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Cognizance beyond the distractions of the human experience, Visionary Guidance is an all encompassing consultation technique; a seeming blend of philosophies, psychologies, and spiritual practices of human reality merged with non-physical awareness using an altered state or trance.

One of the many well documented phenomena of consciousness, Trance Channeling, has been observed through many cultures in human history. It has been utilized by many to gain greater clarity and as a source of guidance and confirmation for an expansive view of their multi-dimensional reality. The resultant all-inclusive information expressed is of tremendous assistance in regard to the everyday complexities of the human journey.

Whether one refers to this experience as spirit, energy, information, the multi-dimensional aspects of ones' consciousness, shamanism, or energetic healing, the bottom line is truth. In this way, consulting with a full body Trance Channel, clearly, is an experience for the Expansion of Awareness.

During this process, Cé Änn enters into a quiet meditative state and the enlightening dimensions of himself appear. That which is known, yet may be a forgotten truth, is expressed in a fascinating blend of inspiration and support.

No matter if it is a public, personal, or semi-private session, the mission is the same: bring questions, viewpoints, or simply your open mind, to this dramatic, entertaining exchange of communication and discover....

You're Invited to LISTEN to YogiGhi's Message:
"The Flowering in your Soul"

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Malachite's Yearly Focuses:

2019 - I Am the Dream & Dreamer: Embracing the Illusion
2018 - I am the Reflection of what is before Me
2017 - the Year of being Faith-Filled
2016 - simply... Showing Up
2015 - Your Demonstrated Action
2014 - Revealing... I Am Here

2013 - Intimacy... In-To-Me-See
2012 - Learning how to Delve... and Delve Deep
2011 - still Lookin' for Heaven
2010 - can You say When
2009 - is This still Mine
2008 - the Year of your Fate
2007 - Looking for Heaven

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