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Channeling's in the moment with Malachite Or...
*best read aloud, as some of these are long passages*

All right and welcome to these moments; they call me Malachite and here we are together again as you move through this world wide web, perusing, connecting and surfing…
Speaking of connection Beloved, what have you been doing for yourself in these most intent of times with regards to said Connection? Truthfully, in your human experience, it would be wise to have more than just a daily practice: more a lifestyle practice. Are you with me Soul? Breathe Breathe Breathe.
There are moments in these human experiences, that require an ACTION for you to be able to Connect rather than Project; to Embrace rather than Suppress; to Acknowledge rather than Judge. Of course this is all up to you: how you are willing to Be with what's happening, allowing the said Happening to play out, and how you are with the Present. By the way, this Action referred to is the action of Listening.
You know Being, it's not so much trying to understand one another, as it is to accept one another and maybe the action of Listening is the first step towards such. And indeed, what would happen if you were to Listen to the Other amidst: the chaos, their turmoil, your sensorial input/output interpreting ”feeling the intense energy” - something often spoken of though not addressed -, what would take place? If One is truly willing to be with the Other then you would be “as One”, neither separate nor connected: a Communion if you will. Beyond speaking to intimacy, I am speaking of Communion with the Other in the moment and your Connection to the All that Is that You Are.
Maybe this physical experience is nothing more than Adventure - an excursion into beeing and feeling Community you create for Yourself, here, now, in the moment; recognizing your relationship with Yourself as the Other and as the Reflectant of Creatrix (the whole). Umm…
What will you listen to now, beyond mind - beyond body, during this extraordinary experience dancing within a seeming polarized commitment, wherein you have no freedom other than your decisions?
Yes Beloved, Connection: a lifestyle where you are alert alive and attentive - awake - to the awareness that you are Always Listening and just maybe that IS Connection. Beyond being polarized or activated, emotional or insensitive, over or under whelmed; simply recognizing Energy is happening as you, A N D you are Listening. May it be So!
Be as yourself reflected through All Things…. Yes

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