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Visionary Guidance Terms of Service

Payment Options
"Visa"><Wbr></Wbr><img border="0" Mastercard"><Wbr></Wbr><img American Express"><Wbr></Wbr><img border="0" Discover><Wbr></Wbr><img border="0" Official PayPal Seal
Accepted: Amex, Discover, MasterCard, VISA Credit Cards and PayPal. Checks Payable to: Visionary Guidance.

Shipping & Handling Fee's
• Shipping Fees Apply to Merchandise Only; Not Services.
• In Shopping Cart, when shown, choose a Shipping Choice or you will be prompted. We ship via USPS Only. Fee's based according to amount purchased.
• There may be shipment delays if on tour! Check here.
USA Orders are Expedited Delivery 2/3 day Priority Mail; Tracking and appropriate Insurance included.
••••upto $50=$7.50; $50-$100=$9.50; $100+=$11.00
Canadian Orders sent First Class Package Service; Delivery Confirmation and appropriate Insurance included.
••••upto $50=$10.00; $51+=$12.00
International Orders sent First Class Package Service; Delivery Confirmation and appropriate Insurance included.
••••upto $50=$14.00; $51+=$16.00

Cancellations, Refunds, Returns & Notices
As You are aware, We are responsible for our actions and reactions, no matter the premise or incident. That said, there is a $33 fee for missed appointments. You are welcome to cancel your consultation, even the day of, provided you have communicated PRIOR to your appointed time through Email, VoiceMail, Text Messages, Tour Host, etc. Contact info for Tour Hosts is here; VG/Ce Ann here.

• SERVICES RENDERED: please communicate grievances with Ce Ann and an appropriate settlement will be reached.
• PURCHASES: All Sales are Final. Where a refund is processed and funds charged back to you, a nominal accounting fee will be debited of $4. Your confidential information entered in the Shopping Cart is safeguarded and encrypted, transmitted to our merchant services and your bank, unknown to the cart's server or our webmaster.
• MERCHANDISE: Under normal usage, if our product becomes defective or breaks with-in 30 days of purchase, please return the item (Postage Paid). A replacement will be promptly shipped, free of charge.

• Visionary Guidance (VG) is a tool for spiritual and personal growth, the scope of which is neither to be considered as treatment nor cure for any medical or psychological condition. Information received and taken herein is to be considered claim-less as an ability to treat such conditions. VG is not a replacement for physical, emotional or mental health care counseling, or therapy by licensed health care professionals. Please consider consulting such professionals for any medical or psychological condition you may have.
• VG holds your personal information with highest regard and respects your privacy; we do not sell, buy, or disseminate such. You would be receiving correspondence because you willingly requested it, signed up at a Ce Ann / VG event, or asked to be placed on our Email / Mail list.