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Channeling's in the moment with Malachite Or...
*best read aloud, as some of these are long passages*

Ah-ha and welcome Beloved to this Moment... may all be focused and aright; once again we meet! They call me Malachite, a merged consciousness, and simply am here to express to you: are you Aware of your impact to this Life surrounding you? Hmm... Are you? Take a deep breath here and now and then acknowledge with your Mind/Ego how you affect and effect all things: your actions, your words, your demeanor, your thoughts. Now that was acknowledge - neither judgement, accolades, nor negation play! Truly this is Power; not the actions, words, demeanor, or thoughts: The Awareness of these!
All you are has meaning to all things and the how, what, when, where, and why may have levity in any situation, though your presence has magnetism in said situation influencing such. Beyond asking you to Do anything, you are being asked to watch your Mind/Ego as you notice and become aware of your influence. Use this "review" as an empowering acknowledgement of your affect and effect; again, beyond judgement, accolades, and negation of your "self." You can see said influence as it plays out in the reactiveness of the other - why get triggered by their reactiveness, as it'll soon be yours if you stop watching as they are a reflection remember? You watching an aspect of you... Breathe Soul....
Ah to be in the chaotic dance and seeming fray of this reality while conscious in every breath as Creator - a daughter or son of the Creatrix - laughing, reckoning, loving with the Power - Awareness - being here, now.
Journey well....

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