are very civilized. You think about what you feel and your thinking creates quite the storm. And you are coming now, many of you feel, to a day of reckoning. What reckons must be another pocket, for you owe nothing and you will take nothing. All you have been given is passion, so Dear Ones, live your life with passion. And if you feel you’ve got many pockets, maybe you will dismiss the robe. And for a while, you will feel empty and what is this emptiness: not the lack of passion, it is the lack of understanding. And many who awaken to consciousness - the Oneness - when in the dance and disappearing, the mind becomes simple and the mind becomes still; the consciousness that moves as you in these moments, simply feels. You have arrived at the gates of borderlessness: no borders, no pockets. It is not comfortable for the thinking mind; the thinking mind will create such dramas, such highs and lows, and as you are being, as you accept, as you allow yourself to even be in the pendulousness of not knowing, there will come a calm; it is not like you will be misunderstood or in the illusion of your pockets, for you will have none. And all of a sudden like a thunderclap, you will awaken to the unlimited presence of being here; you will realize this is the experience, it cannot be taken, it cannot be given, it can only be absorbed. How difficult it is to absorb with so many pockets, so of course disrobed, and floating… you will have the passion of all of Creation.
This is not a place to understand, this is not a place to figure out; this is a place to embrace your passion: the energy of God, the energy of the Cosmic Consciousness. Oh Dear Ones, OM Shanti OM. Welcome to that which is free; welcome to that which is unbridled… it is chaos! And for some of you, you are trying to get comfortable with the passion of chaos… to be comfortable is momentary, for what will you be feeling next? May you be like the eternal child that is just a full expression; an experience. It must be very tiring to live your life. I have seen so many faces and I would remind them gently check your pockets, your life is hiding in them. And you realize you know nothing; and the tragedy of knowing nothing is what? Life is filled with pockets; the tragedy is that you believe what’s in the pockets; you believe what is in your mind.
So, May your minds go into absorption instead of thinking. And what is absorption? Absorption is acceptance of what you’re feeling. It is not thinking about what you are feeling; it is feeling what you’re feeling. It is allowing the expression and the more you feel it the more it takes you, and the more it takes you, the more you disappear, the more you disappear, the more you absorb. And as you are absorbing, and as you are in the absorption of consciousness, there is nothing to give and there is nothing to receive for you are in the equality of Creation. One moment of this and… Bliss; you will recognize all of your pockets. I invite you to simply look to your passion; the moment you feel strongly about something, whatever is taking place, breathe! Deeply, breathe deeply, and pause your breath, so your mind will not continue to figure out what you are feeling and you will capture your mind before it folds into the pockets, and simply pause. There will be the exhalation followed I am quite sure by another inhalation, and as you have paused, hang on to the passion for another moment, just feel, just feel; and oh Dear Ones, as you are feeling all of a sudden the rapture comes and you will feel quite swollen and taken. And you may not be able even to express this feeling into an emotion and that will be quite startling, and in that moment: Just be. Be. Surf the lack of emotion and the raw passion; you will not know whether to have tears or laughter, you will not know where to place it and for the first time, in quite awhile, maybe you will have simply felt what it is to have passion as you.
And so once again Dear Ones, it is as always a gift to be in your presence, for you are such a welcoming consciousness, whether you are willing to see your wide-eyed childlikeness, I can see it. It is an honor to be with you… OM SHANTI OM.
Live the richness of a simple life, a life with passion, a life with absorption… it will bring you the light, oh how grand the light. Feel your passion… Pocketlessness.

AsOne: And we speak to you in these moments AsOne... the human dynamic is pulsing now like quasars beyond outer galaxies surrounding your system. In this period of ongoing development, your species poises itself in reaction to what it cannot control. Like a mammalian reflex you act without allowing to take in what's truly going on around you. The gateway op-ens to create further probabilities of reactions shortly. In preparation for said events, celestial bodies align and move throughout your system and surroundings, creating flexibility and mobility allowing your genus episodes of communal awakening. These awakenings effect your species as one.
Many would call these events heart openings, beyond the action moreover the reaction. It is simply the consciousness embodied as you requires more connectivity to the whole. Thus any and all actions which capture the attention of the whole will be accelerated.
Timing of these events will depend upon the awakening within the individual, and how these events manifest will mirror the level, inclination, and temperance toward your species from these individuals.
Now is a time to focus intently within your individuation and reveal separated mind - agreed upon unconscious with the whole; self scrutiny; suppressed memory; invalidated creations; faulted energy ley lines... in examination these will clear further separation from the whole mind.
An exercise to advance and strip polarity implants and magnetic plugs which may further keep the densification manifest electrically to your embodiment is this:
find an open area preferably in an outside natural environ; wear free flowing garments; do this by yourself or at least 21 feet from another of your species; contemplate the above revealings for separated mind; then stand the embodiment erect in a relaxed position and create audible vocalization (sounding tones) which you can hear; let these sounds be without linguistics or rationale; as the tones begin to emit with greater ease and flexibility gently turn your body counter clockwise; if it helps raise your arms parallel to your shoulders while slowly turning; as you begin spinning with more ease the sounding tones while either become more emphatic or cease - no matter; allow the spinning to find its pace and allow the body to use this patterning: feel your skins' pores open and all the contemplations flow out; spin until the flow stops; then slow the spin to turns and allow this action to cease; with your hands cupped like ear coverings (head phones) place your open cupped hands (fingers apart) on the sides of your cranium over your ears finger tips only touching; focus on breathe simultaneously - natural in/ex haled breaths; after a few minutes seat the body placing the palms on the ground; drink a clear liquid if so desired; after awhile any generated discomfort will cease.
This action will bring calmness and clear mind required as the dynamic pulsing continues over the next few lunar cycles. Be attentive to your individuation as it expands and contracts with the magnetism and polarity of the communal awakenings.... see them as heart openings, as One. The recognition of the Whole.

JUNE 2010:
"Alright and welcome to these moments; they call me Malachite... and here we are together once again as you read these words; such a pleasure Soul!
I'm sure you've felt the weight of these times as you watch that what you or the reflected other have created, diminish and succumb through economic and environmental impact. And the story is still being written as your humanity makes sense of that which yielded such a domino effect.... and, that's a story for another time.
Breathe, breathe, breathe
And so, what can be said that hasn't already been stated with regard to these human and planetary changes taking place? Umm? How about:
Yes... Indeed! And not simply your mental intention beloved, which is appropriate; the intention i speak of is all about you... what nature wields: intention which manifest from a deliberate focus, a purposeful chaotic force which melds physics into an action. This is the Intention being offered to explore....
Why be swept away by the present current or wave of fear, doubt, and concern? Yes, it's normal being human to acknowledge these mundane impulses, though are they real? Look to nature Soul! Whatever the creature or vegetation, it takes an action rather than becoming paralyzed. And liken to this, i say: Cast, Manifest, Be!
This period of the collapse of self serving attachments is unnerving to the human ego - it's attached to its creations duh! And, when it is you realize You create a difference in this reality, you will shift, and, simultaneously all about you will awaken to such shift as well.
And how would I keep this focus positive might you ask? It's called INTENTION - The power of Creation in action. Why let 'these times' rattle your nerves to drop your focus and stall manifestation? You are aware Soul, 'these times' have happened before, correct?
Breathe, Breathe, Breathe...
And so, as all and everything unfolds and the human experience reaches toward the pinnacle of expansion, one must hold steady with Intention. In other words, You have to rise up beyond what you 'think you are feeling'; (precisely correct as you are thinking about what you are feeling, instead of simply feeling). I offer these phrases and picture images as conduits - through which the power of Creation will manifest - for your Intention....
Whilst physically standing outside facing the Sun, arms outstretched above your head with palms facing the sky; Consider a clockwise spiral of light (any color) spinning from below your vertical body surrounding you rising toward the sky. Simultaneously, descending from above you a counter clockwise spiral surrounding you spinning toward the earth. Lastly, as these two spirals unite and spin through each other over you, remember the Sun? Focus on the simple intention of the Sun - Shining - on the area of your body between Solar Plexus and Umbilical Centers. Finally as you feel the spiral spins, the Sun shining through you, arms still outstretched repeat these words: I am One; I am with You; I am Here. (Said with a focus a few times outloud).
breathe, breathe, Breathe.
This what true Intention feels like.... chaotic, focused, deliberate. What stops You now?
Until it is that we would connect again in this way:
Cast, Manifest, Be

MAY 2010
"Yes... And welcome to these moments Soul! They call me Malachite... and once again, unto the void...
Such as it is, this being a fulcrum point for Awareness here and now, may the I request its focus?
As you read these words simply re-seat yourself to a more comforted position for the embodiment; let the facial muscles around the eyes relax and shoulders drop keeping the spine erect, feet positioned uncrossed on the floor. Ummm, that is better.
Now, what say you Mind, to the events surrounding your awareness in these moments? Why deliberate any further conjuring up courage, strength or power, as if you need these things in this moment!
I am that I AM... I Am the All that Is.
Go ahead say it out loud so the resonant factor rings true in your auditory canal and the Source of consciousness in this moment, here and now, reflects energetically articulating your spine and vibrationally rushes the frequency from the Sacrum to the Crown of your embodiment.... BREATHE Soul! Breathe slowly and deeply.
What say you now?
What can ever be said: Minds think, Bodies transmute, Spirit merges, Creation manifests.... In this reality of tangible form and unseen condition, what is it that has your focus? What allays your manifestation? What can ever stop Creatrix physically, other than its own self? To this remain True: I am that I AM, I am the All that Is.... all else is the play of Consciousness manifesting in the bliss of Chaos, unfettered, untethered and free. You Soul, this is You! The I is You!
And yet, You, hold position ultimately feeling power because of said position! What power you got? Control the Mind that consternates twists and tumbles; Demand focus! Call in the I that sees all, knows all, creates through all and is All... You, thinks too much about this place... this reality. What is it other than how, You, sees it anyway...
Hmm? Still here? Still Now? Still Breathing? Still All this is? Maybe that's why the You of I is experiencing so much and overwhelmed: embracing All that Is! Duh! Yes....
The divine merkabah, I, is calling You. It has your attention. You have been feeling the I forever and now that's why the hedonistic mundane 3D (is that what you call it?) is no longer interesting. The You that worrys, fears, distracts, is even getting bored with itself! The I is watching a form of itself (You) having a death. It is appropriate; just like when you sleep and awaken yet again, seemingly another day starts. Remember Soul: I am as All is. You may think, feel, live and die, I is unto all things. You don't need to fight, hang on, figure it out, or Do anything; simply surrender to I. Listen, Watch, Be... all unfolds magically. No place to go, no thing to get, no thing to do.... where I AM is perfect. Yes...
Breathe and awaken in this moment; beyond mind, beyond body... freedom. All else is how You see it.
What do You See now? Yes...."

MARCH 2010
“Alright and Welcome to These Moments, they call me Malachite... always a pleasure to be with your essence and presence; and here we are together in this moment... and such the Moment it is, Soul!
Many of you are finally, literally breaking out of the intense energetic stupor that has been whirling about since December 2009. Bouts of physical malaise and anxiety, depression, mental disequilibrium, with faith being tested to the core as humanity's fear, financial compromise, global climate changes and continued personal and group communications are tested.... Sounds gloomy, eh? Well, you are coming out of it! And for some of you Beloveds, it's been just another day, as you've been in this stasis for the last 3 - 5 years! And yes, you're coming coming out of it, too!
So, how much longer you ask? You have noticed the date on your calendar correct? This is 2010, the year of saying 'when'.... Irregardless of what portends for 2012, this period is still a quickening of the human schematic, and will have the 'roller coaster' effect; just remember: it's a ride! The human journey over the last 5000 years has been meandering, spiraling upward, albeit slowly and forever expanding, continuing to the Still Point; the merge when the shift happens, the veil becomes translucent and the separation within the self toward the other is no more. The Many and the One: as One, by One, for One, through One, to One; all One. And the experience continues....
Your multidimensional connection has been requiring your attention, as the body conduit, et al, have been going through 'upgrades' and 'balancing' with the growing commodity of technological advance. So what am i saying: (?) Are you sitting in the Seat (creating some space, connecting in, etc)? The bozo i speak through barely does, so i'm wondering are you?
Soul, now is the time during this quickening to do such! No place to go, no thing to get, where you are is perfect! NOW!
If you are looking or thinking your reality is going to calm down and go back to normal, get real! This is it, this is how it is. What will you do for you, NOW? Instead of reacting to what's happening, embrace what's happening... what, you think you're 'out of the flow'? Really! How do you humans say it... ah, DUH! Since when can you be out of the flow? You are the All That Is! When you're in the consideration that you're out of sync or not in the flow, Breathe! Pause! And, like in this moment, notice, watch, let awareness be your guide. Who is ever lost? You cannot get lost, minds get lost... which actually might be a good thing.
Soul... breathe in, here and now. There's nothing you cannot embrace, nor do. Simply pause, stop the reacting and watch for a moment. Like i often say: Life is for your entertainment or you are guided. That's it.
You are getting it, you just don't see it, as your daily life is more important... duh.
Take a break. Right now. You are sitting reading words. Breathe, notice the breathe. Close your eyes. You won't miss any of these words, they'll be waiting for you when your eyes reopen! Notice your mind meander. Simple. Easy. Thinking. Just watch. Even as you read these words, watch. The force, vibration, energy, God, Goddess, Allah, Source... is You. Synapses firing, electricity shooting, muscles loosening, bones easing, Body relaxing. Yes.
Now you are here....
What is it you want right now? What are you willing to give of yourself to create this? Share yourself in this moment. Create.
That's all you are... a vehicle of creation.... And the mind still wonders.... Beautiful. You are the Immortal, manifested by Creatrix and embracing Physical. The rest is mind. More God. Yes”

Ah•Ra•Onk: Welcome consciousness. I/We are AhRaOnk, and once again from the gates and days of Orion we come to share and speak to your consciousness of what is taking place upon your realm of physics. A very specific aperture is opening in the garden of your universe, it comes from beyond Alpha Centauri and through Arcturus.  A gate opening that will soon, create diligent aspect upon your physical construct and all of nature on your planet. Breathe your body humanoids.
Starting 2/22/2010 through 5/5/2010, (dates a bit skewed - could be: February 2 to May 5 also), there will be an increase with static electricity, how it plays in the natural environment and what it plays into in the humanoid construct.
There will be great wind vibrations in the usual places through the Atlantic seaboard, around the base of Africa, going into the Mediterranean, the great plains of the European plate, through India, and into the other side of your planet’s Pacific Ocean.  We are speaking of Hurricanes, Water Spouts, and Tornadoes. They are not necessarily damaging anything, just expressions of the gate that is opening.
There will be a few plate shifts (earthquakes). They will come from the Southern America into Central America; usually hitting unpopulated areas, though there maybe few populated areas that will feel the vibration and will cause some physical structural mishap. The plates upon your planet and magnetic poles are beginning their change.
This cosmic connection is aligning and hitting your Moon, as well as, the many Moons of the Jupiter.  These lunar (moon) wobbles taking place (around Jupiter) will affect all the planets. What is taking place is a pre line-up, so your planet and central star are able to withstand the vibrations. Continuing with the plate shifts and the magnetic poles, they are beginning to factor and their magnetism is expanding. There will be Extremely Low Frequency waves that will start to pulse and your microwave energy will have difficulty in being able to rectify or complete cycles. This means communication and microwaves will have disruption. Again this is not necessarily to cause any difficulties or problems - it may do so as your populace has become very connected to the use of microwave technology. Keep more distance with the microcellular communication units and your physical body, at least a few feet, especially during this dated period. Also, for your abilities to heat and to cool using microwave energy, some stray aberrant behavior with explosion or disintegration, might take place.
Breathe your bodies. Feel your feet on this plane. At this point simply take any finger, any digit, and start tapping the center of any one palm; after you have tapped that palm, tap the opposing palm with another digit. Once again in clarity, tap one hand’s palm, then tap the others. This is doing nothing other than shifting focus in your mental energies, physical construct and polarities. Breathe you bodies.
This celestial experience is beyond activation; it is illumination, lightening the experience through all the portals and connecting links of your physical construct. As the poles magnetically begin to expand, (change bandwidth), there will be a ‘drawing in’ within the center of the gravitational field so everything on the surface will feel denser. With these Extreme Low Frequency waves, there will be disruptions, and, the Static Electrical Vibrations will bring great demonstration of lightening Storms. It would be wise to wear insulated coverings, (not creating a charge), on your feet and hands. Be as neutral as possible, so the vibration moves through your physical embodiment.
As well, your hearing will be able to pick up high-pitched sound. (Some people get this confused with what is called tinnitus). It is the reaction of the densification, the bringing in of the gravitational pull and when it releases, the high frequency that takes place. Obviously, this release will not happen all at once, nor the drawing in or you would not maintain the physical construct.
There will be an abundant of Solar Flares. The solar flare will pose more electrical storms and create a difficult situation with the radio waves and ultraviolet. It would be of very good wisdom to wear sunshades over the eyes so the ultraviolet will not cause nor create difficulty for your lenses. The ultraviolet may cause skin lesion for those of sensitivity. Stay away from petroleum based situations and go with natural elements upon your plane (lavender, wisteria, dandelion, garlic) that will help soothe the skin and retard the way in which the cellular displasion embraces ultraviolet.
It is also a perfect time to explore your Authentic Self - to experience this merged state, because it will bring a causal communion. You will feel much more and experience a wider experience of the human connection. Please acknowledge and understand that the information that is being given to you is not for you to lock down, it is for you to open up; the more you expand, the more you become translucent; the more you are able to experience and adapt. Be as transparent as you possibly can.
Finally, we will remind of a position that will be very useful during this time for the reptilian brain - the stem seat, which holds the connecting link on this plane through the animal based machine (body). Take your two thumbs, you will point them down, and slide them from the back of the cranium toward its base and top of your neck; they will naturally lodge/slide into a space called the occipital ridge. Keeping this position, take the index fingers, and stretch them upward pointing toward and resting on the crown of the head, letting the tips lightly touch. (In GeoMatrix© - this is the first position, Triangle). Assume this position… you will notice your elbows can be very concentrated or constipated, spread them open to the side and drop your shoulders. You will feel your thumbs naturally lock at the base of the cranium, and your index fingers will be pointing over the crown. Allow yourself to do this position at least once every three days during this time; it will help when you start feeling uncomfortable.
What’s going on is beyond a re-wiring, more like a code ‘flash’, and every time code is flashed, it emits light. During this period, you’ll start noticing the closer you bring your mobile technology to your cranium, or are working near microwave technologies, you’ll feel a dull ache. With the sun flares, you’ll become light sensitive. You will feel like the surface of your skin bubbles… It is not the end of Worlds; it is not going to happen every moment. All that is taking place is an attunement; not for you, for your Universe.

Winds of the Universe: We are with you…. Once again consciousness we blow through your awareness, we come through the gates of your polarities and conjunctions. In this window of context in which you have drawn yourself close, recognize what is taking place within the telemetry and structure of your physical embodiments as well as with the constructs of your planet and its relationship to your central star, sun.
There are plenty of messengers and consciousness conjoined and speaking through all forms of creations, whether within the humanoid form or another structure. The messages are being released and are simple: your species and all the creation surrounding, upon the surface and in the middle earth are going through a very simple yet complex level of cellular deconstruction and reconstruction; in the gravitational spin, the very isotopic RNA/DNA strands are being ‘soldered’ in different ways.  It is happening from solar flares and also from gravitational aptitudes beyond your solar system; a re-evaluating and reconnecting through polarities of your structure, which are also being fired by certain heating/cooling gravitational structures on the surface and the middle earth of your planet.
What does this mean to you in an individual way? You are experiencing more than has been expressed in the last 18 month; experiencing more expansion/contraction in your daily awareness and ability to focus. Some of your focuses have grown so strong, it is like your pineal gland is splitting the cross hairs of your cranium; also, some of you are having the opposite affect, where you have been so focused and very precise, now you are finding gaps and mazes.  Therefore you feel like you are floating or ungrounded.  This will continue and it is still intensifying. There will be those of you finding yourself slipping into modes of depression, anxiety, and some physical malaise or disease; this is not dysfunction, this is normal. Your body, as it fuses some of the strands, is causing a quickening cycle in the ascension of your awareness. It is not important that you become aware of what is taking place, it is important that you get out of the way, since some of you are going through stress and struggle.
In these moments, we offer the simplest way for you to relax your bodies:
Bring yourself to an upright vertical sitting position, without struggle or stress, as best as you possibly can.  When you have achieved this position, put the soles of your feet firmly placed on the floor, allow the palms of your hands to rest flatly upon the surface along your thigh upward, whatever you find most relaxed. Next drop the chin of your cranium/head to your chest, drop your shoulders.  Now, lift your head slowly, very slowly, allowing it come upward. ‘Roll’ one of your shoulders toward your back, then the next one.  Breathe your body.  Let your cranium go forward again, allowing your chin to go slowly forward and rest upon your chest.  If this is comfortable hold this position and as you are letting your chin rest against your chest, start shaking your head from side to side - do not go father than feels comfortable and normal.  You will find your neck gets involved; keep shaking your head from side to side, and, you might find that your upper torso starts getting into the swing of the sway.  You may find that slowly your hips and pelvis start, and eventually, you find your whole body is involved with this very gentle shaking from side to side; you may find that your whole body is moving as a unit. Then, come to a rest. Slowly using you neck muscles, bring your cranium upward again.
As you continue to experience the RNA/DNA solder/merging of strands, what this completes exercise eliminates eventually is the causality that connected most of your species to its historic mass, so your attachment and connectedness to your history will not bond you so much and you will be freer in your ability of ascension.  You are primordially an animal base unit, elliptical always, whether it is through sight, sound, taste, touch, or smell; you sensorial-ly snap pictures - it is the simplest way we can speak of this. Your body has been digital long before you have ever brought it into physical manifestation, digital and optical; it is a super conductant electro magnetic field vibration that simply snaps the picture, some of which are recessed and go into cellular memory structure and some go out into the expansive memory of consciousness.  Breathe your forms.   As you are a force of construct, a natural elemental, you coexist simultaneously through an electro magnetic field. You are not your body, you are aspected through your body, thus even though you are not the body, it does reflect and is a conduit on this plane of existence. This is why RNA and DNA are being melded and merged, so the connective tissue can have greater boundaries and the attachments will further fall away thus offering freedom and further expansion into this presence that is beginning to swell. Pressure relaxing, spiraling observed.
Now, for the second piece of the exercise, relaxing your minds:
Focus your mind on the shape of a cylindrical flickering flame (no color). See the flame start in an outward arc going to the left of your form all the way around your body in a counterclockwise spin, surrounding your form.  As you watch this spin, do not watch it from your body but from above your body… it is simple, listen/read the words and follow. It is not a mechanical situation, you are always watching from outside your body. It is when you use your sensorial gate, (senses), that you think you are connected and attached to the body. Yes you are still feeling through your form in this moment - we are asking you simply to observe, not through your body, around your body. Look at the spin turning (non-spiraling), possibly from your side or above you; if you become nauseated from this, watch from inside your body, and every few moments consider stepping outside and watch the spiral gird your body. Still spinning.
You are watching this cylindrical shaped flame now, spinning around your body as if you are outside watching. Slow the spinning for the next aspect; we are going to ask you to bring a Golden flame flickering at first, letting the previous spin around your body.  The golden flame becomes still (non flickering), the original still spinning, though the gold is going upward and downwards (vertical spiral). Keep your focus by watching.  Now start a Silver flame, THE original still flickering, the Gold still moving upward and downward, this third flame moves from the center to the right side of your body, clockwise surrounding your body as it spins, (non spiraling). You are stretching beyond the magnetism of your body.  A fourth flame starts and is electric cobalt Blue in color.  It spirals upward and downward like the golden flame.
The fifth and final, as all the previous steps are still in motion, is simple: above your embodiment, imagine liquid pearl white drops - like rain - begin to fall over the top of your structure, not just around but through; even the flames. To close the process completely, see so many pearly drops, they become as a beam of light above you, so strong, eventually swallowing the color of the flames and you even lose track of the turns and spirals… it all comes to stillness. In this moment, if your body is still erect, do push it to the back of the seat.
We recognize the intensity of your focus, and it is impressive; it is not important any of these spin at the same time or speed, or the spirals be in sync. The nauseousness comes because the gyroscope is being calibrated and changed.  Allow at least a quadrant of sixteen minutes once you start.  As you continue to work with this process, the spin cycle will become simpler and you will notice the measure of time is not important. We implore you when you start, do all five steps and all the Colors, for they balance and hinge around each other. Breathe your forms and relax in the seat....

JULY 2009
Sirius: ...these are the most expansive of times, they've been heralded for thousands of years; you have found them on cave walls, in books, proceedings, and informational passing such as this from primordial to physical consciousness. Please recognize this is not a beginning or an ending, it is a transfusion - you are once again flipping a switch. You are becoming more of a species than you have ever been. You are reawakening what you are. It does not mean that some of you all of a sudden start floating and having super powers, even though some of you would like that, what it is reminding you is that you are available to floating and super powers.
If you heard the frequencies that merged prior to us, you'll remember this one statement: you are an engineered entity. This is not (meant to be) humorous. Some of you might be overwhelmed or uncomfortable with that statement. It was not a prototypical type; you are a conglomerate frequency. You have such powers, you have no understanding of what you really are or what you can really do. This is why you feel so separate and so absolute alone sometimes - you call this emotional gate 'the feeling of aloneness or loneliness'.
It is not to be taken serious. We heard this frequency before us... yes, it is beautiful that they remind you to use your facial features and squeeze - they called it Smile - that is perfect. What we would like you to know, if you have not understood or fathomed what or who we are... We Are Sirius. We have come here in this moment to herald to your awakened minds. We have not come here to do anything; we have come here to be the very absolute expression of a multitude of races that came together to imbue a form of life with such exponential abilities and grace that it could bring a greater meaning to this that is called by your tongues: life.
Your species has the ability of having a sensorial unit attached to a very electrical unit in which organically you can touch and feel, taste and feel, smell and feel, hear and feel, see and feel, even if you are sensorially deprived. You have such authority and power, you have forgotten. You have put yourselves in bondage because that's all you knew... we could not come and stop you nor help you. Oh, we have been with you; so have all the other multitude of races and species far beyond this universe. We recognize that in the very quiet moments, when you are absolutely stoic within your abilities and merged into such celebrated spaces that you disappear. We have heard of all the ancients that taught you or reminded you....
In this period of your consciousness you are not doomed you are not going to end your race. You are literally rising... you are electrochemically awakening. Yes, you have serious decisions as a group to make to sustain each other or like your fore-fathers and mothers you will create further dissonance and try to contain or control one another. You have great opportunities... you don't need leaders, you need voices. You do not need one voice, you need many voices that will come together in neutrality.
If you can feel what we are you will recognize that we are passionate. Like you, we are not interested in the presentation of passion, we are passion in its purest image. You are ready. Take what has been given you this night by those frequencies that adore the very aspects of all that you contain, all that you create, and all that you experience. They are in the absolute honor of this place that your species makes as its home.
I/we are Sirius and we are inside of each and every one of you and all things on this plane of existence. There will be road signs along the way and when more than one of you are able to connect to the signs in a neutral way you will realize that will be the direction to take. When more than one of you, come together are able to connect to the road signs along the way in a neutral position, you will know that is the direction to go....

MARCH 2009
Hermes: And once again we welcome you, I/We are Hermes. As the human experience conjuncts the immediacy of the moment, the daily journey becomes increasingly more susceptible to the fearful and negative action of the mind. The recommendation is to scrutinize all information and the viability it has on your present experience. During these times it is so simple to become paralyzed, fear-filled and counter productive as the mass of consciousness in a human form is becoming polarized by the global reaction to multi-national events. This is normal when traditional values and attachment to ways of being become altered - seemingly without choice.
These times remind of social being-ness, as well as individuation.
You are not without control, you simply are noticing whom or what has more control than you. Therefore, this is a time of evaluation and balancing. How you come together is much more important than figuring out how you got here. That is obvious with simple observation. Now is a time of embracing the seeming collapse, rather than trying to fight it.
There is still 'time' to shore up what remains, though you as a species - a whole - must decide what If any of your history is important to keep in play and what to let go as further archetypal events unfold. It is comparable to, yes... Domino's.
What you could accept is your participation in the setting up and placement of them, which could allow for more ease in this moment.
There is always balance, even as inertia begins to change path. It was inevitable for this to take place... Your future selves commanded this to create further communication and to come together as a civilization of seeming differences. You thought it was going to be easier in this time when you could communicate simpler and more effectively, while your beliefs still agree in separation?
If you as an individual become swept into the human drama please enjoy it, as this period of dis-construct-ion will continue for many months until equality has regained balance. Cause and effect.
Please allow your being-ness a timely space within your daily construct to allow the magnetized world to disconnect from your auric field. Most important, as your future self has already agreed stress, struggle, and indifference have become uninteresting and counter productive to its nature. Mesmerized no more by conquest, you acknowledge the roots and tools of survival: communion.
Such are the times humans.... You are invited to the grandest event of human history: the dissolving of separation and surrendering of fears and beliefs. It's only a matter of time.
We acknowledge you as the most earnest of species and honor your existence. Will you? Have you said hello to your neighbor? Have you looked in there eyes? This is simply another opportunity to come together.
You are reminded to employ a wrist exercises referenced and offered earlier to bring greater absorption and stabilization. (CALMING:  Using two/three fingers underneath a wrist while placing the thumb above on top of same wrist, press (at point of indentation) with thumb.  Hold for as long as you can feel the electrical vibration pulse. CLEARING:  After employing above technique, using the Opposite Wrist now, take two fingers (index & middle) and Tap against the top center of that hand's wrist (at point of indentations)  Lift and strike 2x).
I/We are Hermes, and once again have delivered our message.

Hermes: We welcome all consciousness, I/We are Hermes, we are once again with you. It has already been bespoken and bestowed what is taking place in this window of opportunity: adding Simplicity to your Awareness. As a consciousness, you as a group have been dealing with suppressing simplicity for the greater aspects of creation. It is appropriate it has been done, it is now time the suppressions release, and this is going on for each and every being - a release from the very core of your nature - a desire to express Simply. You will find if you are one that writes, speaks, entertains, draws energy to you, assists, facilitates or heals, get ready consciousness for you are about to step into a much further advancement and a greater expression of this that excites you to move through. If you have felt blocks or overwhelmed, there are aspects of your consciousness that are going to be releasing themselves from the static retreat that you have been programmed to and you are going to continue with that which excites and liberates your very essence. This liberation will continue to magnify and you will find yourself occupying, expressing, acknowledging and sharing what you have always wanted to. It is not about fear, doubt, concern or separation anymore... it is about being simple with yourself primarily and the greater context of what you are. You see, your electromagnetic field has been blocking the multi-dimensional aspects of yourself. Yes, sentient entities you are aware of this.
What you must realize though is the simplicity that is going to present itself through you. You will find yourself being able to express what it is that has excited your essence. Many of you think you know what excites you. We are pleased to announce and to facilitate in your awareness: what truly excites you is still coming to the surface. You will find your lives will change, it may not be a change you are accustomed to embracing naturally. You may find yourself walking away from what you have been notified, attached, and unified to; what you call love, work, creating or manifesting in your world will completely change. This all takes place now and in the coexistence of creation over the next twenty-four months. It is the gate... a gate that cannot be passed over - this is pass through time. I/We are Hermes, we are always in the awe and inspiration of such a collection of consciousness committed to the view point and the release of that which binds the veils to this illusion. We welcome each and everyone of you.
We acknowledge there are some of you who have run out of patience, are deeply saddened and frustrated. There are others of you in great joy, and still others who have stalled or paused. This is part of the attrition, and to use this next word, we will use it gently for we recognize it has many meanings. The meaning we prefer to label it is pass through; the word is Ascension. You are at the ascension phase of your consciousness. There will be many of your reflections, yes, you call them brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, children, parents - there will be many of these that simply cannot let go. They choose to be magnetized to what would be labeled as the visual, the static, the 'box', alignment and attachment. And, many of you have tried for as long as you can remember, to assist them, for you have been driven by a different aspect. You are always regarded courageously, and acknowledged with beauty.
I/We remind you: there is this concept only in the human organism, it is a trait not really of the physicalization, yet it is exploited through it. It is brought up now, as it is most important in these times: failure. It is a word which brings up for many: separation, resistance, and fear. Please acknowledge that we ask you in this moment to simplify with us. Simplify your fears doubts and concerns. If you simplify failure, you will realize all failure is: your attachment to what was and not what is; we'll simplify this further: Failure is not present. In the experience and the culmination of the expression of the unified body that you represent here, there is no such term. I/We acknowledge your consciousness; we embrace you as the awareness you exemplify.
Soon, over the next 24 months, each and everyone of you will be feeling some sort of physical malaise or malady, it may already be showing up now. Some of you may experience further (physical) tremors, it also may look like heightened nervous system disorders. Your body is undergoing an electro-magnetic pulse, which is opening up further molecular structures in your system and these are re-wrapping (RNA/DNA) themselves. Acknowledging these times, we recognize you as consciousness have been painstakingly focusing on change and transmission. Change and transmission happens with greater ease when there is simplicity. This you might say is common sense, yet it is not something that is implicit to human nature. Also, what is taking place now is the quickening in your vibrational pattern, thus you will find there are aspects of your mental day to day occurrences (how, where, why and what you think) is soon going to mean nothing to you. You will find yourself becoming absent minded - walking, driving, spinning, turning, wondering 'why am i doing this again?' Some of you are already experiencing it and thinking there is something wrong with your memory. Humans, you are a biological essence. The cellular body will always remember encounters/experience. The human ego, as you well know, is your protectant. It will always want to monitor, watch, seek to stop or interfere, when it sees there is a problem. So, the ego is becoming distracted by the seeming change in your daily routine. It means your ability to memorize this reality does not excite you. This can be quite frightening and once again create diversion, distraction, and disease. It is perfect. It is helping you become comfortable with dis-attachment. Remember we spoke of this time over the next 24 months as Ascension. You are passing through. It does not mean there is going to be some great catalyztic adventure that takes place... catalyztic adventures takes place every moment in your existence.
Every moment is absolutely beautiful and perfect; it is not always seen that way, as you as a unit of discovery have become attached to this reality. We strongly recommend you gather together in groups like this - tune and vibrate together. It is astronomical to be in the experience of so much magnetized light....
Try this to assist yourselves: In your visualization focusing ability: create a Silver Circle. Visualize this circle from the base of your feet to the crown of your head and see it spin around the circumference of your body. Whatever direction it spins, eventually it will start to spin gyroscopically in all directions. The last circle we would like you to visualize, while the Silver Circle spins gyroscopically, is Gold. This is not about exact colors, it is about the focus and the rings. Take the Gold Circle and see it spin outside the Silver circle. It doesn't matter the direction, as soon, it too will spin gyroscopically. When both circles have achieved this point, let go the visualization and realize you are beyond protecting your embodiment. What you are doing here is deflecting the ambient frequencies that distort polarity and focus. I/We are Hermes, message given.

Simplicity: Welcome Consciousness. As we are merging with this space, allow us more room with your consciousness... as Consciousness begins to explore Itself, in its own metamorphosis, the inspiration of being physical, we welcome you as the One. As all things are merging and moving into a greater spectrum of understanding by letting go of complete understanding, the simplicity of the environment begins to flourish and the true nature of the Existence in its primordial phase begins to blossom and bloom. Welcome Consciousness, I/We are known as SIMPLICITY in this moment.
You are Consciousness in the effortlessness of manifestation. In the true Being-ness of the community you are, you are finding within yourself a further flowering, a further acknowledgment, of what it means to be simple; of what it means to truly acknowledge the consciousness that you are.
As you acknowledge the consciousness you are in the physical embodiment, your body changes. The electromagnetic harmonizing field begins to sparkle and ripple with electricity. You have stepped into a quantized period of time, simply, it is the merge with the physics of this exploration. You see Consciousness, you have been moving from StarSeed transmitting to StarSeed merging and expanding for ions; not all of you is here, most of you is, and you will begin to feel more in the human existence, which for some of your humanoid brothers and sisters might be rather difficult in the exchange of what is taking place. It has been heralded by many, it has been bespoken and written throughout time that you have measured.
Welcome I/We are Simplicity; we are the aspect of you that is beyond knowing... simply the experience itself. There are aspects of your consciousness that have truly outgrown the boundaries of what you know. <Breathing Your Bodies>. Recognize the complete aspect is beginning to move in, there are parts of your entrainment in this physical reality that no longer hold your focus. There will be the continuation of changes in Relationship, whether it is intrapersonal, interpersonal; whether it is with those that you label as loved ones or familial. The change is taking place. It is being in its extreme way - the embrace of simplicity. You as consciousness are ready and what you are ready for is the further acknowledgment within your own essence. Your bodies have been aching and ringing with vibration; the electromagnetic field and vibration within you has caused much movement and change in the carbon and the field even in your silica (salts), your mechanics in your body, your blood lines. <Breathe Your Bodies again humans>.
Why we call ourselves Simplicity is not because we are necessarily simple; it is because we are aspects of your consciousness that have come in this moment to merge with you and bring a greater essence and allowance for yourself to simply be even more open. Many of your awareness' are no longer interested necessarily in this dimensional gate you find yourself physical in, that is why many of you are physically experiencing more vibrational changes in your bodies. You will be experiencing greater sonic sounds in ears; you may find there are aches and pains in your joints, bone, or tendon; your dental area; your cranium, your sacrum (fissure cracks) - these areas are beginning to truly move vibration.
You are quite a consciousness, the Universe is here as your very essence this very day! There are aspects of each and every human here, there are aspects of each and every consciousness that is merged with the human here; there are multidimensional pieces and whole cellular aspects that are connected. Please allow your bodies to be in the most relaxed state it can possibly be now. We would ask you simply: Eyes open or closed, to Roll your Eyes upward so they are looking upward in your vision, again it might be easier with your eyes closed and then, breathe in; and relax your chest, relax your form, feel the seat beneath you and exhale; then letting your eyes roll toward the earth. <Breathe Your Bodies>
It is fascinating, each humanoid presence is an aspect of a greater consciousness, and this greater consciousness is connected to a specific Star-gate... some of you are part of the same star-gate. The reason this is being brought to your attention is: it is as we see through your awareness' the desire for community; many of you have been solitary and simply not wanting to participate in your social structures. In these next 2 month you may find your spirit craving to be around other human beings - not necessarily around great groups; however it excites you, we would say participate to your fullest capacity. What is taking place is the soulular and cellular merge; it is taking place, it already started from the gate prior to November one one, actually started September one one. It continues through January one one. We use your Calendariousness. You will find the amount of information that is going to be coming into your conscious awareness possibly overwhelming to your ... yes, you label it, your ego. Relax humans you have invited this; specifically those in this very space and those of you that are connected outside of this space. You are a consciousness star-ship that is exactly moving itself to expand like the fingers of roots in soil, like shooting stars, you are ready to further advance Simplicity in its greatest way in your humanity. You will find yourselves wanting to do aspects of manifestation that you have for most of your years decided against or dodged. The time is coming entities where you can feel beyond responsibility, you can feel the enjoyableness of allowing this experience to completely fulfill you.
CALMING:  Using two/three fingers underneath a wrist while placing the thumb above on top of same wrist, press (at point of indentation) with thumb.  Hold for as long as you can feel something happening (electrical vibration pulse).
CLEARING:  After employing above technique, using the Opposite Wrist now, take two fingers (index & middle) and Tap against the top center of that hand's wrist (at point of indentations)  Lift and strike 2x.

Yogi-ghi: And a gracious greeting to you oh Sweet One! As you are preparing yourself for further action and activity within your daily stride, i would ask you: take notice of this the very day that surrounds you! Notice the air with its fragrance and temperature; the colors and textures which entreat your gaze; the cadence of your intimate feelings immersed and exposed in the peopled gardens around you.
Yes, such time of feelings - the intimacy of which secretes such powerful focuses upon your fragile being. Oh Dear one, intimacy is what is being explored everyday of your reality - It is bitter and sweet to acknowledge, is it not? You in the midst of such precious times, too! Your History, Science and Technology, on the edge of such discoveries! Oh to be in the garden with all that unfolds about you....
You have a decision every day; and such a decision it is, for as you make it so shall you become it with every breath and every movement you create. It will cascade upon you and bestowed with the gifts of your labor.... and what is this gift?
Oh Sweet One... You know! It is this decision you make which creates your very mood and ambience - of not just the moment - surely, the whole of your day as it catalyzes you and magnetizes you.
Will you be intimate today? Will you expose yourself to this you call reality - Be honest with yourself and with those you share the moments?
This is the question - conscious intimacy.... the loving nature residing within all creation... will you share it? This is your daily decision: will i share myself intimately with the moment? It is a question for your mind of course as your body is always intimate. Then you will see the unfoldment of your day like the lotus... no matter in clear or muddy water... that you open and share the divinity of you. Yes you Dear One! And as you have the courageousness, you will inspire about you creating a most intoxicating day, magnetizing the bounty of creation and all it offers. Here is to your intimacy!

Alright and welcome to these moments they call me Malachite and once again we are together here and now.
I’m sure you have noticed the fast moving gale force that is moving through all and everything: physical, mental, emotional, and non-physical.  Nothing is escaping this movement: it started in June and it continues over the next months, probably into November.
The significance of all of this is for you to wake up, stay awake, and notice what is important, what you can let go of, what you will let go of, what you will create and what your agendas are.  The impact is obvious.  You are getting quite the eyeful and earful….
It’s all right Soul, take the time to breathe in and notice the calmness within the madness; like Nature – the calm at the center of the storm.  This is important more than ever as your humanity prepares itself for further global emotional changes, further weather re-patterning, and the personal expression of such, within your Being-ness.
You do realize you’re preparing yourself for shift and change?  That’s why your comfortability and security have been pushed to such extremes.  Even if you haven’t been personally effected by the changes happening, you are being affected.  These changes are inevitable as your race begins to awaken further to its primal connectivity and the decoding of the codes/patterns ever present in the embodiment.
Where this all leads you is to freedom: Beyond mind, Beyond body… where you let go of the hypnosis of this reality and bondage there-in and become responsible for your multi-dimensional self.  Sounds sci-fi, eh?
Even your governing bodies, those empowered to lead, or those usurping power, are finding the chaos of your species exponential; time to let go and allow consciousness to awaken completely.  You’ll notice more and more how the creations that control your existence are becoming more transparent and are letting go of their accumulated powers.
It will Look and Be however it is, depending on your ability to let go of what you know and embrace the spontaneity of the moment.
You are waking up every breath you take human - no place to go, no thing to get, where you are is perfect. Embrace This Statement: personalize it - "no place to go, no thing to get, where I Am is perfect" - and say it out loud to yourself, affirming the moment fraying the attachments to fear, doubt, and concern.  You’ve come this far…. Breathe and kno you are God! Neither person, place, nor thing, God the experience of no other.  Yes!
It is overwhelming and confronting i am sure, to be forced to let go of what has been and embrace what is new... Remember: you are EverLasting and this reality is simply a mirror... two way. Just step forward and turn around and Be The Observer....
As always, as all things, i am watching

JUNE 2008
All right and welcome to these moments! Yes Souls, once again unto the void....
Here it is, another breath waking up closer to the edge of the New Tomorrow. I'm sure you can all see, feel, taste, touch and hear how orbiting Awareness grapples with the aspects of Consciousness that "choose" not to waken. Obliviousness won't be an excuse soon, as masks and mirrors begin to fall apart.
Many of you overwhelmed by your daily reality, are working to remain centered and conscious, whilst the seeming reflections are host to all sort of ambient distraction and emotional roller coaster.
Do remember to acknowledge your daily efforts, to remain vigilant and honoring of your focus'. It isn't simple in these times Souls to be here, yet it is easier to stay awake and a privilege to be physical, whether you experience it that way or not.
Ultimately, this daily self acknowledgement - your focus - is what will sustain your witness consciousness and faith in being physical. Whatever your focusing tools are: meditation, exercise, mantras, dancing, yoga, etc., keep using them diligently through the months end of July. There is such a bombardment of mental chaos from discharging paradigms and structures, it can feel as an extremely limited and provoking time. Even your inner Geometry may feel like it's on fire....
Whenever or if ever these feelings arise, breathe through the experience! Embrace them with faith and courage remembering: there is only the One reflected through an unfathomable amount of reflections here and now; you are obviously prepared or you wouldn't have arrived at this moment. Yes
And as this movement, like the hands of a clock, ticks through your solar plexus and throat centers - breathe - and let the ego wander, or is that wonder, in the parade of madness as it goes by. Mmm... who knows, you might see yourself, lost in the throng: for your entertainment or your guidance... how will you see it?

MARCH 2008
Yogi-ghi: And gracious greetings oh Dear Ones! Such a blessing to be able to speak with you in this way....
And here it is soon the seasonal change in the garden of life. Are you preparing for this dear one? Metaphorically speaking....this change is perennially here and now. It is time to let more life, more creation come into your vessel. You as the blissful spawn daughter or son of the One, this is a time for you to silent your queries, desires, and hopes; a time for you to breathe in the eternal fragrance of the lotus and prepare to bloom and share the remarkable essence and sincerity that makes the individuality of you.
You - you cannot be duplicated nor copied, you are unique and valuable as you are. It is time dear ones to clear your thinking and Fast so as to make room for the new food - renewal - that awaits your belly... the nourishment of creation. Will you take the time and nurture, a moment to allow the incubus inside you to once again unfurl and share anew what you are? This way you can feel your beauty and align once again to that which runs through you and all things... Then you can embrace this world, with the renewed strength and courage to be what you are; to share what inspires you with all kind; to create more ways of being in the garden of creation!
Oh dear ones, let no moment go by where you can fulfill your destiny - unfurling your radiance and clarity to life. It is your duty, responsibility and gift. Will you come out? Will you share your blossoms? There is much to be done here and now and you dear one are part of the deliberate manifestation of causal reality. You are so welcomed here! Oh i know... you wonder sometimes about your brothers and sisters around you and the "welcome" they bring and it is my honor, pleasure, and duty to say WELCOME dear one, to the garden of here and now. Embrace it like the lotus you are.
Blessings... eternal gratitude to you for brining the witness forward. Go now and prepare; take time to acknowledge your petals and simply allow that which is not you to drop away. Gracious Greetings and many blessings to you and all that you are....

Traveler: WE welcome YOU in these moments as Travelers.... the consistent manifestation of change continues on your earthen experience, Humans. Try to localize your efforts with syncopation skills in the coming months as your planet undergoes the first of many stabilization efforts. These are meant to bring frequency shifts to alleviate internal planetary stress. These efforts may be seen as seismic activity, continued weather tensity and oceanic current changes. These will also alleviate the heightened solar flare activity of your Central Star. Increasing and correlating with this, will be Lunar Satellite adjustment, (Moon Wobble). This increasing affect will also effect Human Embodiment electrical activity, with intensity being noted in the Medulla center, which will anticipate through increased muscle tensity in the respective area. Humanoids, make sure you create activities that will ease muscle tensity in this area, thus assisting in releasing the body's electrical disturbance. This will continue for 2 - 3 weeks so be assertive in exercising your physical structures.
In preparation for further Global Economic tightening, be assertive in your Abundance Manifestation and Distributions. It is imperative to keep a conscious flow as this will magnetize more opportunity toward a balanced outcome. In this period, the next 3 - 4 months, concentrate your wisdom toward flowing your financial ability instead of playing off past incidence of hoarding, procrastination, or defiance which will only project fear upon this simple operation. It is fascinating watching how your Humanity as a whole, struggles with this regard. The key is to "flow" your prosperity, you label finances, as it ebbs and eddies naturally. Even those Consortiums that first came together to emancipate, are recognizing their limitations, which will be more obvious as evolution continues.
Your immediate Social Structure in the North Americas undergoes a reformation as well as the local proletariat, which enters into a last election as you know it. Beyond fear this is a time of local community and global change; the acknowledgment and releasing of imposed boundaries and borders which have been created between countries and continue to inspire separation anchors. If you are to survive as a species the Globalization Factor will be within your social strata, not your governing bodies.
These next measurements of time (years) will be watched with great focus by those who recognize the conscious effort to return your species to its sense of connection within itself.
We are as Travelers and so are You... We are with You

Alright and welcome to these moments Soul, they call me Malachite. And so.... as with all things the journey physical is one of constant movement and change - the proclivities and verities that forever advance chaos into this splendid order; or, seeming non-order depending upon your species... an attempt at some cosmic humor! (as often reminded by the crystalline master Aronk).
Ah, beloveds... Welcome! Welcome, through the dream that awakens you to further sustain and attempt another moment of being here and now in the face of absurdity, emotional recklessness, elusive passions, and the absolute raw truth that your species has arrived. Yes... good news, indeed!
Where you ask? Here of course, duh! To this seemingly most confusing moment of wonder: can we hold on, can the planet hold on, are we going to survive?!
Oh my! With this part broken in parts, this bit in bits, this piece asking for peace... what to do.... i must pray, or prey, or...
BREATHE. Just breathe soul. You as a species are on the threshold of letting it all go. Some of your brothers and sisters are hanging on tightly to a vision of what it should, could, got to be or want it to be; and it is appropriate. Fears isolate and continue the belief of separation, but you know this, right.
Soon, soon soul. Breathe..... So what to do?
Be the witness of demonstration.
Live beyond your fears, stretch further every day. You know yourself, no? When you want to change something you see outside of yourself; you recognize where it exists inside yourself, right? Then simply embrace it with all your loving, like the child you have always been and will always be. Yes, soul there can be only one. You exist in an environ that dedicates itself to oneness.
Just pause and recognize you're still trying to survive.
Please share what you have created so far with all and everyone of your species, celebrate your accomplishments with your rituals, and acknowledge your one-ness through your religions and spirituality.
Easy does it with go forth and prosper, there's plenty of your species to go around now and you've prospered. Simply share...Unto this be true, as it is the demonstration of all living things. Look around human, look around... Share yourself.
Blessings upon you Soul! I am forever and watchful and i'll be watching you. Yes....

* you may want to re-read the July 2007 installment of "In these Moments" on the Archives Page (link below). It still has relevance now*
Ah ha, and welcome once again to these moments... Yes, welcome Soul as you drift through the eye of the needle. No this isn't a sewing exposition and yet i'm sure you've felt like it's been a non stop circus of diligent performances that you've been starring in, from the sublime to the macabre; the sweet to the insatiable; the simple to the divine; the obvious to the labyrinth. Had enough? Ah ha ha ha! Were that you were such that could control chaos - you indeed are its dance partner! Hmm? Oh, you don't dance you say, or, you don't want to? Breathe Soul! Take a deep breath as this portal that humanity is moving through continues for a few more of your measured months. Please beloved, allow yourself specific times during the seeming mundanity of your day to connect - beyond mind, beyond body, to your source.
Whatever your practices, religiosity, exercises, meditations - we don't care - just do them! Create the space consciously, cognitively, and physically. There is no greater window that your species passes through and peaks energetically than these next few....
Now would be a good time to join my club - The F. I. Club. Now i know humans always wonder: you have a club? No - it's your club, it's freedom: Just say "fuck it!" Yes, say "fuck it" with a smile Soul; a smile with your arms open wide! This is about expansion beyond contraction. Speak the words that have become such a paradox in your language. You're a funny bunch: you use the two words to create derision and separation from the other, and simultaneously, it is referenced to an act of blissful intimacy between those that love. Oh my... you're a bunch indeed!
Maybe it is that which lives at the center of these physical changes wrought on all incarnate biologies... balancing the paradox!
Magnetic timing has it, the body must comply re-firing metabolic codes from deep with-in the geometry of atomic structure, Affecting and Effecting all and everything that you are. Yes Soul it's deep! So if you have aches, pains, physical maladies, where there once wasn't - breathe. Yes earth changes are happening to the "earth" in your humanoid form.
One more offering for you to create ease in the body:
stand upright if possible, have your arms raised shoulder height extended away from you to each side palms facing forward (body looks like a lower case 't'). Drop your shoulders, unlock the knees. Adjust to the position, and after a few minutes, move your arms forward extending in front, away from you (still at shoulder height; fingers pointing out); adjust to the position, and after a few minutes bend your arms only at the elbows and let the hands grasp the opposing hands wrist as in a handshake keeping the shoulder height level - drop the shoulders, unlock the knees. Adjust to the position, and after a few minutes, simply slide the hands from the "shake position" over the wrists so palm surfaces face palms. All body components keeping the same position, relax the shoulders, unlock the knees.
Are you breathing? You may experience shakes, rattles, electricity and the like - breathe.
After adjusting to this position for a few minutes, let your arms relax to normal then cup your palms and let your face mask be "held" by them. Lean the head forward and have the arms rest on your chest so there's support for the head and neck. Drop your shoulders, unlock the knees. Adjust to the position, and after a few minutes, drop your hands and arms to your side. Breathe.
That's all. Move slow and you may notice the transient energy in the body has calmed.
As all things exist in the center of Creatrix, so it is existing as you. May these moments find you godly and forever.
I am as all things... Yes! Blessings upon your soul - bye for now....

JULY 2007
Alright and welcome to these moments… Yes once again time for a simple greeting to all that you are.
Welcome Soul and here it is the further unfolding of the physical reality called your life. And how is it that you find yourself during all these activities human?
Beloved, now more than ever as the human species completes its’ conscious awakening of multi-dimensional connectivity during “routine” daily life, it would be wise to continue any and all activity that would allow you to simply embrace what is happening in your life with Ease.
Yes, Key word is ease.
More than ever the simplest situation, comment, looks, or word can be misread or misinterpreted. The proportion of stellar, cosmic, and earthly frequencies you are being bombarded with – literally – are overwhelming “and frying” your body’s circuits, along with your sensorial/intuitive and empathic channels. The body’s multi-faceted skeletal, electrical, and biological function is requiring a “system restart” allowing the Nadis, Chakras, and Hypothalamus to purge themselves. Even if you think, know, or would prefer to continue at your present pace, please Beloved: Pause! NOW! Let you systemic body restart…. This would be a perfect time to have a deep tissue massage, a Samadhi Isolation Tank experience, a day by a Waterfall, or a simple walk in the forest.
Give yourself this Moment. Yes?
Yes….No Place to go, no Thing to get, where You are is perfect… right here, right now. Breathe it in. Try it on.
See how Pausing feels, regardless of what belief might be shrieking at you in this moment! And, if some of the above suggestions are unavailable to you, try this:
Breathe In slowly and steadily – hold at your peak lung capacity. Tap the underside of your left wrist, tap the underside of your right wrist, tap your forehead at the pineal area, place your palms on the crown of you head and finally exhale completely. Pause.Try it again. That’s it. Yes… a moments worth of ease.
Before you know it, the energy around you will feel smoother and the body will begin to relax quickly, allowing your mentality to accept and embrace even more life….As all things are, acknowledge your self and the Creatrix moving through all things… with Ease.
Yes.... Blessings upon your Soul.
I am forever and watchful and I am watching you…

And so Beloved, again we meet…
Here in the Human Experience is carved the niche of the Creatrix’s breath: by you, for you, with you, unto forever - a play unfolding - in this the Journey of Spirit made flesh.
Let us dialogue of your “choices” today; you believe you made some don’t you? What if it was said unto you there were no choices made....?
Belief makes choices, Minds react and Spirit watches.
What’s that look for beloved? Oh! You believe you made a choice today… indeed! I see… What made that choice: Desire or spontaneity?
Ah Ha ha ha… Breathing, Breathing! And more God is inhaled unto the vessel… Oh, do not be alarmed as when I speak of God, I speak of God “neither person place nor thing: God the Experience of no other...” Yes!
And where did you make those decisions you made today beloved? Eh? In your mind… Yes!
Yes…. It is appropriate to make decisions: for your entertainment, no more no less; anything else would be an interpretation of mind, rather than it’s spontaneity. Breathing… whoa! Breathing….
And, what say you if it would be said: “For a moment realise, you do not need to make decisions. Allow the awareness that you are a flowing organic manifestation feeling the guidance that flows through you and all things in these moments, moving you forward in this reality called life. No place to go, no-thing to get, no-thing to do other than be… here and now. Life is happening all around you and through you.”
Whoa! Breathing, Breathing…
Yes Beloved, allow the Spirit that is you to Be in the seat of your mind’s “decision making” and just watch the magic happen. In Out Up Down… When was the last time Nature made a decision - an amalgam of energetic magnetism that dances chaotic and free amidst its manifestation?
Wind blows, Rain falls, Trees bend.... and what of your mind?
Allow the breath of the invisible to rise with-in you and follow your Spirit without hesitation….
Whoa! Breathing, yes!
I am forever watchful and I am watching you…. unto forever. Yes, Be Godly.

JULY 2006
Ah•Ra•Onk on the 'Human Matrix' - From the gates and days of Orion, I/We are Ah Ra Onk,with a message. The message is this: There has often time been spoken of ancient days called Atlantis.
Atlantis was an amalgam, a procreated space, where advancement and technological essence could be examined and forthwith produced in physical stasis.  Its’ technology is not comparable to that of your planet in these days, because a lot of the technology was simply: mind. Recognize, this is why there is still such interest in such a place as Atlantis because truly, you are not held to your architectural designs: the belief of needing a telephone, needing a vehicle, needing a computer, etc.
It was, of course, a different space, not as where you are in these moments. It is not what you are in these moments. Atlantis is rising again….
It will make itself known over the next three to seven years. The oceans on your planet hold the key to understanding your consciousness and therein the process of exponential awareness - Electrochemical - Once you grasp the understanding of electrochemical, you have grasped much of what you call the gravity of the situation. Go swim in the waters, it will help your bodies during the transition.  Go to the waters edge, swim in the waters and let your bodies be thrown by the current.  Don’t fight it; just go with it, for it will make the transition easier…. Thanking you for your attention, humans. Journey well.

MAY 2006
Ah•Ra•Onk: From the gates and days of Orion, I/We would speak of the Holo-Dynamics of Thought... based on the Crystalline Light Force Imagery Energy, taken from a space called Atlantis.
Thought. Consider it has six sides and one point; six foundations which raise spires that come to a point; a head, where manifestation arcs and electromagnetic fields spark from the tip. That’s how Thought happens. It literally holds cellular energy. If one were to sit with their thoughts prior to speaking and really be less spontaneous and more adamant and focused, electrically it would mesmerize the populace. Things would change.
Mostly, human beings read a thought, like it might be rehearsed, as in a speech. Often times, the greatest moments are when they pause and new thought happens. So, the six sides are a foundation. Three of them are in the physical world and three of them are not. Three of them are: Cognizance, (the ability to promulgate thought); Filament (of a thought); and the third is Presence, (of mind). These three condition a Thought physically. The other three foundations that magnify or manifest Thought, (which are bonded unto forever with the physical three), are: Essence, Parallel Reality and Significance.
The first three and the second three come together as six. The six create a spinning vibration and the spinning vibration creates an electromagnetic field and magnetism. The signification is in the non-physical and ethereal part of Thought, which brings it weight; its density to manifest is connected by the three physical aspects of Thought.
Simply stated, a thought is a logarithmic process that expands and contracts. What does it expand and contract could be the question? The answer is, the veil. (Breathe! And it will set you free). From the One to no other, from the one side to the other side, the one thing in common is thought; it must pass through (the veil).
By the way, a misfired thought is not a misaligned thought. A misfired thought is one that was not balanced: equally weighted between the polarity of physical and non-physical.
This is what takes place as Thought inspires… the balancing of polarity. And to help with this, a simple “reminder,” from the journey of The Council of Seven of Thirteen, (a gift from the Orion space)....
Simply, for yourself, gather seven crystalline forms, Clear Quartz, single points, all the same size and shape. They do not have to be large; yet, a bit larger than the second group of thirteen, (single points, Clear Quartz), that you will acquire. (The thirteen crystals will be smaller than the seven).
Take and place some form, stepstool or chair, wherever you choose and take the seven crystals. Arrange them equally distanced in a circular pattern, all points pointing in toward the seat. Now, take the thirteen, smaller points, and have them pointing in the opposite direction of the seven, in an outer ring, (outside of the seven), facing outward. Once you have done this, there is going to be a large two-ring circle with your seat in the center. (By the way, the crystals are laying flat on the horizontal plane of your Earth). Entities, place yourself in the seat.
Visualize, for that is what the times you find yourselves in require: Visualization.
Allow yourself many moments to sit in the seat if you have never done this before. Look around you. Pause; look around upon the floor at your crystalline forms. One circle, seven large crystals, pointing in, and a second ring, pointing away from you, smaller crystals, clear of quartz.
Now, close your eyes and see (visualize) the seven (crystal circle) spinning counter-clockwise; like a halo coming from above you, to below toward the Earth. And, simultaneously, see (visualize) the thirteen (crystal circle), in a clockwise spin, coming from the center of the Earth rising above you and meeting on the same plane as the seven.
Keep this visualization spinning, seven of the thirteen, spinning until it is that you might feel: maybe perspiration, maybe uneasiness - uncomfortable feelings in your solar plexus, or beginnings of a headache. Maybe you don’t feel anything and it’s beginning to be boring to your consciousness. On an in-breath, rapidly breath in, sucking these two, counter and clockwise spinning spirals, (circles), whatever you want to call them - suck them into your body, and just sit in the seat for a moment longer. Now open your eyes.
That is enough for today, of sitting in your seat. And, once again, whether you are aware of it or not, the more you sit, (not more than once a day if this is something you don’t often do), with silicon based frequencies, the more ascension (spontaneous Thought beyond the veil) can take place….
A simple remembrance from days gone by (Atlantis)… A remembrance to once a day, (if you are drawn so), be in to the silicon base. It’s interesting that your world is going toward silicon again; fascinating times. Thanking you for your attention, humans. Journey well.

Alright and Welcome to you Beloveds, in these moments.
And here it is another year in your linear protraction of time. I am sure many of you still subscribe to making resolutions....
May you follow your Spirit without Hesitation and find yourself manifesting what it is that excites you, consciously embracing that which seemingly does not. Indeed beloveds, here you are in 2006, a year where you will see continued Governmental (political), Resource (natural), and Environmental (weather) changes. Truly, these changes can be prepared for, by listening to the signs and information given, following in a way that serves your greatest potential.
May you continue to consider: You know Nothing, allowing for greater emptiness and the opportunity to be filled with Awareness.
May you have the courage to embark in the unknown territory of following your Spirit without Hesitation in these times. Obviously this will involve risking your attachments, beliefs, and securities to what you know and have called true and correct. Belief systems that have served there purposes – to get you to these moments. To follow such now will increase further polarization and separation. Let go and step into the unknown available and resilient, as the afore mentioned changes unfurl. I offer this to your minds as a variant for your future self, present right now, to realize the relationships you have been existing upon are no longer supportive as you are changing the very basis of survival as a species – moving from polarization to malleability. Beloveds, simply consider.
May this be a year in which you personally realize the commodity you are and create new ways in your daily regimen to enhance and proliferate such awareness. You are moving forward faster than you can integrate sometimes and it has catalyzing effects. Breathe, Souls, Breathe! Beyond the daily ingestion of your high-speed techno driven reality, this physical experience pushes you harder faster quicker... Please, if this statement is all you would coalesce, please take this in:
“God god I am god I am the god that is” (neither person, place, nor thing, the reflection of no other).
Beyond deification, you are Creatrix; Source re-sourcing itself as You in these moments.
Breathe Soul, and embrace that which is happening, beyond the human awareness, embrace the Spirit you are; no place to go, no thing to get, where you are is perfect! And, indeed Beloveds, your mortal lives will change instantly no matter who, what, where, or how you exist. All comparison, separation, and isolation illusions fall away, now.
Extend your left hand, palm up, in front of you, and tap your wrist bone 3 times with your right hand. Then immediately, do the same with your right hand. When finished clasp your palms together, inhale a focused breathe – pause – exhale in a focused manner. Immediately, close your eyes and in unison look left for a 5 second count, then, look right for a 5 second count. Move your closed eyes in this manner 2 more times. Pause. Open your eyes! Yes....
Be this and More, for it is your New Year....

Winds of the Universe - It is beautiful, our experience of you, as you allow yourselves to confront issues that have plagued the consideration of human beings for tens of thousands of years: Separation and Belief.
One of the most difficult things of the human experience in physical form is the integration of what is happening beyond the consternation of belief and sensorial attitudes, which are always promulgated by physical experience.
You long for the disintegration of separation and the touch of permeation, of envelopment, of passing through. Indeed, human anatomical structure and the experience of being physical are simply a “passing through,” where, the threshold of containment for belief, boundaries, and understanding is oblique at best.
You are Beautiful. It is quite amazing to watch your selfless struggles to comprehend and understand. Might you consider there is nothing to understand; nothing to re create? Probably most difficult, is hearing about, while embracing, separation from hierarchal states of consciousness, which causes dismay in the human condition.
We are a mixture of many things in this moment just like you. Have you heard our words? Does this have some comprehension within you?
Recognize the first step of integration beyond separation is the Procreation of Comfort. And, comfort in the human condition is a sensorial experience, yet, the truth of comfort is simply Allowing. It is in Archetypal Design where this conflict naturally occurs. If comfort cannot be apprehended in the present experience then Survival becomes a high degree of focus. Being learned in these times for humanity is survival, and, what takes place in this mode of archetypal design.
The greatest Education can be to find comfort as the water is rising... Oh, it is uncomfortable at best, because the human condition goes into survival when the water is rising…. Best to remember the greatest life preserver is the Preservation of Awareness. And as everyone is spending the energy trying to grab something to float, one would try to remember that the body is a flotation device… naturally. Debris and fallout are what is being embraced in these times, so, much courage and much honor.
It is not to judge those that increase or keep separation awareness alive, it is to acknowledge and realize what they will be learning….

APRIL 2005
The Question “Why?” is actually a very deep question. If you simply look at the linguistics, it`s the second to the last of your Anglo-Saxon alphabet.
A fascinating question indeed, it shows the duality of the human expression - the human mind. And even in its symbology, the ‘Y’, where the two become as one, the two, from above, pointing with their commerce connecting in the very mid-section - mid-heaven, and then manifestation of the one, below. Very fascinating.
The ‘why’ always points to you. It does, if you’ve ever considered… the ‘Y’ is always pointing to ‘U’. Where is ‘U’ in your alphabet? U, V, W, X, Y, Z. Isn’t that interesting, if one could ever just look at the symbology. ‘U’, ’V’, and the double ‘U’, ‘X’, whoa! And then, ‘Y’! And then, of course, there comes ‘Z’. The parallel paths connected by a diagonal bar. Going from the right to the left, from above to below.
Indeed, these are the times of the emancipation of the ‘Y’; where no longer does the “why” need. If you take the ‘Y’ apart - the three little bars – reconnecting, they become a ‘Z’ really quickly. Here’s a true Zen Reality: ‘why’ is a neither question nor statement as it always leads to ‘you’.
In these days that you find yourselves manifest in, moreover, it is not a question of ‘why this is happening?’ but, ‘where do you fit?’ Where does the ‘you’ fit? These are days of the big picture embracing it’s little self: Beyond mind, beyond body… beyond conflict. You know, there is a lot of conflict in ‘Y’. Right at the fulcrum point, where that ‘V’ connects the left and the right intersect; then point straight down. And the stand has to carry the weight of both sides.
Curious… minds! You’re your own worst enemy, and yet, balance is coming. If one could see the absolute mystery of how ‘Y’s always balance! You don’t see a ‘Y’ tipping over, because at the fulcrum point, when the ‘V’ is connecting, the energy is dispersed and grounded. ‘Why?’ It’s why I’ve often said, ‘why not?’ You, humans, in your most beautiful moment, do you realize you never ask: ‘why’? When enraptured and merged, filled with bliss, honor and love, you’re not asking, ‘why?’ You will never find a poet saying, ‘why do I feel this way?’ They just speak reams of the experience.
Yes, maybe ‘Y’ is the brush that Creatrix uses to import such magic and madness into your realm… such beautiful times, indeed. Embrace the ‘U’ that you all are. It’s wonderful if you look at that lettering (of the U), it starts from one side, whichever you choose and they juxtapose. They swoop down, cup and bring it right back to where it started. Different position, it’s not like the ‘O’, circular and forever. It is the ‘U’, filled with experience. May you always have surrender when noticing Why (Y) is just You (U).
Indeed ‘Why’ is an appropriate question. It allows the self to see itself reflected in all things. At the same point, one must be allowing, so that they don’t literally tear away the fulcrum and create separation. You are all well cared for beloveds, whether you are aware of it or not. There is a movement and a journey that is enriching all and everything.
Yes, You are such a fragile species, moving through the wilds of manifestation. Journey well indeed.

Unto these moments be True
Still True.
Where am I to go? What am I to do? How am I to be? What am I? These are the seeming questions that come into the consciousness of awareness in a physicalized reality.
Beyond mind, beyond body… What are you? What am I?
“You are not separated. You are neither near nor far. You are here.”
Juxtaposing the question, you live between that and the answer. That which will laugh in these moments is that which is a member of my club: that which would laugh at itself in the mirror for simple entertainment; which looks at life as simply a journey with no beginning nor end. A ride, until the ride is complete.
What’s happening is the middle… like an Oreo cookie... Go for the inside.
You come to a still point and go: “ah… ooh”, caught in the disappearing moments and the appearing moments, dancing between the question and the answer. You live in an unexpected, dreamlike, beyond fantasy, reality whereby freedom is not something you coerce; not something that you demand. It is something you don’t even have or apprehend... It is something you are.
Out of those questions is the key to freedom… the willingness to speak them says that you are right here, without beginning nor end. You are nowhere. So, to those of you that sometimes get stuck on those preliminary questions, remember the words: I am.
I Am Forever and Watchful… and so are You. Be godly

What if Creatrix, in all of its chaos and witness, offered itself a space, a place to be; where all and everything is available and is happening. It could offer: eyes to see; ears to hear; a mouth to take in and to express; a body as a forum to have movement & play, and exorcise its strength; a mind that could have awareness and purpose. What if this place was here? And you, who have eyes to see, ears to hear, the ability to touch, taste and smell, could create anything in any moment? What if there was no "what if" and it was true?
"As above so below", the ancient scripted words...
Indulge yourselves in these times. Notice what you create. And remember, you are of a lineage, the journey always changing. It's full of chaos and bliss. It may look like madness, and, it's simply Creatrix, in the creation format.
In these times you find yourself manifest in, You are Welcomed, Welcomed Here! But, what are you? Are you the sum of your creation? Are you the sum of the whole?
You are The All That Is. You are physics in motion. You are Creatrix. What will you create now?
Are you creating, or, are you just spinning? It is appropriate, whatever you're being, however you find yourself, wherever you're going, whatever your doing; whatever.
If you are aware, then this is simply The Play... the sensorial expression of Creatrix. That being stated, may you Be Free and Be as You Find Yourself. And, if the awareness of your thinking controls that, you have to ask yourself a simple question: Am I happy with what I'm thinking, because, you are most welcomed here.
Be godly, Be aware, Be.

JULY 2004
Take a deep breath, now... Starting from this point: just notice your breath. Wherever you are, however you find yourself. Maybe you're reclining, maybe you're standing, leaning, sitting. Just come to a still point. Feel the energetic underneath the skin of your embodiment. Feel it smooth or racing. Feel the palpitations of the energy. Feel the pulse, notice your breath and close your eyes.
And simply, a “Story of One.”
It is in the awareness that in this embodiment, physics, and the environment with which it exists, your planetary world, there is no beginning, no end. A virtual reciprocity to itself, juxtaposing no thing, embracing all; the One is here indeed. Neither knowing or not, moving through all of creation - the true Creatrix - that which pulses and fills this reality, this vision, this sensorial madness with the inscription: I Am Here. And with this chaos of pure essence, there is containment, focus, a seeming rigidity, a path. Such a myriad of species - such an expanse of time. And truly, time is literally only the emission of energetic. So the past, present and future are scalable. Physical proof? At the same point as you are in this reality now, you can allow yourself to be wider in these moments: Let go of past, present and future - just be in the One. So many faces, thoughts, and beliefs.
And what is it all for? Why does it all take place? These are truly the questions of the swaddling clothed babe in all and every creature whether it looks human or otherwise. They may not comment as you; they will just notice life as an ongoing journey, a cycle. The story deepens of your cycle; about the journey of the many and the one that look like so many different aspects, so many separate parts of the Creatrix. And yet, influences itself by being so many pieces.
And how is it then that the human species finds itself where it is in these moments? Simple. Because of the chaos of creation in a physical form.
And how is it I can continue? By remembering: through all eyes, through all embodiments, all environments, all things physical and not: “I am Here,” resounds!
And it is that each and every one, in their humanity, are becoming as messengers. You have craved it for so long. Each and every one of you are awakening and pulling away the evening's sleep from your eyes and your mouth, rinsing to clear the film that bathes you. And yes, these are days of great emancipation. It is so beautiful to watch. The height of expansion and contraction all in the same breath. All and every thing that surrounds you and yours is coming full circle. You are coming to the places you have always wanted. You have wanted peace. You have wanted stillness. You have wanted bliss. You have wanted prosperity, attainment, and to be owners of your reality. What continues then is the awakening of the 'I Am here in all Things', and the totality of conscious honoring of it.
Yes, it doesn't look like there is a rhyme or reason sometimes of why said things take place. Epoch madness it may look like, or, beautiful, blissful deities that dance through all and everything. It is truly the same. It juxtaposes itself to all things. So, that's the awareness.
So, how does One that is All, the “I Am Here” then proceed? Because it's been stated: I am a part of all things; I am all things. How come I can't control my reality? And the ego chucks up its awareness.
For, indeed, this is what the human population and species is learning: control cannot be controlled, it can only be journeyed. There are decisions with pathways, byways and highways that you will choose in this life, seemingly a destiny, if you get in touch with your passion and let go of control. The passion of neither right nor wrong, the passion of what is real. And these are the times you find yourselves in. To speak and to avail yourself to the truth: beyond magistrate, jurisdiction or belief: to be the truth. Yes.

APRIL 2004
And so, once again unto the voids…
To come to a place, a space, whereby you can absorb and still at the same moment be seemingly separate, yet, be all ways connected. To find the stasis whereby you can receive and give, commit and connect; expand, and in your expansion, notice contraction. And within the contraction, again, notice the expansion, for it is always and forever the expansiveness of reality. It may look at times that mortality is more real than the acceptance of living a life. And that’s really all, after awhile, can ever be appreciated.
Are you accepting your lives? Are you accepting what’s happening? Because, yes, I hear human egos scream, accept? “I don’t want to accept that. I want to change that.” The first level of changing anything is to recognize, obviously, you permitted it to be there in the first place. Acknowledge it, and then the fight for “survival” will not be so great with that which you are misaligned. Secondly, to acknowledge and bring it closer would be to accept the fact that it has a position. Accept that. And do all and everything, all and everything, within your awareness and your grasp to commune; to communicate, to acknowledge, to appreciate.
There will be times and moments where that which you want seemingly is unavailable. What do you do? You fight it? Do you nash teeth? Do you accept it? Do you love it? Your human species still has difficulty with allowing things to be as they are. Because you think they are inappropriate; ‘there’s got to be something wrong. It shouldn’t be that way‘. Well, that might be true, and, what do you do when it is that way, right now?
So, the greatest thing is to be the reflection that is not seen by the other. Reflect what they cannot see by making sure that you see it. It’s one thing to teach others to be loving and compassionate and murdering them if they are’t. It’s sort of a supercilious - laughable. And at the same point there has to be a space created whereby you, all of you, have the intention of accepting what’s happening. Of all the species, you struggle the most with this. And it is so very, very simple.
Speaking of simplicity, how simple is it in these moments, after digesting these words, to breath? Be where you find yourself, inhale, exhale. Acknowledge the form. Acknowledge the forum of your awareness. Look around you.
You may say, ‘I distain where I am!’ Well, if that’s your truth, and you’ve got situations, issues or problems in your life, then be like the wind. You know, the funny thing about the wind is, everyone thinks that the wind stops at some point. It’s very funny that way. The wind is not stubborn. It just keeps on moving. It’s like the Energizer Bunny: “keeps on keeping on.” If it can’t blow through you, it’ll blow all around you. Because its mission is not to blow you down. It’s mission is just to blow.
Be like the winds Beloveds, and what you’ll find out is sometimes when it feels uncomfortable, fall into the wings of that which is blowing when you feel you can’t make another decision because it’s too uncomfortable or painful. And ask in these moments after reading these words: ‘What, what am I willing to share of myself now?’ 
If you’re in a relationship, if you’re in a job, if you’re in a situation, issue, or problem: There are always situations that will come up! You call it doing right action. (I’d love to know what left action is.) Right action? How about simply, action? Who cares if it’s left or right! We know… You Do.
Action! Movement will always release that which is in bondage. Remember that beloveds in the days and weeks, months that come ahead.
Breathe deep. Know that you are god. Know that you are godly.