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Channeling's in the moment with Malachite Or...
*best read aloud, as some of these are long passages*

Alright and welcome to these Moments, they call me Malachite, a merged consciousness... truthfully just like you - yes, just like you! Realizing such, "just like you" may remind that you are a seeming autonomous Entity, learning to be physical in a Reality hosted through gravity and atomic structures - simultaneous exposure of a Body and Mind communicating as one, together through electrical impulse, cognitive functioning and sensorial evaluation.
And where is the Soul in all this? Looking through, just watching of course, having influence and juxtaposition though surrendered with the eventual manifestation and shared interaction. It (Soul) wants to be here for the exploration, the rest is, how do you humans call it: "window dressing". You've heard me say it before and i'll say it again: "Life is for your Entertainment or your Guidance"; may you always be guided and see the Entertainment in all things; even yourself the Participant.
Still with me Here and Now? Breathe Soul! Who is looking through as your mind interprets what is read? What believes it understands? Where do You begin and end as a participant in this reality and that which Always is Watching attends to this You? Hmmm... Ready for more? More God, Goddess, Allah, the All that IS? Then consider that which looks through you, can look through all eyes simultaneously as well: the mirrored expression seeing itself in the myriads of the seeming Other, though aware It is a participant simultaneously. That being stated it brings me to this statement and the evolutionary moment, the precipice your humanity edges ever closer toward: "I am the Reflection of what is before me". Yes Beloved... breathe deep!
May you reveal all to yourself! Walk across the precipice...

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