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"I Am the Reflection of what is before Me"
- Malachite's 2018 focus

May 2018 bring certainty, clarity and conscientiousness in all your Journies... and Faith & Wisdom be your guides.

HellO and HeavenO!
Thank you for letting your self in. What's offered here is an opportunity to explore. In an effort to actually expand what we are all capable of, this site offers an exponential space to explore the self through Multi-dimensional Awareness and Channeling.
All of our lives we have been entrained to believe this three dimensional reality is exactly how it's supposed to be, and, depending upon environment, familial beliefs, religiosity, and growth experiences, indeed how we live out our lives. During these times of epic change for our species, tools for expansion are required.
Come on in, see if anything stands out or excites you.
Step Through. Let Yourself Out Of The Box.

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"Ultimately the journey is as we see it; and, if this statement is true, we can create a Reality beyond belief, unsaturated by our past and unbridled by our future...
How willing are we to let go of what got us to this moment as a species? How willing are we to embrace probable effective futures and communicate? Do we want to let go of what we know, discern the moment by engagement, and be authentic? May this breath find you acknowledging your Multi-Dimensional self and finding Awareness there-in."

       —Ce Ann


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