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Channeling's in the moment with Malachite Or...
*best read aloud, as some of these are long passages*

Greetings Consciousness, I/We are Ah•Ra•Onk from the Gates and Days of Orion. We have merged in this way to exchange information that may be timely for you now as you approach the fullness of Lunar Luminosity….
You will find heightened impressions and energetic transmission are available to you as your species once again undergoes prerequisite changes allowing a further communion with your Future/Parallel self. As this becomes apparent, you will notice heightened emotional/mental process, as well as physical/musculature construct and nervous system response. As this continues to manifest and clear through multidimensional blockages in your embodiment, the experience will spill over and influence your daily activity and focus. For some it may manifest as painful registration throughout the form, others may observe emotional display and outbursts of suppressed thinking/feeling, while still others experience transcendental merge-filled moments, whereby this seeming reality morphs into shifting patterns of sound, merkaba, and mosaic.
This is once again a visitation... an upgrade to the Embodiment, culminating during this period; as well as how Consciousness displays itself through mind, letting go of linear historical construct and emotional attachments.
It may seem unnecessary Humanoid, as you are out of sorts, though truly, this is simply reconditioning and alignment, so further celestial energy can facilitate more for the Future/Parallel self - being able to be held consciously in this reality. You will ALL soon begin to feel more comfortable; you will ALL soon continue to lose interest in what is popular and distracting; you will All soon begin to recognize and discern with greater clarity and dispensation your Future/Parallel self, which will continue to be upgraded and continue to disintegrate behavior of outmoded characteristics and differentials your mind/body has used during its history.
For some of you this may seem like a “dark" period of history: Humanoid, your belief-ing system, your history, and your embodiment are demonstrating change; Will you allow this change to take place? Expansion beyond your Awareness awaits you….
I I/We are Ah•Ra•Onk and will once again share further information as your Translation and Communion continue… Journey well Consciousness...

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